Tiamat SIGNED Wildhoney and drumstick

Wed, 20/09/2017 - 06:28

Tiamat swag from MDF'17 My first MDF

Also my first time seeing Tiamat live ever since they changed my life in 2000. The copy of Wildhoney here is also my very first metal CD I ever bought back in 2000. It was very important to get it signed by them.

I Lars Skold communicated with me on Facebook and when I got to meet him he gave me this signed drumstick! A well used one too!. Johan was much harder to get too. The gig was very wild with people throwing beer cans at Johan and talking shit at him for his straw cowboy hat. But us fans gave so loud a standing ovation that they came back and played 2 songs from wildhoney and one from Clouds! But after the gig I found a group of all Latino fans of Tiamat hanging around the alley with all their Tiamat collections. (once again Latino metal fans are the most diehard!) I hung out with them and eventually Johan shoed up packing up his equipment all with a shot in hand. We waited and then got our stuff signed. My gold marker crapped out on me so in the end Lars signed it with a black sharpie and Johan used his silver marker. I am pretty sure Johan's signature is upside down. was a frenzy!

Was the best trip of my life!!!!

Not for sale or trade





Thanks man! :)


Wow, thats an awesome story! MDF is great, was sad I didn't make '17.


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