Your favorite Band Logos

Mon, 06/06/2016 - 00:46

So tell me what are you favorite kind of logos? Theres so many different styles.

I really love straight lines with pikes. For example:




If i would make a band, i would totally make a logo in that style for it.

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Overkill's Neon green logo.Possessed w/inverted cross, Municipal waste, Mortuary Drape, Sarcofago, Cloven Hoof, Cauldron, and 55 gore even though they suck major cock

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Depends on the genre I guess...

Black Metal & Death Metal are my favourites, Bands that incorporate a logo or image is great too.

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Saxon, Accept, Manowar and the one Priest started to use on Stained Class pure Metal :)!

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Katharsis and Sadistik Exekution both have pretty mean logos!
I love the Metallica logo aswell. Pure classic!

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yea sad ex logo is sweet

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Sadistik Exekution, Sarcofago, Autopsy, Unleashed, Voivod, Possessed, Crematory (swe), Nocturnus, Morbid Angel, (old) Death.....

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definitely voivod

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and Vektor!

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Revenge, Katharsis, Thornspawn, Cruciamentum, Malign, Black Witchery, Teitanblood, Diocletian, Embrace of Thorns, Grave Miasma, Voivod(one since second album), Angelcorpse, Malhkebre, Svartidaudi, Dissection, Goatmoon.

Some of the best I could think of, but there isn't that much pattern in between them.

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All really great Logos for sure. Only the Svartidaudi Logo is really boring in my opinion and does not reflect the musical Genius in any way.

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I will agree with Katharsis, Sadistic Exekkution but also Wrathprayer. In general stuff that looks very thorny

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Intersting, that's an observation i made aswell!

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Yeah Katharsis' logo is killer!

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Any logo with the Bathory font looks dope as shit.

Hoth's logo is nice because it looks like Darth Vader's TIE fighter. I love the attention to detail there.

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I think the Bathory font worked for Bathory but if i see any other band with that kind of font i think it looks very boring. It's like one of these fonts that defined a band. If you could do a metal logo why would you just use a simple font with nothing else?

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These days the font is so played out I find myself preferring Bathory's requiem era logo to the original, just because at least its some variation.

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mayhem & morbid angel are probably my 2 favorite band logos.
+1 to anyone who said beherit - I always liked the goat horns & candle in addition to the pentagram & upsidedown cross.
nunslaughter had a few really cool ones as well (the one seen on the latest re-issue of "goat" with the red cover is my favorite of theirs)
aside from those, I always liked the old english/gothic style font, that style of lettering almost always works for black/death metal

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Nifelheim, Slaughter, Dismember, Darkthrone, Discharge

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Absu probably

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Slayer, Kreator, Sodom, King Diamond,

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Amon Amarth, Death,Exodus,Iron Maiden, Nuclear Assault,Rammstein and Venom

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Darkthrone's logo, how could I forget this one!? Nunslaughter have a few cool ones too. Also the old logos from Nicke Andersson f.ex. Nihilist, Dismember, Crematory etc that defined the style of the swedish underground are pretty cool imo.

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Death is obviously in a league of their own, Venoms is awesome and I love the Mervin manufacturing (libtech, gnu, roxy) sticker on my snowboard thats rips off Venom. My favourite logo is probably Heaven Shall Burn. Its relatively simple (relative to other logos in that style) in that you can read it even if you dont know what it is beforehand but for someone like my dad it takes him a minute to "translate" it.

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A lot of great ones are already mentioned above.
Death (old), Sepultura (old), Morbid, Incantation, Immortal (old), Sadistic Intent, Abruptum, Demilich, Emperor, Nifelheim, ASPHYX...
There are still a lot of them to mention!

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Nifelheim's logo is great & fits incredibly good to their style & attitude!

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Some of my faves not mentioned yet would be-
Bal Sagoth, Impaled Nazarene, Manegarm, Seance..... theres too many great logos.

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Bal Sagoths is amazing!

I need a patch of theirs...Great band.

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not many patches to chose from sadly.

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Sadly yes...


I do love this shirt design, Simple but epic.

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Black flag has a basic, yet badass logo

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I love the Nocternity Logo (and Sigil) for example: http://www.metal-archives.com/images/1/0/0/9/10090_logo.jpg?3459
Generally most logos that appeal to me are in a way "filigree" or ornate (hope these are the rigjt words) or have an image integrated into them, like
Dark Fortress: http://www.metal-archives.com/images/5/3/8/8/5388_logo.gif
Trollskogen: http://www.metal-archives.com/images/1/0/9/4/10946_logo.jpg

I also really dig Logos with Faces at the sides, like:
Hooded Menace: https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/759992447/HoodedMenacemasterlogo.jpg (one of the Best logos of all time)
Benediction: http://www.metal4all.de/var/storage/images/bands/benediction/4271-1-ger-...
Paria: http://www.empyre-mag.de/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Paria_Logo.jpg
Nuclear Magick: http://sturmglanz.de/band_photos/nm_logo.jpg

Generally i am a friend of symmetry, balance and order. With exceptions like the Antediluvian Logo which is one of my alltime favourites aswell.

Another Killer Logo is the one of Faustcoven: http://www.metal-archives.com/images/1/3/3/6/1336_logo.gif

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The Dark Fortress logo was always eyecandy for me ^^

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UNLEASHED - no more words necessary to say

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New band logos I love is the classic Tribulation logo. Also Repugnant and Tomhet.

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Tomhet's Logo is terrific. Aswell as Wulkanaz and lots more of the "Dark Germanic Heathenism" Type.

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Yeah the Tribulation kicks ass!

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defintly Sodom.

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All those logos you been talking abot are great indeed, but how about the astral sleep TIAMAT logo? That one is one of the best logos in metal history

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Beautiful indeed!

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Yeah agreed, old Tiamat, & also the later/last Treblinka logo was cool!

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Amazing album and logo.

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Darkthrone, Cattle Decapitation, Devourment, Incantation, old Cephalic Carnage, Pig Destroyer, Rotten Sound

I also really like the plain font logos of Dying Fetus and Brutal Truth.

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I like the kind of logos used in alot of brutal death or slam, where you have to read 15 times before you know what it says.

Into Glory Ride's picture

Dakhma looks great.

Into Glory Ride's picture

I also really like the Zemial Logo: http://www.metal-archives.com/images/9/3/4/934_logo.gif

Into Glory Ride's picture

And of course i don't want to forget (i think already mentioned here, but nevertheless:) ABSU! http://www.metal-archives.com/images/4/1/41_logo.jpg?3007

And i absolutely worship the Logo (and all the rest) of Macabre Omen: http://www.metal-archives.com/images/5/5/3/8/5538_logo.jpg?5017

PErhaps this once will be on one of my jackets.

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My Dying Bride.

Amazing band, albums, logo, and artwork for their albums.

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Morbid Angel and the true Mayhem are my fave logos

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Mayhem, Beherit (both), Blasphemy, Witching Hour, Quintessenz, Metallica (3D logo), Archgoat, Morbid Angel, Destruction (both), Possessed, Katharsis, Merciless, Grotesque, Hellhammer, Death (old), Sepultura (first and second logo), Sarcofago, Bathory, Omega, Antichrist (yellow and read), Dissection

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I never really thought about it and when I think about it, there are so many...
Well I simply say Opeth, Heathen & Adramelch (old), but there are so many.

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Marduk's logo is seriously cool.

Der Todesking's picture

Did anyone mention Possession yet..? Also Sarcofago (the 3 cross version), Morbid Angel & Possessed ofc!

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I like Moonspell's two logos, their old pentagram and the current moon one, The Septicflesh one always stood out to me, its neat and clean as well as the font for Cradle of Filth

I saw someone above mention Tiamat and I concur!

pan_in_ithyphallic_mirth's picture

Yes Tiamat, one of the first metal logos I ever saw

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Hands down has to be anathemas 1993-1998 logo. I love how the lines are and the font is, it's the most gothic metal logo I've ever seen. Another logo I love is the original death logo with the reaper blood marks and spider, because I'm a much bigger fan of deaths earlier music and the logo has a more dirtier look but more unique in my opinion.

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Unleashed obviously. The old Nokturnal Mortum logo, old Enslaved logo, Winterfylleth, Summoning's pentagram logo, and Obituary's logo with the gargoyle or dragon wrapped around the T in the middle.

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I'll be biased and go with UFO.
I'd like to see it with the design of the 'steel' colouring like on ADX, Agent Steel, etc...

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The UFO logo (the one since Obsession) is really cool indeed!

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Most of the ones I like have already been named. That being said; I've always liked Leviathan's crescent moon.

Kvlt_ured_Gentleman's picture

I've always liked Graveland's logo, Dark Fortress's logo as far as black metal goes, Revenge has a pretty cool logo as well, Sect Pig's looks pretty sick and goes with their almost industrial sound. For older metal, you can't beat the style of stylized letters like in the Iron Maiden and Dokken logos because I hate logos that try to be symmetrical unless they're extremely intricate, for instance Xasthur's logo I like but Death Angel's can fuck itself.

parregeaboppe's picture

Grand Belial's Key is my favorite, and Autopsy ofcourse with every album another logo!

Atomicide's picture

Death (old logo)
Iron Kobra

Slayerian1981's picture

1) Slayer
2) Possessed
3) Motörhead
4) Exodus
5) Deicide
6) Death
7) Kreator
8) Sepultura
9) Judas Priest
10) Saxon

Skeaton's picture

Asphyx is #1 for me, followed closely by Unleashed and Darkthrone. Impaled Nazarene gets an honorable mention.

deadlock's picture

Heresiarch, Possession, Bolzer and Undergang are all pretty noteworthy and don't seem to have been mentioned yet.

Nater90's picture

Goatpenis' is pretty epic.

Get some looks when I wear my inhumanization shirt...

Immolation's original / current album one is epic, Simple but just suits them to a t.

Nater90's picture

Hahahaha, You legend.

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The old classic ones frpm the early nineties.Immortal,Darkthrone,Emperor,Ancient, Liar of Golgotha,Enthroned,Enslaved,Gorgoroth.Azaghal and more.The more unreadable ones.

Overactive Imagination's picture

Blood Incantation

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nuclear assault and mayhem, i realy do love the very highschool sketch in notebook feel you get from it

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Birdflesh, haha.

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Fear Factory's original FF logo, and the one from Obsolete
Strapping Young Lads SYL logo
Sepulturas Chaos AD era tribal S


I always liked the venom logo, the twist on a celtic design I think.

I love the thorny Mayhem logo also with the bat wings and iron crosses/inverted crosses.

Bauhaus geometric face (my profile pic) as well I love. I guess this isn't metal though. ha ha.

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S.P.A's logo. It's two 3d stars, but they slip in S.P.A within them.

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My favorite logos:

pan_in_ithyphallic_mirth's picture

DIMMU BORGIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One of the best BM logos Ive ever seen to this day.

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