Iron Maiden - Somwhere In Time Pin / Badge

Wed, 19/04/2017 - 17:38

Unofficial Pin/Badge of Iron Maiden - Eddie-Head from the "Somwhere In Time" - album...

Not for sale or trade
Iron Maiden - Somwhere In Time Pin / Badge
Iron Maiden - Somwhere In Time Pin / Badge


Noir.666's picture

Geil...wo kriegt man denn sowas her?

Noir.666's picture

Rating vergessen :-)

Linse_Dunemanninen's picture

Man muss ein bisserl Glück haben und die richtigen Leute kennen, ich empfehle die Metal Kutten - Gruppe auf FB ;o)
Ding ist aus den USA und war beileibe nicht günstig aber es macht optisch wirklich was her :o))

chainsawrentalshop's picture

Sehr geil!


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  • i will buy this
  • super groupe punk
  • Looks amazing!
  • Great one, my friend, I have the same one. at Ragnarök many years ago I had the choice between this one and the 20 years
  • Looks great \m/
  • Tried something similar with a glass bottle. But I didn't get a good result (fucked up the proportions!) Now I thin
  • DAMN ! ! ! ! Really ASS KICKIN' stuff here, man! My fave's the 1st one - just LOVE it! Wish I had it myself.
  • Great shirt, but it's NOT a split shirt, the skeleton punk's just wearing a Smegma shirt.
  • Nice! What a score! Keep up the collection of brutality mate.
  • Love it!
  • Legendary backpatch and really awesome Hellhammer (!!!) and Celtic Frost patches. Great! \m/
  • In Battle... definitly. Grooviest piece of abrasive music ever.
  • Have the same shirt. Sick.
  • Sick
  • Nice Shirt .... what year is this shirt from?
  • Sick fucking design.

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