What's the strangest thing you have/or have seen on a Battle-Jacket?

Wed, 12/03/2014 - 00:37

Besides the obvious (Patches/Pins) What different, unique or strange things do you have on yours, or have seen on others? :)

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Nightwish backpatch

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Thats not weird. Nightwish are amazing

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At Wacken I saw a Disturbed back patch. Distrurbed fans don't do patch jackets, do they?

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I've got a Disturbed patch on my genre kutte!

Fuck the haters.

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Nazi sheit.

T.N.B.M. Cymbalvoldtektsmann's picture

to each his own

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Animal parts on jackets look pretty weird. There was a fucko in my neighborhood a few summers back who attached roadkill and lighter tabs all over a denim vest. Wish I had a picture of that thing.

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I had two skunk pelts that I attached to the hood of a carhatt hoodie, i thought that it looked pretty rad.

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Animal parts? I bet that'd either be really cool, or just plain disgusting :L

Nightwish? I can think of few worse....check this one out....

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Looks like punks. They usually don't give a fuck about anything so I'm not surprised. ^^

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I once saw a guy with Katy Perry written on his jacket with pink glitter paint. It really stood out because he had a bunch of Death Metal patches.

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What's odd with that ??!!!! Katy Perry IS death metal!!

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Why am I not surprised someone made that joke?

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I was more surprised that I was the first one to say that. :P

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I saw a predominately thrash based jacket with a random David Bowie picture attached. That was weird to me

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The oddest thing I saw was right here on this site. Like a week or so ago, a guy put up pics of his vest. He had a Stryper patch right next to a GG Allin patch LOL
Not ragging on him, we like what we all like, more power to him, but to me that was just about the craziest patch diversity Ive ever seen. Maybe he was going for the irony, I dunno. LOL

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Nightwish or Doro pesch solo back patches, just a back patch i wouldnt wanna be seen in public with.

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I would want to be seen in Public with Doro.. she is fiiinnneeee...

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Haha, true that!

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How are Nightwish and Doro's after-Warlock stuff (besides the stupid Tarja-Doro collaboration) in the same league anyhow?

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I met a guy who said he had a jacket with only black metal patches, except for the backpatch, which was Samantha Fox. I've also seen a jacket with a MacGyver backpatch on some website, maybe TSS?

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Then there's this: http://tshirtslayer.com/battle-jacket/punk-rock-leather-jacket , as mentioned by jeremybassmetal.

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Wow....and I thought I got strange looks in public... :L

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haha I couldn't stop laughing for a few minutes, this one definitely wins

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Aaand we've gotten even weirder... Check out the second to last photo: http://tshirtslayer.com/actionshot/maryland-deathfest-0

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Hahaha saw that guy while I was there too, Urfaust and animal hides - woo!

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a Modern Talking Backpatch

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Honestly WTF?! Oo"

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hab ich mir auch damals gedacht

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Haha, I was waiting for this!!

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that's only awesome.

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I think Gerre from Tankard wore a modern talking tshirt in one of their music videos.

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There's a dude with a Wham backpatch and Avril Lavigne drawnings together with Anthrax, Tankard ect. patches. I think he's also on this site

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I have 3 glowsticks attached to a button-hole on my jacket :v i don't remember where i got them from but .. yeah :v why not.

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I have a Madonna patch on my Wendy Kutte

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Perhaps a bit off-topic. But I have a Nunslaughter poster where one of them is wearing a Incubus shirt. I've always found that funny.

(not the actual poster, but this was the best pic I could find)

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Why's that supposed to be funny? A member of a death metal band wearing the shirt of another death/thrash band...

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Compare their lyrics and you'll see.

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AH alright, not too firm with Death Metal lyrics. I'll go go check it out!

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Here's two pretty good examples

Nunslaughter - Raid the Convent

We gather together with murder on our minds
Nuns are the target Religion is the crime
Driven by lust and deep-seeded resent
Tonight we go and raid the convent

Incubus - The Battle of Armageddon

Beware the Anti-christ will be here
To exterminate our religion each year
Because he knows the Son of Man is near
Don't be afraid Jesus Christ will be here

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Haha! Now that's great!

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There's a dude on here with bike gang stuff and all kind of other crazy stuff, looks like an ass kicking waiting to happen.

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You mean like.. Every Black label Society fan? Fucking stupid designs they have...

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A shitload of patches, but not one single hole in my vest.

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I would say... The shit load of Upside down Black metal/Death patches I have seen around.

T.N.B.M. Cymbalvoldtektsmann's picture

Upside down? Really? Fucking Hell... the idiots.

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All this Nightwish hate and I'm just sitting here listening to Nightwish...oh well.

Not too long ago, I saw someone on the site post their backpatch which was an Iron Maiden bootleg from Powerslave...but had the title "Moonchild" from Seventh Son.

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Nightwish are like my top 5 metal bands tbh

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I have an upside down wooden crucifix on mine.

T.N.B.M. Cymbalvoldtektsmann's picture

Nice! I've been meaning to Somehow attach a small inverted jewsus to the zipper of my breast pocket for a while now...

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i´ve seen a photo from a jacket with a sarcofago backshape sewn on upside down :D think it was one or two years ago on facebook...

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I was sewing on a Marduk patch, I didn't really pay attention. When I was done I'm looking at the red font saying 999. Shit! I did it upside down. I had to redo it.

meaningless's picture

an 'use' O.B. ..was it blood? ...was it red wine? ..i cant tell ..i didnt walked closed to check it, sorry ;)
..btw..no idea if this 'thing' is also called O.b. in america/Uk/australia..or whereever u are from..haha
so.. -> http://www.ob-online.de this thing here..

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tampon is the international name for it?..ok..thx dude :D

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I used to keep my keys, my Battlecross dog tags/bottle opener, and some furry toy thing (I think it might have been a cat, I've no idea) on it with a carabiner through one of the button holes (I took it off because the constant jingling was annoying). I'm not weird, I'm practical :P

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Rammstein, Nirvana or SOAD patches

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c'mon, i have a Neophyte patch ;)

EvilPriest's picture

And so ?

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i think it's not strange at all to see patches of those bands. especialy not compared to electronic music.
also remember there was someone who hat patches of rappers or something on here.

T.N.B.M. Cymbalvoldtektsmann's picture

it's not rare to see them, because try-hards are sadly everywhere... but it Is very, very Strange to me.

T.N.B.M. Cymbalvoldtektsmann's picture

those bands are fucking ABYSMAL, hail Metal!

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Some guy I saw in wacken had a good part of his kutte replaced by chainmail.
Looked really badass. I have no Idea how he did that though. There even were some patches on the chainmail part.

ThE_ED's picture

I remember they sell chainmail at Wacken as well, perhaps he had it made there,
Sounds cool. (But heavy..)

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I've poked a hole through mine where I've attached a skull keyring and I'm planning on doing another one for a bullet keyring I have around. I've also sewn a Jägermeister t-shirt tag to one of the pockets, it looks like a little woven patch (die-hard kvlt edition limited to 1 copy). But it's still nothing compared to some stuff in this thread, hahah. Loving all the animal hides.

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Love it or hate it it's different allright :)

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Taco Bell patch

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in a punk show one guy had a doble head dildo sewed on the back of his vest, it was like a tail. a red tail.

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Fucking lol. Hope he didn't crowd-surf over anyone. Could get gnarly.

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I once saw a Madonna Backpatch i think on this website :D

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I've got a Red Dwarf patch on my jacket. SMEG HEAD FOR LIFE :P

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T.N.B.M. Cymbalvoldtektsmann's picture

May I remind you of the Rimmer directive; no chance you metal bastard.

Awesome choice in patch man!

Thrashattck94's picture

Only just read this! HAHAHAHA!

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I have on my jacket 2 star wars patches, a R2-D2 one and a Stormtrooper one and a patch from a local indie band.

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My Hellsongs patch gets some strange looks every now and then..

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I used to have chicken bones held on with wire shaped like an inverted cross

kereealazer's picture

Chickenbone now it's on!

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This: http://www2.pic-upload.de/img/32006933/triggered.jpg
And I liked how everyone got triggered by it.

Noir.666's picture

I have a pink J.B.O. patch and a VfL Bochum Patch (german soccer club) on the front of my vest.

But the weirdest thing I wear is a white Take That-shirt for some festivals or "mega-evil" black metal shows I´m visiting, haha.

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Strangest thing I've seen IN a battle jacket is someone without their virginity.

VoodooChild's picture

Someone who sew his back full of disposable plastic cups.

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I have a ninja turtle pin. I've seen quite a few St. Anger patches too...

quixotic's picture

A working socket instead of a patch, 9V batteries on the inside

VoodooChild's picture

That's just amazing O_O

An Overdose Of Mkultra's picture

I gotta try that...

bad_american1992's picture

Genius! Probably a great way to make friends as well.

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Back in the late 80s I've seen my own vomit on another headbangers battlevest. To much Holsten beer combined with headbanging and pogo dancing. If I remember right, the other guy was not amused.

sergius's picture

I saw a guy having a bone ( fake I think) hanging of one of his stuts. I have the punisher skull inside of my vest in the back part, and patches from my favorites football clubs and the shield of my University

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Most of my vests and jackets have Christmas lights in them

bad_american1992's picture

Now that's something I've never seen. How many extension chords do you usually bring to gigs, to make sure you stay plugged in?

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I ❤JOHN DENVER was on a jacket at Oz fest one year back in early 90s?? I think? Cant remeber. Funny as hell............you guys know who john Denver is? Right?

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I guess the most "individualist" items on my own jacket are a DIY Kate Bush pin and The Smiths patch and a painting of Divine in Pink Flamingos. I've seen way more unusual/incongruous stuff via the Internet, though.

Nater90's picture

The Smiths are fucking awesome!

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I have a Barbie patch on one of my vests...

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Fimbulvintr's picture

The more I look the more it hurts

OmeletteDuFromage's picture

It is fucking hilarious tho.
What's wrong with misfits ?
I mean I understand the hate on the other bands, but Misfits ?

Nater90's picture

I want that Unicorn patch!!!!!

Fimbulvintr's picture

Coming from the guy who has an Amon Amarth bp on an exclusively black metal vest, the most interesting thing I've seen was license plates right here on the site. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the creativity, but it simply really got me off guard when I saw it. It reminded me of some pseudo-post-apocalyptic armor in the greatest way possible. I forgot to favorite it, but Cheers to you man if you read this, killer idea!

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