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What's your favorite Metal Movie or Concert film ?

Thu, 04/05/2023 - 04:59

Song Remains the Same, Let There Be Rock....etc

no karate in pit's picture

tenacious D and the pick of destiny,murder in the front row,metal lords and deathgasm

Darklord's picture

Nice !

Morbid-Michael's picture

HEAVY METAL (1981), Metal- A Headbangers journey and Heavy Trip

Streptococcus's picture

Love heavy trip, great movie.

An Overdose Of Mkultra's picture

Deathgasm and Pop Redemption

AbysmalWind's picture

Trick or treat is the only valid answer here :D

bad_american1992's picture

AC/DC - Live at Donnington, must have watch this one start to finish with my brother like 20-30 times in the days before Youtube.
Getting zooted and putting on the Heavy Metal (1981) is always a fine use of time too

Darklord's picture

Have you seen Let There Be Rock ? AC/DC in the Bon Scott days...its excellent check it out if you haven't already.

no karate in pit's picture

i forgot airheads

Into Glory Ride's picture

Always loved the naive-rebellious atmosphere of Detroid Rock City. El Dia de la Bestia is very cool too.

Bigfoot's picture

Motorhead at Wacken is really amazing

Spectrum's picture

El día de la bestia
Trick or treat
Sleepaway Camp (just the soundtrack, but anyway a super cool 80's horror trilogy)

Into Glory Ride's picture

Verlierer, of course!

And while we're at it, also Die Rocker, used masterfully in Midnight Prey's "Street Mafia"


Spectrum's picture

Uuuuuh have no idea about this one but Will check it out! Thanks!!

Morbid-Michael's picture

Wie konnte ich diese 2 vergessen!

Darklord's picture

Watched Rockstar last night ...is it supposed to be a comedy? I couldn't stop laughing.

Spectrum's picture


andermatten's picture

not exactly metal, but I really liked Singles from 1992

Spectrum's picture

"Who the fuck is that Guy" is also a cool docu

no karate in pit's picture

oh come on we all forgot BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD DO AMERICA

Junkhead's picture

Zeppelin - Song Remains The Same, AiC - Unplugged, Trick or Treat, Wayne’s World, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny, School of Rock.

Junkhead's picture

Oh and The Dirt biopic was a pretty fun movie. I’m sure there’s a couple more that I’m forgetting.

no karate in pit's picture

damn i forgot about how good waynes world is and bill and ted

Dr. Wilbur Graves's picture

The Gate (1987) it's really good!
and then there's Lords of Chaos :D and the Bastard anime series

no karate in pit's picture

the gate i forgot bout that old 80s flick the best character is the kid with the vest

Darklord's picture

Decline of Western Civilization...and Decline of Western Civilization : The Metal Years are worth a watch.

quixotic's picture

Seriously? Three days and no one added: THIS IS SPINAL TAP! ?

nothing goes to eleven anymore...

Darklord's picture

LOL...agreed !

CEROXER's picture

94* Airheads movie . . .


The story of Anvil 2008

oldmate's picture

this is easy - Live at Budokan - Stormtroopers Of Death

that dive by billy... WOW

nosws4me's picture

For metal films, This is Spinal Tap. Absolute classic and definitely shaped some of my humor

For concert films, Metal Church Dynamo 1991. My favorite band, favorite lineup, and they’re all in their prime. Last time I watched it I was on shrooms and it was the best time ever

Robin_lifts's picture

El dia de la bestia. I also like the documentary on grindcore / Earache. Can’t remember the title

Thane's picture

Not metal the entire way through, but fucking Ace Ventura: Pet Detective with the Cannibal Corpse scene, I can NEVER get enough

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