Win some free tickets for SLAYER,Lamb of God,Behemoth

Ravishing Grimness
Wed, 15/03/2017 - 09:07

Win some free tickets for Slayer,Lamb of God,BEHEMOTH summer 2017 tour.


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  • There is no chance to trade/buy this one? ;) Awesome patch and the colours on top...
  • Yep! It's original. I have the vinyl that came with that patch. Cheers!
  • Very jealous of your painting skills
  • Thanks dude, appreciate the good words
  • The time to fully stud this beast must have been unreal, but the effort evidently paid off pretty well man
  • great
  • Anonymous
    Realy??? We all in Europe life in the REAL fourth reich and nobody notice it... no more to say.
  • Him, ULV :)
  • Me or him, doc?
  • what do you mean?
  • Def not a fascist lmao
  • how much you looking for here?
  • how much you looking for here?
  • Anonymous
    Left fascist FUCK OFF...
  • saw this on ebay for $150 lol
  • Headsplit did a limited run with the band's blessings.

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