Great White - guitar pick

Wed, 19/04/2017 - 18:58


Not for sale or trade
Great White - guitar pick
Great White - guitar pick


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  • why didnt you just click [edit] and then make it [trade or sale] ?
  • katatonia and in the woods... what a line up!!! i've seen both at the same festival, but not together at a venue.
  • yeah, nice artwork tho!
  • :D
  • Nice Matt!!! on FC insert my Killers satin jaket ;)
  • haha! that hilarious
  • killer!
  • Nice!
  • Send me a pm and I'll give you my price.
  • Fantastic!!! did you find it,,.. and in mint condition
  • incredible!!! never seen before!
  • Nice!
  • All the flames of hell for it!!! For me the best vintage Killers print on tee
  • I’m too fucking lazy to take new pics so I pulled them from my original post before the shirt was available for trade.
  • Awesome album, sad i couldn't see them
  • The image you uploaded was downloaded from tshirtslayer. You have used an existing image from tshirtslayer, why? A scam?


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