Xasthur patches

LilithabendsternThu, 16/08/2018 - 11:42

7€ or best offer each plus shipping or trade.
1. Red logo
2. Xasthur / Orosius

PayPal only, please cover fees.

Everything for sale is at least 8 years old, as it was in storage that long.

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  • Sweet shirt dude. Design wise, it's quote a far cry from the other shirts they've sold. Really neat!
  • Yeah, or an old foundation maybe. It was definitely a short phase from when they more your typical L.A.
  • Actually what the fuck is that place. It's not a skate park, it's a drained boating pool or something I guess
  • Interesting! Thanks! Never seen any of this before (That skate park fish-eye lens says a lot about the band.
  • Dude, right?
  • Been looking for this for so long
  • Looks fantastic! Nice work, man
  • Very nice local shirt design but as an utter cunt pedant the deck of a suspension bridge would not be that be straight a
  • Haha I dont know honestly, the cover isnt so bad I've seen worse just looks like a bad attempt at a sims album cove
  • Very cool one. Totally woulda pinned this as a boot, haha.
  • Is this worth quite a bit because the cover was so fucking horrible no one bought one?
  • Heftig
  • Wow, heavy :-)
  • Fuck I wish I had this :S
  • Thanks for the stars! Saw the metalhead pictures on your action shot! Legend !
  • Nice taste oft music. I love that crowbar patch. Overall really good one :-)

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