This is why we love Ebay :)!


eBay scum at it's finest! Hahahaha


Hahaha! Thanks for the heads up!


Whenever I see something "vintage" or "rare" I always research it...

Cheers for posting Dan!


Sadly, for people who know no better, just like with the Bolt Thrower shirts in past weeks. Small prints, "original" SOFORT KAUFEN


This is the reason why I always do a quick google search when seeing something interesting on ebay. A five minute search can really save you a lot of money in the end.


Screw that,I can sell you the same shirt for just 59$
Keep in mind,it's a special price,only lasts 12 days and 3 seconds

I would TOTALLY buy it from my self,honestly

Yeah,some people on Ebay are just huge douches


hahahahaahahahahaa........just great..lmao :P

but ...(NO OFFENSE on our German members here!!!) ..i noticed that 9/10 times...its a seller from germany. ...
maybe im wrong..but it feels like...no idea why....

Daniel Sodomaniac

German Ebay is deadly :)!


Personally I use ebay for bidding, not buying.

Ravishing Grimness

Some on ebay are the biggest scum.


You can get some great rare vintage stuff from ebay but.....like this vintage rare Twisted Sister patch from 2016.


Fuck sake haha, The word "vintage" gets used to much and people pay top dollar for stuff!

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  • nice style
  • I know. I found two XL shirts for about 200.00$ for Both of them. With one with shipping and one without shipping.
  • Oh well, welcome to nowadays trading realities
  • Wishlist peace!Awesome ls, full of hate
  • sorry man,I'm not trade now.Maybe next chance.
  • Even though I'm not into this stuff in a form of clothing that much, I can tell it looks pretty good.
  • Thank you so much :) ...But one problem... They are very expensive shirts.. Jesus Christ man.
  • Theres one one ebay currently
  • see my collection
  • yeah I didn't get it either, funnier thing was his was the hispanic pronounciation of Jesus, so not really even the
  • Dang, what a cool shirt!
  • Nice! Would make a cool poster, I'd buy it!
  • Neat!!
  • Very nice!
  • Check out my Tradestuff man!
  • Such a rad shirt!


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