some patches for trading or selling

Thu, 11/01/2018 - 13:35

so many...

all the patches are new,unused.

and I prefer to trading than selling.


thrash metal

death metal

Sale or Trade
some patches for trading or selling
some patches for trading or selling
some patches for trading or selling
some patches for trading or selling


R21's picture

can ive an closer look of those 2 stripe patchs with what it seems an dragon on tthe last pic?
(with the blue background)

zilin's picture

I just upload it. u can see on my page .Thx

R21's picture

Thanks :)


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Recent Comments

  • Yeah, nice catch!
  • You got this from eBay right? I forgot to bid and missed the auction by two minutes :) Great shirt!
  • solid
  • Thanks Dude!
  • Got it on a trade, been after this for a while now.
  • Great work
  • Ist mittlerweile vorhanden! Könnte ich vielleicht mal aktualiseren. (Oder endlich mal ne Kutte daraus machen)
  • Ich weiß um ehrlich zu sein gar nichts über den BP.
  • Totally amazing shirt!
  • Wooooooooooooooooooooo! Great shirt man!
  • Yes...and it's the 2nd one of them i got...really strange one :D
  • The backing and the border look vintage, while the black space outside of the circle looks like the modern weaving style
  • Den Manowar Pin suche ich schon ne halbe Ewigkeit (hab die Kette davon).
  • Da vermiss ich nur das Masquerade "Diamant" Bootleg.
  • Always 5 flames
  • Geile Sammlung. Mal ne Frage, der Backpatch unten rechts (Skull) ist glaube ich ein offizieller.


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