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My Metallica pins collection - Update (NFT/NFS)

Sun, 23/01/2022 - 18:03

Update of my current collection of Metallica related pins & brooches:
- 136 Officials (or at least I think they are) on the top of the picture, first panel.
- 66 Fan-made / tribute pins (Local chapter pins, original designs with low number edition, generally without a Metallica logo) in the second section.
- 94 Bootlegs (Not officials, use the Metallica logo without license, generally from flea markets and online shopping....) in the third section.
- 4 fakes/counterfeits, bottom left section.
- 2 customs (based on official pins where part were removed)
= 302

+ 22 from other bands, festivals, Pushead (bottom right of the picture)

DISCLAIMER: If you have a Metallica pin or a brooch that you don't see in this picture and that you are ready to part with, don't hesitate to contact me for a sale or a trade! \m/
I have quite a few pins and badges to trade as well as other Metallica items (picks, XXX pick tin and black token, patches, prints & posters, K7, vinyls and more...) and of course the traditional cash.

P.S: Pin 'Em All! ImL

Not for sale or trade

Year: 2022
My Metallica pins collection - Update (NFT/NFS)


Sir, you have too many Metallica pins. I am afraid I'm going to have to confiscate part of your collection.

Timbertwin's picture

:D are you part of the Metallica Pin Control Patrol? Damned, I need to hide!

bad_american1992's picture

Holy shit!!!! Dude yhis is insanely impressive!

Timbertwin's picture

thanks !

Whispers of Death's picture
Timbertwin's picture

Yours is the pendant version I think. Sorry but I'm doing only pins and brooches ;)

TornApart's picture

Amazing colleckshun

Timbertwin's picture

xD that's true! :D but I can't put a pin on a vest if I have it only once... collector issues lol but at least my vest doesn't feel so heavy haha

Mute's picture

I’d kill for that Jump in the Fire flying V guitar pin, sick collection man

Timbertwin's picture

Thanks man ! still missing the second guitar version through ;)

Deathtattooguy's picture

This is great!!
I’ll see them in Pitt in a few weeks. Also considering the Buffalo gig as well.

Timbertwin's picture

how was Buffalo? :)

Deathtattooguy's picture

Decided not to go due to prices of flights being too high. On my way to Pittsburgh now, though

Timbertwin's picture

Enjoy the show 😉 have a great time with the met Family

Lloyd H's picture

Holy shit - that is quite the collection you have there! Amazing!

Timbertwin's picture

Thanks \m/

sfusyron's picture

Keep on coming back for reference killer collection..

Timbertwin's picture

I'm glad it is helpful! \m/
I have to make a new post with an update, I have around one hundred more now (but still missing one of yours ;) haha).
in the meantime you can check pin-em-all.com, they are all in there!

sfusyron's picture

You should post them ..

kissman's picture

Amazing 'tallica collection!

Anonymous_rex's picture

It seems you like Metallica XD

Timbertwin's picture

just a little bit :D ;)

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