Burzum - Hlidskjalf poster flag

Thu, 12/10/2017 - 14:36

1999 Misanthropy poster flag; beautiful.

Not for sale or trade


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  • Haha yeah, never knew Mental As Anything were pioneers of Black Metal :)
  • Haha, really!! Unexpected. :P
  • Thanks. Just peeling the stickers off and opened Darkthrone to find a Mental as Anything CD... Fuck.
  • Wow! Nice score!
  • whoever now has this hoodie, I will offer $150 right now for it...
  • sent response buddy about buying
  • Nice update, +1 on the collar
  • Awesome vest! now you need to cut off the collar, to make it more oldschool
  • It may be fake, but it's a cool patch. Sew that one to your kutte and then if you find a real one you can save it.
  • Thanks! Im a big fan of 3D Pins!
  • How about...Best CC album with George on it :-)
  • Absolutely bloody disgusting, great look!
  • Perfect layout! The chain trim and detachable pouch are a nice touch.
  • You have some great stuff. The 3D effect of this pin is perfect!
  • \m/ Moonsorrow! Nice patch holder.
  • The colors are rad, very nice patch!


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