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Type O Negative - signed backstage pass & gig poster from L'Amour, Brooklyn, NY

Fri, 03/10/2014 - 18:40

Backstage/VIP Pass from the Type O Negative show at L'amour in Brooklyn, NY on 9/19/03 (Thanks Kenny!).

Pass is signed by Peter Steele (ex-Type O, ex-Carnivore - RIP), Kenny Hickey (ex-Type O, Silvertomb), Johnny Kelly (ex-Type O, Danzig, Silvertomb) and members of Life Of Agony who were also hanging out that night - Joey Z (Life Of Agony, ex-Carnivore, ex-Stereomud) & Sal Abruscato (A Pale Horse Named Death, ex-Life Of Agony, ex-Type O Negative).

Also pictured is the Type O Negative gig poster from that same show at L'amour which I carefully pulled off of the wall on my way out, after the show.

Type O Negative was supporting their latest release at the time, "Life Is Killing Me". Life Of Agony remain close friends with Type O and were riding high off of their first 'River Runs Again' reunion that same year. I first met Sal at the bar before the show started, where he was holding court.

I waited to introduce myself & then thanked him for performing on my two favorite albums of all-time: 'Bloody Kisses' & 'River Runs Red' & I offered to buy him a drink...

He refused my offer, saying that he was buying me a drink instead, because, "without fans like me, he would probably be pumping gas somewhere".

He then pointed out Joey Z from LOA who was sitting to my left but I hadn't noticed because he had a cap on & pulled down low.

Joey was cool AF too and actually chilled with me the entire night & hooked me up with some LOA merch.

They were also backstage after the gig where I got the pass signed by everyone.

Not for sale or trade

Year: 2003
Type O Negative - signed backstage pass & gig poster from L'Amour, Brooklyn, NY
Type O Negative - signed backstage pass & gig poster from L'Amour, Brooklyn, NY

meaningless's picture

very nice collector item

JayCanes's picture

Thank you it's one my favs!

MidnightStrangler's picture

You went to L’amore, Saturday night!! Thanks for sharing! Josh Silver didn’t sign it?

JayCanes's picture

My pleasure!! But I don't believe it was a Saturday.

I'd have to look it up but I am almost positive. Because, I worked Mon-Fri & had run into Kenny & Johnny earlier that same day at my job while I was on a break (I worked at a big, music cable TV network in NYC that I won't mention but you can probably guess).

I told them I was a huge fan & they asked if I was going to the show that night & Kenny put me on his VIP list.

No, Josh was backstage (briefly) but kept to himself. He pretty much was just in and out. I didn't feel comfortable asking him.

Josh did not interact with the fans very much. I met the band a couple of times and got their signatures - all but Josh, who would just walk on by.

One person that I did not mention who signed it is kind of an odd person to have asked to sign it.

I asked Kenny's wife, Bonnie Weiss Hickey, to sign the pass too lol.

I figured I'd have her sign it because she was in their home video, 'After Dark' and she was always at the shows helping out in some capacity...so "why not?".

If you have the 'Bloody Kisses' album, you will see her name (a few times) in Kenny's "Thank You" list. When I asked her, she replied, "You want ME to sign it?" Lol. But she did.

I edited this comment 5 minutes after I wrote it to add - I just got the "You went to L'Amour Saturday night" reference. That's great!! I'm an idiot!! Maybe I didn't make the connection because I wasn't wearing red lipstick or dressed two sizes too tight!! HAHA

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