Judas Priest Painkiller

Fri, 19/05/2017 - 05:28

Just got this in the mail, I got it pretty cheap compared to what I've seen them go for.
It honestly wasn't hard to find, I'm looking for a Megadeth peace sells patch and somewhere on tour and it's taking me forever to find, weird how I found painkiller first.

Not for sale or trade



Because ITS NOT rare ... That's why you found it. Idiots have just pushed the prices of these things up - metal head = money these days. These same people shouldn't call themselves metal heads.


Didn't you have trouble looking for this and saying this was rare just a few years ago? And I get what you mean, I didn't get this because some people think it has a lot of value, I got it because I like the design and album, and if it was more than what I paid for i wouldn't have bought it.

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  • Nee ich meinte weil du geschrieben hast 'das Leben grätscht manchmal dazwischen'...
  • Voll süß der kleine! Stell mir gerade die Blicke vor wenn er mit der Kutte im KiGa einläuft... XD
  • Hm??
  • Freundin?
  • Ja, allerlei zu tun und manchmal grätscht das Leben dann noch dazwischen. ;) Gute Frage ehrlich gesagt ...
  • Bist beschäftigt momentan od. was? Od. nicht so das Interesse im Moment? Und welche Seiten online?
  • Should be an M. Well it is the long sold out Swirl vinyl, so it would be a bit more than just a "tossing in".
  • ja klar, dafür ist es sicher nicht schlecht und viele Artikel sind auch sehr gut verfasst, je nachdem wer sie schreibt.
  • I see, yeah it is quite Death-driven indeed. I will check them out, thanks!
  • Jesses! Bestätigt nur, warum ich das Ding nicht mehr anziehe.
  • If someone else is interested http://tombofbelial.bandcamp.com/album/s-t-dem
  • Just listening at bandcamp... really not bad!!!
  • Thank you brother :) I will check it out
  • Full flames for Beherit!!
  • I second this. I need this in a medium asap!!!
  • Where did you get Igorrr patch??


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