Sodom Obsessed by Cruelty Poster (30 Years Fanclub Edition)

Sun, 19/03/2017 - 15:33

This is a Sodom Obsessed by Cruelty poster by the Official Sodom Fanclub. It was made in 2016 for the 30 years anniversary of the Obsessed by Cruelty Album. It comes with a little Obsessed by 30 Years Button. The poster is very rare and limited to 20 pieces only.

Not for sale or trade


Daniel Sodomaniac

Wow great looks killer full flames for Sodom!


Yes man! It is really killer :D


Very nice!!


You are right! Thank you!

Der Todesking

Badass!!! One of my alltime favorite albums!


Hell Yes!! Obsessed by Cruelty definitiv einer der geilsten Alben! Von der brauch ich auch noch ein Shirt..


Pure Awesomeness! Great poster!


True! Never got such an epic poster!

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Recent Comments

  • I have a picture of me watching Gorky Park's set from this show. Love this shirt.
  • Saw the kill and captain clean off in our little town a few years ago.
  • prettyfrigginbaked
  • If it goes missing...Wasn't me. Very nice LS man!
  • Really kick ass idea mate! Not huge on some of the covering a lot of these bands have such amazing artwork...
  • Megadeth gone
  • Can't go wrong with Blood Fire Death BP!! Where did you get the Nunslaughter patch? Not seen that one before.
  • Always love your kutte you make it unique!! How can we order a beer holder? Do you accept PayPal? ;)
  • Cheers, happy you like it.
  • Four amazing bands! Looks good.
  • Not bad at all, That Roots on the front is pretty neat.
  • BP is fucking amazing!!! Can't see what else you add.
  • Nice start, Where did you get the BP?
  • Damn that BPs epic, where do you find all these gems haha.
  • You got some mighty fine Aussie bands on here!!! Great taste, Agreed with everyone that Bestial is epic as fuck.
  • The BP looks perfect, Nice update mate.


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