Why aren't you using the change ownership functionality?

Sat, 10/06/2017 - 11:41

I'm noticing quite a few items recently where people are selling/trading an item, but not bothering to use the [trade] tab where you put in the new owner's name - which gives them the opportunity to leave you a review

why is that? is there something i can improve?

Der Todesking's picture

I noticed that too, also a lot of stuff is marked for sale/trade but is sold months ago...

DoctorDeath's picture

can you provide links to these?

Der Todesking's picture

Difficult, cos it's some time ago I've seen these... but I'll try! PM then or post links here?

Der Todesking's picture

PM'd you...

troops_of_tommorow's picture

doc! U should have open a thread for such Items, so u could also prevent or force people to at least delete gone items
I find such items all time unfortutely
and of course tons of dead accounts with desired items

DoctorDeath's picture

Yeah, i was thinking that maybe there should be a button on the PM page where you can report such items...

then if the some user does not update their items to [sold] they could be banned..

Heinz's picture

I use it except when something gets sold on ebay like a bunch of mine just did; then I just marked them sold and put "sold" in the title as well...

DoctorDeath's picture

yup that's perfectly fine

nir1's picture

maybe people just like to post pics of their own stuff, or think that the previous owner's photo has bad quality or something...

Nater90's picture

Can edit the post and upload a new photo to that post though.

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