MORBUS CHRON - Pewter Handcraft - Prototype 2.0

Mon, 24/04/2017 - 23:19

This is an update: This copy is thinner, a bit hollow, weights less, has acrylic paint and some small drill holes, so theoretically it can be sewn on (see three holes with black thread).

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Nater90's picture

Dude.....You're incredible!

StereoDeth's picture

Thank you, man! :) Hope I can make some more stuff that is suitable for coloring. Although it's just for the hell of it, the excitement and fun is totally worth it. Cheers!

Nater90's picture

Most welcome mate :)

That's the main thing, If your hobby is fun keep at it, The moment it becomes stressful it's not worth it.

Fatal Agent's picture

Always great to see progress in your projects.
Your pendants look outstanding when painted, beautiful details!

I've checked the ITSOE one too, it's brilliant! Well done.

StereoDeth's picture

Thank you very much! :) I slowly get the hang of it, so I hope I can pull some different things with depth and detail in the future, which I can't show with the colorless pewter copies. Hope you'll enjoy the upcoming stuff as well! Cheers!

R21's picture

like ive said...began the mass production, i bet it would sell out!

StereoDeth's picture

Naw, this is really not suitable for mass production, for several reasons. These colored copies are just for entertainment. But thanks, it's nice to see that you dig it that much! :) Cheers!

Der Todesking's picture

WTF!!? This looks so 3D!!! You did that yerself? Amazing job man!

StereoDeth's picture

Haha, well thank you! :D And yes, all my pewter products are made from the beginning to the end by myself, without the help of a third party. That's why I got a lot of freedom and try different things, which are still a process of learning. Cheers!

deadlock's picture

Absolutely amazing

StereoDeth's picture

Thank you! :)

d-tox's picture

looks great

StereoDeth's picture

Thank you, man! :)

Raging Steeler's picture

Es lebt!! Wirkt mit den Farben noch viel imposanter!

StereoDeth's picture

Danke! :) Ja, man kann durch die Farben viel mehr erkennen. Hab mich schon seit Wochen gefragt, ob ich es schaffen könnte das Teil mit Farbe realistisch wirken zu lassen. Hab zwar niemals Figuren von "Games Workshop" bemalt, aber jetzt kann ich verstehen was daran soviel Spaß macht.

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