Worst patches?

Fri, 25/08/2017 - 11:15

The guys over at HME are doing another compilation video of worst patches.

Wondering - what terrible patches have you seen? link below!

bad_american1992's picture

Chemical Burns "ugly vest" has some real stinkers on it.

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gauze's picture

another maiden stinker I got in some lot off eBay a while back, Eddie is a rasta?

chainsawrentalshop's picture

From my own collection:-)

Hey Doc.
Only stuff on TSS or everywhere else?

Atomicide's picture

wow they even used o instead of รถ >_>

DoctorDeath's picture


DoctorDeath's picture

anywhere is fine, TSS is better tho :D :D ah man, that patch stinks so much its amazing!

DukeThylacine's picture

Didn't know Motorhead had an album called "Dastards" ;D

chainsawrentalshop's picture

It's an often overlooked album ;-)

parregeaboppe's picture
Repodepo55's picture

I think it's actually cool. Not very Bathoryesque, butt....

Morbid_Welshman's picture

This is how you butcher a logo

Nater90's picture

Trve Kvlt.

Repodepo55's picture


Nater90's picture

Can I post a bad looking cassette Doc? Found this...


The famous hordes goat looks like a rabbit!!!

Corvus Corax's picture


parregeaboppe's picture

This has to a joke right?! xD xD

Nater90's picture
Doomgarlic's picture

Nothing strange about it as it indeed is a rabbit. El-Ahrairah is a rabbit in Watership Down.

Nater90's picture

Ah I see, Never heard of him till I found this.

pan_in_ithyphallic_mirth's picture

Fucking hell! That is actually REALLY metal. If you have seen the 70's animated version of Watership Down you would see what I mean. Its really too violent and dark for a childrens cartoon. Also El-Ahrairah is not just any rabbit but a god being and the father or all rabbits. El-Ahrairah defies the supreme deity and is punished to live a life preyed upon by all other creatures and must survive by only his fast wariness and quick thinking.
The line from the book goes "All the world will be your enemy, Prince of a Thousand Enemies. And when they will catch you, they will kill you. But first they must catch you."

Nater90's picture

Ah interesting, Thanks for the incite!

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Kaef's picture

This one: https://tshirtslayer.com/patch/reverend-bizarre

Not necessarily bad, but probably not something I'd wear... I'd but it though ;)

Stronthor's picture

Damn, that's one large jizz stain right there.

Nater90's picture

Hahahaha, So true.

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