Your favorite/Top 10 albums of 2017

Fri, 22/12/2017 - 19:32

This year is almost over, so it's time for this question:
What are your favourite/top 10 releases of 2017 ?

So here are my Top 10 albums of 2017 (slightly ranked)
1. The Ruins Of Beverast - Exuvia

2. Oraculum - Always Higher

3. Engulfed - Engulfed in Obscurity

4. Phrenelith - Desolate Endscape

5. Necroblood - Collapse of the Human Race

6. Temple of Void - Lords of Death

7. Possession - Exorkizein

8. Spectral Voice - Eroded Corridors of Unbeing

9. Triumvir Foul - Spiritual Bloodshed

10. Wolfbrigade - Run With The Hunted

Some honourable mentions:
The newest releases of: Venenum, Endseeker, Soulrot, Necrot, Bell Witch,
Ensnared, Vallenfyre, Power Trip
Almyrkvi, Sarcasm, Cryptic Brood, Forteresse, Antropomorphia, Crypts Of Despair, Urn,

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  • Love the color scheme. And I really love that vertical SODOM patch.
  • i like these boys faces...i have to wear gas mask so that people dont get scared
  • This shirt is ugly hahahahah There someone had to say it
  • Definitely! Both Are great. I got into katatonia with this album. It was hard to find it in mexico.
  • Legend. Nice pics mate.
  • Most welcome :) I would have to go with....Both haha, love the album, however I do prefer the back print of this one.
  • Very nice album!
  • or meeting her parents! works everytime!
  • Oh i meant Jesus Christ...thinking about Navas and Sevilla boys too much...yoy catch my drift...
  • it was probably stolen...its a walking porn mag!
  • I might strech it a little bit... but yeah... its not a bad idea. Perfect shirt to wear on a wedding
  • we, satanists, don't care which hole to use.
  • Hahahahahahaha :)
  • Hell yeah!
  • Hahahaha remember i told there is only one shirt ive lost? Well, it was this one... some hentai shit in there
  • Ohh... he scored against madrid man :( Hahahahnbut yea... shirts finally here!
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