SEPULTURA - Tour Poster 1991 (cover)

Utter Chaos
Tue, 12/09/2017 - 16:56

A1 sized tour poster. Great stuff.

Not for sale or trade



Another awesome poster !


Crazy!!!! Krass. Your Deicide is on its way, thanks for the Gorefest!

Utter Chaos

1) Thanx a lot 4 the flames!
2) Great to hear that!
3) You're welcome, man!
Hehehe! ;D

Utter Chaos

Thanx, mate!


Hell yeah!

Utter Chaos

Thanx a lot! ;)


Awesome x9000!

Utter Chaos

Thanx a lot, man! :)


That's the kind of live that you can only dream about...

Utter Chaos

Thanx for the flames, man! :)


Another awesome item mate!!! Fuckin love it \m/

Utter Chaos

Thank you very, very much, sir! ;)

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Recent Comments

  • Wouldn't trade Coroner for this patch, sorry.
  • That Coroner patch rules man, would you do a one for one trade for it? If not, I'm mostly looking for Deathhammer (
  • Go to my profile and under status click "sale or trade", then hit apply.
  • I have it man (its on my jacket, so it would be in lightly used condition) what would you be willing to trade for it?
  • Great shirt
  • My favourite album from these guys!!!
  • at the end of month, I'll send you PM
  • How much bromeliad? Didn't see it on your profile...
  • Lovely back patch mate
  • Thanks bad american1992....Thyrfing was great at Dark Troll Festival^^
  • I rate this LS pretty high!!!!!
  • Ooooooooooooohh!
  • Gibt ein Bild von dem Patch. Schau mal beim User "StillThrashed" vorbei.
  • Thanks first!!! https://www.asatruversand.com/Textilien/Aufnaeher/Finsterforst-Aufnaeher::511.html https://www.ricardo.c
  • Some amazing stuff here!! I'd love to see a close up of that Dirty Deeds patch with Bon's tattoo on it!
  • Still on the hunt for this one.


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