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What's your favorite Black Sabbath Album?

Sun, 05/03/2023 - 15:27

Why is your Favorite Black Sabbath album and why?

Allpathsendthesame's picture

It's always changing for me. Lately the ones I tend to sit through front to back are Heaven and Hell and Headless Cross. Both are for different reasons but I like where Iommi went with those particular records.

Heaven and Hell sounds like they really needed to prove that Black Sabbath was still around and still relevant and it does so flawlessly. Heaven and Hell is "walking into a place where your ex is with a new partner that is better in every way and knowing that your ex is insanely jealous of you and still hopelessly stuck in their own shit" - the record.

Headless Cross feels completely against the grain and a sort of fuck you we don't need to prove we're still around and relevant at all, here's the antithesis of everything happening in mainstream metal in 1989.

Although, at various times in my life most BS albums have been my favorite.

Darklord's picture

I agree about Heaven and Hell, it was re-establishing them as an absolute force in heavy metal, and to me an absolute masterpiece, Dio at his best (along with Holy Diver of course).

Darklord's picture

You have definitely convinced me to go back and listen to Headless Cross start to finish while getting baked. LOL !

kissman's picture

Born Again - it is the darkest of all the Sabbath albums, so underrated...

Radek's picture

Headless Cross, IMHO, next in line Paranoid, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath ...

Faber's picture


Dr. Wilbur Graves's picture

First five and Dio albums are all gold. But I probably haven't even heard all of the Tony Martin albums so who knows...

bad_american1992's picture

Heaven and Hell takes the cake, but Vol. 4 is a runner up. A friend gave me his dad's copy and it lived in my CD player for months straight.

Darklord's picture

I can sit and listen to a mix of Sabbath songs from all their albums with Ozzy all month, but I have to agree that for some reason it all comes back to Heaven and Hell for me eventually ! \m/

Sam_the_Metal_Man's picture

I'd also have to go with Heaven & Hell for my #1 pick. Its just such a strong album from start to finish what with Iommi's riffing and Dio doing what he does best.

IronSabbath89's picture

For me only Ozzy is real!
Till Sabotage Black Sabbath released only eternal masterpieces without a single weak song.
Imo Sabbath Bloody Sabbath is the absolute peak of them. Although the sound is a bit too flat, the song writing and simply every single fucking riff Iommi is playing are just brilliant.
After Ozzy it is still a great band but just very different and more Hard Rock orientated.
When it comes to Dio, I think he did his best job in Rainbow.

Darklord's picture

Ok ...I love Ozzy (obviously) but Dio on Heaven and Hell is Great Too.

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