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Customized Electric Guitar

SkyggeMon, 30/09/2019 - 17:11

I got this electric guitar for Christmas many years ago and at one point I tried to sell it when I really needed money and was basically told because it's an off brand guitar it has no value so since I started getting back into playing guitar again and I'm starting a band that is going to be metal I decided to take a good portion of the Russian metal band patches that I had bought recently and glue them to the guitar after having already glued a hammer and sickle and other Communist items.

There is a small potential that I might get a few other bands and add them to the guitar to try to cover up more of the black make it look almost like a patch vest but at the same time I'm not sure though I am going to try to find a patch for my favorite band the Russian band Aria to add to the headstock. What do you think of this original idea? Also I have two patches one for the Russian soviet-era thrash band master and a patch for the Russian Soviet thrash band corrosion of metal which I'm going to glue onto my guitar strap.

Do any of you think this is a cool idea? I mean since the guitar had zero value to begin with after my parents took it out of the store because it's not a name brand so you can't just sell it to most music stores or pawnshops and get really any money for it so I figured since it has no real value and since I'm getting back into playing guitar again and enjoying it why not make it my own why not do something unique and different and stand out from all the other guitar players in that way. I'd say this actually looks quite cool I just need to add a few other patches when I can since there are a few other bands I want to possibly add that are soviet-era metal bands but other than that we are good to go.

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Customized Electric Guitar

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  • I can in fact confirm. Until they do, they’re not allowed any maple syrup!
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  • Thanks. This was a very lucky purchase while walking through a Tk Maxx shop many many years ago.
  • I heard once that all Canadians are legally required to own merch from Exciter, Voivod, and at least one Ross Bay band.
  • Thanks for the compliment about the shirt. I really like these guys.
  • Yeah, very rare too....makes me a lttle bit sad looking at it as guitarist Martjo Brongers passed away a few weeks ago d


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