What's the longest you've kept a Festival Wristband on?

Tue, 13/06/2017 - 12:15

Just come back from Download Festival at the legendary Donington Park (Highly Recommend it) and saw a few folks with one arm almost up to the elbow in Festival Wristbands (One guy I spoke to had the Download and Wacken ones on from 2007!) So what's the longest you've lasted before taking them off?

Into Glory Ride's picture

Before my adolescence: 5 years.
After it: a weekend.

VoodooChild's picture

3 days (the festival), I have a lot of contact allergies, it would be too long to list all hahah but to make it short: It is best for me to only wear cotton.
So when I wear anything that's not cotton for longer than 3 days I will get a very irritating rash, and I have yet to find a festival wristband that is fully cotton hahah.

Corvus Corax's picture

Right after.

I don't usually go to festivals much. It's too hot most of the time. I become a bit of a dick when I get too hot.

Daniel Sodomaniac's picture

I hate them so i get rid of them asap :) !

Ravishing Grimness's picture

I immediately remove it after

BeefCakeAssThrash's picture

I wore my Neurotic Deathfest '13 wristband for little less that 4 years, after that came NDF '14 + '15 and Metal Magic (DK) '15 + '16, last December I decided to remove all of them to put them on my vests, also some of them had gotten way too tight and it was just too much of a hassle. The fucking smell of my wrist tho.. scrubbing with soap for half an hour just for my wrist to smell remotely human again..

An Overdose Of Mkultra's picture

We don't get proper fests where I live, but when I went to Gigantour 2013, I got a rubber bracelet that I wore for a year and a week until it snapped.

kaspersoldal's picture

Have no idea how long I wore it but I'm guessing around 1-1½ years. It was apparently long enough to cause permanent (at least not gone after several years) marks on my skin.

BeefCakeAssThrash's picture

Same here dude.. still got some groove in my wrist from where a very tight festival wristband used to be

kaspersoldal's picture

some asshole was going around Copenhell last year pulling people's wristbands to make them tighter. This year they cut off the exposed ends. Really hate when those wristbands get too tight since you can't loosen them up again. Would gladly pay a little more to be able to adjust them a little.

sandmanforce's picture

I think most of people put their hands old wristbands. But it is sucks. I remember when I was here Budapest AC/DC show 1991 there was the wristband still weeks...

quixotic's picture

Longest one running is at the moment the one from Party.San 2011, the ones before, I always kept and most of them are on my kutte

satan's radish's picture

I rip them off ASAP. I've worn a couple until they gave me a rash when I was younger, though.

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