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Where do you buy your jackets/vests?

Tue, 18/08/2020 - 06:30

Alright so in the last year or so, I think I've bought more than 10 denim vests and jackets and completely ruined them with the intention of making it into my next kutte. Most of them were fairly cheap and usually from second-hand stores or resell websites like Ebay. The thing is that they never really fit or the jacket itself was shaped or made weird so a full layout wouldn't look good any way I put it. Out of all the jackets I've destroyed the only ones that really fit good are my recent grey vest (which I've regrettably cut down more) and my old-school/ Intruders wanna-be vest, which were both lucky finds on ebay.

So my topic is, where did you find that perfect denim?

Kofuv6's picture

I bought the first one in a hard rock/metal store since they had a big selection of vests, it fits good but not perfect

The 2nd one I bought in Wacken due to massive selection and damn it feels good to wear, it's bigger, more comfortable, bigger pockets than the first one

My tip is to go to the store and try as many as possible if you want the prefect one, but if you're gonna treat it like shit then a vest from a 2nd hand store might be better

bad_american1992's picture

Levis have some really weird sizing, especially the old vintage ones that wear like a camping tent.

My trick with them is, buy a denim jacket the size under what you typically wear (if you're an M, get and S) then cut the sleeves off. This will give a tighter fit around the chest and pits but still all the mobility and give you'd want from a vest. For some reason their in-house denim vests never fit correctly so I'd pass on those.

MetalBrewer's picture

Everything Bad_American said! That's the way to go.

Into Glory Ride's picture

Perfect. thank you! I am about to start a new project and I had really no idea were to start looking since my former projects were based on old jackets i still had. I looked on eBay but the offers are really quite overwhelming.

I'look for Levis jackets size M then. (although they seemed a bit pricy with 50€ upwards, for a used one i would not wanna spend much more than 20, maybe 25)

The vest needs to fit like a second skin under all circumtances!

Hárbarðr's picture

My very first vest I got from a local thrift store, but it was way too big. My longsleeve came from a dude on a “heavy metal/rock” fb group here in Chile, and it fits perfectly. Last year I decided to replace my kutte, and got a really nice fitting S one on eBay (vintage), but yeah, I ‘d say buying a size smaller than you normally wear + cutting the sleeves off would probably work!

MorticiA's picture

Levis is making their new stuff 50% out of some new synthetic material, I forget what it's called but it's something like a plastic and I can't help but question it's longevity or how well it holds up to heat or chemicals (ie. does it melt? will acids deteriorate it? [there was basically no data on any of these questions.]) I know they're also making their stuff out of 50% recycled denim which is interesting.

I had bought from Poshmark for a few jackets but be wary of their return policy because you can't return the item if it doesn't fit. Their website operates a tad strange it's like you can't really do a search for items on their main site but if you do a web-search with specific terminology of what you're after it'll show up with relevant results; and the pages you go to will reveal their search engine and filters so you can narrow your search down.

Otherwise, I've checked on ebay and amazon and it's hit or miss while slogging through all the Chinesium grade jackets while waiting for the right item to show up; it can take weeks or even months. I also checked Guess and a few other manufacturers but I can't really recall their names cause so many have come and gone. In the end, I still got my jacket from ebay and it's mostly perfect.

Many jackets will have totally different measurements/dimensions despite being labeled "Large" or size 12, ya practically gotta know you're own measurements and investigate each jacket you see thoroughly; luckily ebay sellers tend to list the measurements. Believe me, this can save you both time and money, because there's hardly any standardization.

Personally for me, the whole process of finding the perfect vest is both exhausting and disheartening at times, I spent 2 years trying to find the perfect vest to no true avail; though my holy-grail was different than what you were after. I opted for something form fitting (fitted) with side-pockets, 100% cotton and long/tall in dimensions, but on average I could only get 2 of those requirements and my most desired attributes were almost never together; plus it doesn't help being tall, because for some reason companies think that I'm supposed to get WIDER if I'm TALL (wtf???.) In the end, I went with the most important traits and cut my losses and made the necessary improvements on my own; which is VERY time consuming and requires a LOT of prep work. So yea, the process has been very challenging for me. So ultimately you have to ask yourself, what are the biggest necessities/requirements for your vest? Durability? Fit? What can you live without?, and what can you add-in if the best-runner-up doesn't have something you really want/need? (like pockets.) Oh yea... And if you DO find a jacket/vest that has most of what you're after... Get more than one.

Thane's picture

I'm weird in that I like a snug fit, but also really like a loose and baggy fit for different times, so I have jackets that are medium and also some L/XL

Thane's picture

I have mostly found mine thrifting though


I've also been having trouble just trying to find any new denim. And it's also hard to keep a jacket from just falling appart sometimes.

Paolo Botta's picture

I'm a new entry in this group;
maybe is the wrong topic but...
How can I buy the patches I see in the gallery?
I'm interested in Gotham City, Manilla Road, NWONBHM patches
thanks for the help

VYZNXVS's picture

It’s definitely the wrong topic lol. You’ll have to message the owner of the patches you want. This isn’t like eBay or Amazon. When you see an item that is for sale or trade, there is a button next to the image to initiate discussion with that person for sale/trade

VYZNXVS's picture

I try my best not to buy jackets from online sites, as I’m very particular about the wash/color of the fabric and sometimes the sizing guides are off or the jacket itself is very odd for several reasons. Recently settled on a black 100% hemp jacket I found in Romania earlier this year - cannot statistically or factually state wether or not hemp is a more durable material than denim as it seems most sites online seem to shill you into a purchase, however I am extremely happy with the fit and the quality/toughness of it so far.

lambofgodfan00's picture

Have mostly bought mine at second hand stores, especially my camo ones.

Only twice have I bought two from somewhere like discount or department stores.

Paolo Botta's picture

thanks for the help;
next week I'll post my battlejacket photos

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