where to find a decent leather jacket?

Sat, 01/10/2016 - 21:16

I'm looking for a decent leather jacket but don't know exactly where to look. There are may options and can sometimes be overwhelming to look for a jacket. I want a decent jacket without completely breaking the bank. Any suggestions about where I should look? Any answer would be much appreciated, thanks!

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What do you consider completely breaking the bank? I have one from Straight To Hell, they normally go for about $300 but I got mine on sale from a stockist that was discontinuing them. I've heard they're meant to be Petroff/Jafoma reproductions, but I don't see that much if a similarity other than the red lining. Still a pretty good jacket though.

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I just don't want to purchase anything over about $350. I want a decent jacket but I really don't have that much money to throw down if you catch my drift hah.

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Thank you all for the suggestions!

kereealazer's picture

I've been thinking this same thing man. I want a leather jacket as well.

NocturnalOccultist's picture

Go to your vintage shop in your area and buy a leather jacket there cheap! better than online!

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Got mine on AYP, i love it. Don't have anything to compare it to, since it's my first proper leather jacket. Affordable though.

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