Diocletian Pin

XenausThu, 13/09/2018 - 09:43

From Scythe And Noose

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Diocletian Pin

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  • Hello, do you have a better picture of the Ad Hominem patch
  • I have the same Bolt Thrower thanks to music4u so I know exactly what you mean ;) Didn't know about Dan Seagrave b
  • An interesting technique! Blends into the borders nicely.
  • auf dein Wohl!
  • Thank!
  • The print looks very nice but never seen this without the copyright
  • Thank you very much! Hail the goat!
  • Yes thanks, I agree! haha
  • Yes, I'm pleased with that.
  • Yeah, agreed! Anything after Iowa is where I stopped listening.
  • Nice one
  • Piece of history here, cool tourshirt.
  • Great album. But I like their demos too.
  • Hell yeah! Good old one. The new masks and pretty much music sucks.
  • Not into this band, but great front cover artwork !
  • Tellement focus sur la cover que j'ai pas lu mdrr, je connaissais pas cette pochette!!!


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