patches from the glorious 80's

Sat, 02/12/2017 - 18:46

Original patches from the 80's for sale.

Only serious offers via PM please.

Registered shipping with tracking number is 10 euros.


Sale only
patches from the glorious 80's


L Torstensson

Härlich! Om du inte har plats för dom på overallen så kanske du kan sy dig ett par grytvantar av dom? Fast dom kanske inte tål och isolerar värme så värst bra.
Fem rykande heta köttgrytor!


Hahaha!! Fan det vore nått att stoltsera med i köket.
Tack för köttgrytorna!


celtic frost stripe SOLD

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Recent Comments

  • I was only 4 but still can't believe i missed it
  • Damn, I want one of these. The site I saw it on went down a while ago, is there any other websites carrying these?
  • Nice taste! I have the same Nihilist backshape patch =)
  • Thank you guys! Cheers.
  • great, so we wait :)
  • awesome!
  • Thanks man, was stoked to find it in such perfect condition
  • Thanks so much again ! That's some killer shows ! Wish i could have been there.
  • Helloween have some of the best shirts haha, great one
  • Really nice posters!
  • Thanks Mate! Otherwise You all right, friends too dangerous, Haha!
  • Thanks so much ! I am lucky that i kept a lot of my vinyl away from friends.
  • Great record and nice edition! I have this record with order sheet but unfortunatelly the poster missing...
  • Another example of less is more :D It looks great, especially loving that backpatch!!
  • Too cool haha!
  • You all right!


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