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Bianca I.N.C.
Thu, 11/08/2011 - 01:48
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Recent Comments

  • Cool man! Early Morbid Angel is some of my favorite tunes.
  • Thanks! My girlfriend does all my paintings, I can barely hold a brush haha
  • I just found that since there was more space from the fabric they got pulled out more often..but the jacket I'm spe
  • Great studding and awesome paintings!
  • Tasteless bootleg of a bootleg. The real boorleg looks so much better, baseall arms just doesnt look good with bathory
  • Looks amazing!!!
  • LoL
  • Tive para comprar 2 a uns tempos, patchs muito porreiros! PS: nao queres uns lemmys para venda? grande abraço!
  • Thank you, Daniel. Stout, lager & cider runned heavy in my liver in Dublin... :)
  • Thank you Daniel, cheers from Italy.
  • Thank ya, Boss ! I'm seriously thinking to move in a greek island in the future.... :)
  • Would love one myself!
  • That must have been a killer show !
  • Amazing! I would love this hahaha I like pretty much love everything they've done
  • Just discovered this and was blown away!
  • have often wondered the same myself, but i would bet its something out of Mike Patton´s warped mind .

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