Do you listen to bands that are older than you?

Sat, 28/01/2017 - 11:01
97% (2096 votes)
3% (59 votes)
Total votes: 2155


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  • its a shame really. We had our fair share of good venus closed down. Seems like Marduk is not about quantity.
  • I owned the right one in in the past.Damn shame for losing it!
  • Nice.
  • WOW!Impressive choice in shirts?!
  • if a simple Hoodie cost 75-80$ ...maybe 100 is a zipper...hahhaha..no idea...
  • the prices are....nothing to say...seriously...
  • Yeessss!!! :)
  • Damn this is sick as fuck!
  • $40 is kinda ridiculous but I'm still gonna buy. Wtf is being sold for $100???
  • Money
  • Awesome vest! and nice cats :)
  • They have some good songs here and there... mmm i think there is an album called nothing remains the same...
  • Sadly I had the chance to go there only once. Was a great festival!
  • ran out business. Thing is... they were too pricey for the food they sold.
  • fucking sick
  • Indeed!!!


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