Graveland Thor's Hammer pendant

Thu, 10/08/2017 - 09:13

Walhalla Productions, silver

Not for sale or trade
Graveland Thor's Hammer pendant
Graveland Thor's Hammer pendant



I used to have this pendant, but ruined it with an overly abrasive jewelry polish...


Sad to hear man, good to know tho!

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  • I make all of them !
  • Thanks, brother!
  • Fuck yeah dude. Radical shirt.
  • Still is their jacket. Not our calls xD as weird as it is.
  • Only one pic? Love the SW
  • thanks for the flames!!
  • most definitely! didn't know i had this for sale
  • Great band. Great cat.
  • Lol!! I love this!
  • Love this.
  • I'm going to be out of the country unfortunately! Pretty shattered, I'm sure it'll be a fantastic show.
  • I can smell the bbq In that hell fire from here man! SICK!
  • Nice! Bonus points for presentation.
  • Nattens Madrigal is my favourite, Need to upload my album release poster from 1997....
  • Nothing to see here, Move along Sir!
  • That's probably my favorite Ulver image.


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