Would anybody be interested in patches made from exotic hides.snake,lizard,alligator,etc?

Fri, 17/03/2017 - 02:19

I've been working with exotic hides from reptiles, shark, stingray (awesome) and thought about making a few patches as it seems I don't really see it done very often. Im just thinking what to do. A stand alone logo seems ok. I think it may be kinda lame to just have a skin background and the rest just stitched on in. it wouldn't be very practical anyways unless it was a large stitch . Im trying to avoid glue as best possible, but not have to make only large stuff. Also I guess id have to Velcro/snap the back so You could wash the jacket (like that happens.)


Yeah, that would be awesome. I actually saw a Horna patch with a snakeskin backing a few months ago - fukkin sick. Here's a cool example: https://www.facebook.com/patchmasterprod/photos/a.877481422378791.107374...


I know of a guy who made a Damaar patch of pig leather. That was conceptually interesting.

satan's radish

No. I'm not going to wear a dead snake/shark/alligator/other bad ass deadly hunter animal unless I killed and ate the thing myself.


I definitely would! But I like it when the type of leather has something in common with the patch like the 2 I have from the Patch Master. Or like a shark skin patch for Evile's killer from the deep design, MOD's surfing MOD, or Wehrmacht's shark attack to name a few.


But snakes, sharks and alligators were never in a band.

Human skin I would definitely try out. Should also be cheaper and there is tons of humans who deserve to end up as a piece of jacket decoration.


Make me a custom Goatpenis patch from my scrotum skin.


Anal cunt patch with asskin


Trve Kvlt right there matey.


i always thought about that...


Wehrmacht shark attack patch made out of shark skin,I think Duffy would love it

Son of a Byss

I want a Dismember patch made from all of you guys


You may have a slice of my finest ass skin, I'll throw the hair in for free.


Well I think I could give you one of my spare parts like eyes,feet,legs cuz I have 2 of them,or maybe a lung,let me know


Probably not. I'm not some animal rights type or anything of the sort. My concern is a lot of these exotic animals might be coming from places in the world where the animals are poached, that im against. If its ethically hunted in Canada or the USA, i'm ok with it.



But it would be cool to have a Tygers of Pan Tang patch made from a tiger. Lol


Hahahaha, Get a praying mantas and write on it with a sharpie.


But the thing is, If not done properly or with certain paperwork, A lot of countries customs will dispose of them.


Thomas Mandallis has made Motörhead and Venom patches from snakeskin multiple times and they always turn out gorgeous. Give it a try


This guy sewed a complete animal to his vest (last picture)!


Oh fuck that is almost worsen than when i find a guy sewed under my battlejacket

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