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Bianca I.N.C.
Thu, 11/08/2011 - 01:48
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Recent Comments

  • Awesome
  • Full flames for Sodom no less!
  • Wow really cool shirt from this coll band! Old shirt or a re-print?
  • Great patch great band, not a big fan of the shape but really cool.
  • One day you will find one hopefully :)!
  • Har kollat lite, går inte båt fan från Värtahamnen? Verkar vara ett mysigt ställe Humlehof :)!
  • Guess it`s official, Manni has it on his Denim jacket on the "Reflections" album.
  • Got the patch together with a tee when they played one hell of a show at Headbangers Open Air in Germany last summer.
  • Heja Bathory! Really nice shirt!
  • Great shirt!
  • Actually and rarely not in fact, just abit no so well i think :/. No heavy drinking for three straight weekends now, i a
  • Hahaha, rough night?;-)
  • No my band perhaps but full flames for your dedication man.
  • Don`t worry guys i don`t mind at all this is all good interesting discussions :). Will give you my opinion later on when
  • So sorry Daniel!!!
  • I actually love Warriors Of The World United, but I can imagine seeing this song and my favorite band ridiculed in such

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We started a cool game for TSS'ers, we're posting around an item to eachother and using the trade history to keep track of who and where it's been, you might get lucky!

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