Death 'Let the Metal Flow' Koozie

alidavidsonThu, 11/10/2018 - 00:19

One of the best fanclubs to be part of (before the web) was from Chuck Schuldiner and Death called The Metal Crusade. This koozie was just part of the merchandise list. No pun intended, this badboy is cool as shit!

Not for sale or trade
Death 'Let the Metal Flow' Koozie
Death 'Let the Metal Flow' Koozie
Death 'Let the Metal Flow' Koozie

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  • Washing the Kutte!?!?!?!?!? Hell no, this is forbidden by any means, man!!!! ;-)
  • full flames fucking killer
  • fuuuuuuck thats rare
  • just doesnt fit there, between patches of cannibal corpse and slayer
  • A lot of people would agree with you but honestly those bands kick ass live and i've had a blast at their shows.
  • Fuck yeah! thanks
  • Yeah those were all early high school bands for me, but i still give em a listen every now and again!
  • Sick <3
  • Nah man, currently trying to up my Slipknot collection! I think I prefer this outlined version.
  • This is just awesome, unique vest!
  • Snap precies wat je bedoelt haha!
  • Awesome. I love the effect of blood dripping.
  • Not really confusing or weird but If I have just began patch collecting (which I assume you do) I would use my disposabl
  • You have a signed one, don’t complain ;-)
  • These guys are from my hometown, they fucking rip.
  • Sweet! Screen printed?

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