Förgjord Collection

Sun, 21/10/2012 - 21:06

Ajasta Ikuisuuteen CD, Vinyl & t-shirt
Sielunvihollinen CD, t-shirt
Henkeen ja vereen CD, longsleeve
Förgjord/Musta Kappeli split 7"
Tie, totuus & kuolema demo tape

Not for sale or trade
Other Collectable - Förgjord Collection



I don't know this band but those shirts and CDs look brilliant, so i'll leave 5 flames just for that haha.
Where would you recommend me to start, if i want to give them a try?


I'd recommend you to start with their second album "Ajasta ikuisuuteen". It's one of my favourite albums ever. They play very raw black metal.


Mahtava bändi ja kokoelma, iteltä löytyy vaan tuo 7" splitti mutta lisää materiaalia pitäs ehdottomasti hankkia!


Kiitokset! Tämä bändi ansaitsee paljon enemmän arvostusta. Kannattaa hankkia. Vielä aika helposti saatavilla suurin osa bändin tuotoksista.

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Recent Comments

  • I still have it in XL. PM me with offers?
  • It's been so long that I don't even remember, sorry.
  • I love this Istapp Patch!
  • Schöner Patch
  • I also have this one. The blue vinyl matches with the artwork very well. This band is pretty underrated.
  • 5 brutal holidays!!! good to see you are still enjoying the tshirt! happy holidays! \m/
  • i havent seen this before, and i do like this album even if it is a little... non traditional!
  • hahahaha yummie!!!!! \m/
  • I love them ,indeed the KtD is one my fav album from DIO is classic together whith the first albums . I am very happy wh
  • XL
  • They really are. It was easily one of the most extravagant stage shows I've ever seen, second only to Gwar, maybe.
  • Good idea stealing the sign! Hahaha cool shit dude. Alice's stage shows are out of control.
  • dankechön!!!
  • Haha, glad you like it. I love stupid mementos like these.
  • Kinda funky layout IMO. Backpatch doesn't really do it for me either, too much wasted space.
  • Cool to see patches of these albums, printed or no. First time I've seen it, I think.

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