SODOM - Pewter Handcraft - Prototype

Fri, 31/03/2017 - 20:53

This design is based on Sodom's "In the Sign of Evil" album.
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Not for sale or trade


diabolica's picture

So cool man! Are you gonna sell these?

StereoDeth's picture

Thank you! :) Currently, I'm just showing different designs made with pewter, so basically what could be possible. Cheers!

Fatal Agent's picture

Kult! Großartiges Motiv.

StereoDeth's picture

Ja, der Kopf ohne Schwert funktioniert anscheinend. Ich habe schon vor Wochen mit dem Gedanken gespielt, aber "Morbideath" hat mich letzte Woche darauf angesprochen - das war dann der eigentliche Grund warum ich es mal versucht habe. :)

Fatal Agent's picture

Gefällt mir wirklich gut! Ich stell mir vor, dass der Persecution Mania Knarrenheinz auch gut machbar wäre, also
Die Kopfpartie und dahinter das Kreuz beispielsweise. Was denkst du?

StereoDeth's picture

Könnte funktionieren...glaube ich...kann halt sein das es zu groß ist oder zu klein zu fitzelig werden würde.

Fatal Agent's picture

Ja das müsste man wohl ausprobieren :)

Bin schon gespannt, was als nächstes kommt!

StereoDeth's picture

Kann sein das ich morgen nochmal was hochlade. Auf meinen anderen Seiten habe ich außerdem noch was aus der Final Fantasy Ecke hochgeladen, was hier nicht hinpasst. :)

Fatal Agent's picture

Alles klar, muss ich mir auch mal ansehen

Raging Steeler's picture

This is spectacular! Alchemy couldn't have made it better.

StereoDeth's picture

Most likely the best compliment someone can say to me. :D Thank you!

Raging Steeler's picture

I'm pretty damn serious about it, too, man!

StereoDeth's picture

I believe you and I really appreciate those words, man! :) But nevertheless, Alchemy is a legend. I'm having a Wayne's World moment right here. #Iamnotworthy

Into Glory Ride's picture

Wird ja immer cooler!

StereoDeth's picture

Danke, freut mich das du es so siehst. :)

God_of_emptiness93's picture

Simply Mezmerizing,your works are pure talent, someone like you could have put alchemy and Brockum out of bussiness ;) haha

Dr.Machen's picture

just awwsome ,dude

StereoDeth's picture

Thank you, man! :)

giallorossi's picture


StereoDeth's picture

Thanks! :)

nuclearthrasher666's picture

Again very nice work ! But why didn't you also include the band's logo ? Copyrights issues ?

StereoDeth's picture

Naw, if we consider copyright, the artwork itself is copyrighted as well. Someone did it, someone owns it or sold the rights. Frankly, I'm mainly interested in artworks and less in logos, only if it serves a certain purpose. Take for example the M.O.D.; I used the logo to put the shark behind it, because the original artwork has no visible tail. Would look weird without anything down there, so for that reason I used the logo.

VoodooChild's picture

Again great work! I also saw your FF stuff on your fb! fucking great

StereoDeth's picture

Thank you, man! :) Always wanted cactuar on my vest, but patchwise there is almost nothing on the net. Could be a nice alternative. I might use acrylic paint on that little fella as well (like on the King Crimson).

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