Metallica 1992 calendar

Tue, 12/06/2018 - 20:00

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Metallica 1991 calendar

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Metallica 1992 calendar


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Recent Comments

  • Hails for the flames!
  • THX for the flames!
  • Fantastic duoble treat
  • Full flames for Pigface! Love that tour shirt
  • Love the theme man!
  • Nice touch, mabey you should add the blue Dissection cross patch?
  • Killer death metal
  • Would love to have Helloween as support here too in the UK! Nice one Antonio.
  • Sorry... its sleaszy rider records from Greece... Also check them out in Musical-hall.com :)
  • Ohh its because its sleAZy rider... Ive seen it in season of mist, musical hall and other distros...
  • Nope...trying to look em up. Can't find sleezy rider.
  • Great band indeed! Keep those church burning shirt is my fav. from them.
  • It sure is!
  • You are right... completely forgot about that song Have you seen the rc shirts sleazy rider put out?
  • Hahahaha. Spider was waiting for you in the bed. Smoking a cigarette and gazing seductively at you.
  • Its from album Kata Ton Daimona Eatoy. There is a song XES on it. One of my favs designs from RC.


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