Go West boots

Tue, 05/12/2017 - 18:23

DISCLAIMER: I don't know if this can actually be considered as metal related BUT since this kind of boots is widely worn in the overall metal scene, and since I did wear them a lot, I figured TSS would be the best place for them to find a new owner. If this is too unrelated I'll delete the post. Doc, lemme know.

Go West square-toed, cowboy style boots.
Size 43.5 (EUR), fits a large 43 or a small 44 (I know, right?)
Heel sole needs a repair but I guess that will cost you no more than 10 bucks at your local shoemaker. apart from that the leather is flawless and nicely aged.

30 € + shipping anywhere, or reasonable offer via PM

Sale only
Go West boots
Go West boots


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  • badasses on kawasaki 900's, gotta check it out
  • this is your first upload??
  • Good shit! I need to get the Adolf der große shirt that was floating around a while back.
  • Yes, I didn't know this guy either! Thanks for flames, cheers. \O
  • Wearing it now dude :)
  • Yes it does because i know people that have the digipack and the letters have stared to fade away with time, i mean the
  • Trade only? haben will... biste an nem Unleashed Patch interessiert?
  • Very nice! Never seen this befreundet.
  • WOW!!!! Never seen this one before.
  • The layout on the back is put together so well..
  • Right!
  • Thanks, indeed it is, i know that digipack edition as well it's all black made of a kind of fake type of leather, w
  • Skönhet kan komma i många skepnader, som här med något för små ärmar.
  • Oh man! That's a hell of a sweater, awesome!
  • That's a really unique edition!! I own the digipack..
  • Awesome dedication..


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