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Iron Maiden - A Matter of Life and Death cover art patches (official 2011 and 2020)

Lord Lexy
Fri, 30/10/2020 - 13:46

Side-by-side comparison of the official A Matter of Life and Death album cover artwork patches: the limited 2011 (left) and the newly released 2020 (right) versions.

Notable differences:
- size
- colour brightness (the newer one is darker, the green is deeper)
- details (the guns painted on the tank are blurry on the new patch)

Not for sale or trade
Iron Maiden - A Matter of Life and Death cover art patches (official 2011 and 2020)

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  • Ive never flagged you or anything, i didn't even called you any names ( yet ) .
  • I think doctor will delete his account if he's sending abuse like that
  • That's his message to me... From a guy who posted a 1991 shirt for sale , small detal that the shirt is like 3rd r
  • ok i understand
  • You don’t own the shirt I do it’s old you’re assuming .
  • Sweet!
  • never seen before, looks very cool indeed!
  • thanks! thanks to you ofc
  • this was made by hansi, it was bootlegged. speey
  • thx very much, yeah.looks very very nice!
  • i have 1 ABC Diabolo at home...but also - i have to be in the right mood..haha.. this guys sounds good.
  • its not that bad...but i must have the right mood to listen it seems, some parts are very 'hardcore'-ish-..hah
  • maybe because we dont have this 1000 euro smartphones :P..haha...i still prefer to use the camera..
  • sounds not that bad....a very interesting mix i must say..hahaha...sounds like a pit power/thrash + cheesy keys..hahaha.
  • Ah, very nice!
  • Awesome!
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