1968 vintage speaker system!

Fri, 10/11/2017 - 22:20

Here is how I listen to metal now.

I got rid of the cheap little stereo speakers that came with the "all in one tape/vinyl/radio" combo stereo. I had been using them for the last 9 or more years, I cant recall.

But then a while back I found these things in a donation store which had come from an old school or church auditorium. Paid I think 14$ for them, had no idea if they work and they just looked cool. I was hoarding. For longest time they had been used as an occasional footstool LOL.

But I finally got off my ass and just tried wiring them in with some old wires I stole from another cheap speaker set from the donation store. And the end result THEY FUCKING WORK!

I also finally did research and found out they are Coral BX-300's which were made in Japan in 1968. They look so handsome ..... THey may not have been the most amazing hi-fi speakers back in the day, But they got to be much better than most of the typical junk you find around nowadays. And they have the natural sound a modern digital Bose doesnt seem to give off. And did I mention how cool they look?

Older stuff was made well, clearly because they had been stood upon and easily spported my weight while I hung posters. Now theyre just for playing metal. :)

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