PESTILENCE - Consuming Impulse (embroidered)

Wed, 13/09/2017 - 10:19

1990 embroidered patch showing the artwork of their 2nd album.

Not for sale or trade



I love that patch.
I don't like their music, but I do love that patch :)


Hahahaha! XD Okay... LOL

Thanx for givin' me fire! ;)


ha ha, no problem :)


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Recent Comments

  • Totally a gem in the scene.
  • Richtig, richtig geiles Teil!!
  • They are very solid and a great band for sure! Cheers
  • Thanks alot!
  • Digging the simplicity! Looks good man!
  • Solid band! They sound like more raw and heavier Dismember.
  • Cool as hell!!!
  • Thats tru mate...
  • Snagged one myself, looks even better in hi-def!
  • Excellent, just picked up the woven patch. Black Crusade is one of my favourite tracks.
  • Ohh nice
  • Hahaha what's more australian than calling someone a cunt :D
  • Du har ju träffat honom, så du borde veta :) Väldigt lätt och trevlig att göra affärer med iaf.
  • Presented to you by Flesh Ripping Sonic Torment Ltd. haha :) Sadly you can't really see it on the picture
  • Backprint is literally bloody awesome! Just like the version from 90's.
  • Holy fuck! I have no words!


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