Young metalhead here, need advices for my first battle jacket

Wed, 12/04/2017 - 20:16

Hi there fellow metalheads ! \m/
I'm new to the forum, I'm 17 years old and willing to make my very own, first battle jacket \m/

But as it's my first one and I'm young and stupid, I have a few questions.

I think I may keep the sleeves on it, because it may look a bit better, and the denim jacket was offered to me for my birthday so I am not willing to ruin it

1/ How many patches can fit/do I need on a battle jacket ?
I am not that tall and kinda skinny so it is S-sized.
I actually have 2 patches, and ordered 9 patches but I will only receive the package in a few weeks.
There's still a lot of patches I want, from a lot of different bands, but I'm afraid it won't fit. Plus it's expensive as shit

2/ The battle jacket is actually blue, but i think it will look better in black, as I mostly have black and white (or grey and red) patches, and I think denim jackets look better in black, but sleeveless denim vests look better in blue.
So I will dye it black, my parents have black dye (I don't know what the fuck it is called in english but it's the shit you put in boiling water)
Do I need to bleach the jacket first for it not to turn dark blue instead of black ?
And also, is there a risk it will end up ruined if I bleach it ? Will I need to dye it multiple times ? I do not care if it's not completely black, if it's a little grey-ish, it'll do

3/ Do you know a website where I can buy patches, with a large choice, if possible cheap or affordable, and ship them to France (and please without 150 dollars for the shipping)
I think I will buy a few patches from the TSS community but it will depend on the price and the shipping.

4/ I saw a few battle jackets with studded shoulders, I think studs and spikes look cool as fuck, but someone told me it looks retarded. What do you think ?
I mostly saw battle jackets without studs in this website, so I wonder what you guys think. I don't give a fuck about what non-metalheads think

5/ How much time does it take to sew on a patch ? I can't sew for shit, but my parents and my sister will teach me soon, I just wanna estimate how much time I'll spend on this shit

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