Focus brand black flag “jealous again” deck

Sun, 17/06/2018 - 16:55

Rare focus brand skateboard only 500 made. This board was my wife’s first skateboard her dad bought her. Still has original setup. Never will be seen again in this condition.

Not for sale or trade
Focus brand  black flag “jealous again” deck
Focus brand  black flag “jealous again” deck

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  • well, the last festival i went to...there were bands like Gravebomb, Gravestone, Phrenelith...all new bands...but it was
  • yeah, need to have one of those too...or even better an original one...
  • Nice design!
  • Lucky bastard, so are you friends with the band?
  • I have the slowly we rot
  • Five flames for this one mate
  • Very beautiful Same question, where do you find this one?
  • Japp! Såg inte pälsmattan förrän jag hade laddat upp bilden : )=
  • Holy crap! Jealous!
  • Sick
  • Thanks :)
  • Ja, die guten alten Zeiten... In der Tat ja, die Bermuda hat sich wirklich sehr gut gehalten über all die Jahre und ich
  • лысый, фанатеющий от Молотха
  • Very nice indeed, great condition, you should upload better pictures ,it deserves .
  • Thank you , it's one of the best long sleeves ever made, in my opinion .
  • vraiment chouette
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