Sodom Obsessed by Cruelty Poster (30 Years Fanclub Edition)

Sun, 19/03/2017 - 15:33

This is a Sodom Obsessed by Cruelty poster by the Official Sodom Fanclub. It was made in 2016 for the 30 years anniversary of the Obsessed by Cruelty Album. It comes with a little Obsessed by 30 Years Button. The poster is very rare and limited to 20 pieces only.

Not for sale or trade


Daniel Sodomaniac's picture

Wow great looks killer full flames for Sodom!

SodomaniacGermany's picture

Yes man! It is really killer :D

Beyond's picture

Very nice!!

SodomaniacGermany's picture

You are right! Thank you!

Der Todesking's picture

Badass!!! One of my alltime favorite albums!

SodomaniacGermany's picture

Hell Yes!! Obsessed by Cruelty definitiv einer der geilsten Alben! Von der brauch ich auch noch ein Shirt..

invisible-horizons's picture

Pure Awesomeness! Great poster!

SodomaniacGermany's picture

True! Never got such an epic poster!

MelFromHell's picture

This is absolutely kick ass. Lucky to have this one up on your wall :D one of my favourite records ever

SodomaniacGermany's picture

Oh yes, i'm really proud to own it!

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  • that fuckin rocks!
  • Thanks. And I love your nickname. =)
  • wow...keep it sealed in ziplock bag :) This is legendary!
  • Have the exact same shirt! Full flames!
  • Nice! Welcome! If you got any suggestions for the site, just drop me a message
  • Nnnnnoooooooooo ha ha damn!! Blame the dog!
  • Been signed up for a while just never thought bout listing stuff but this sight is awesome. Good to see a friend on here
  • Ha ha cuuuuuuuuuuittteeee
  • Yup I bumped into a guy who had this in his garage since 77 in a tote box.
  • Anything new on here the last few years?
  • Looks solid!
  • Use the obvious Ask about a trade or sale link at the top
  • Hi. Are you still trying to sell these? I am interested in the Wolf patch if it is still available.
  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha
  • really cool, I would use one side for lunch and the other one for dinner to hidden stains :))
  • MIM distro cleared out some old archive stuff years back, they sold most of it off :-)
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