What is your excuse to collect tour shirts?

Mon, 23/01/2017 - 17:05

I understand if you were on that gig or tour, but i suppose you do not collect patches or shirts if you do not own that album? I think this is the same.

I like quality bootleg shirt and patches. I have very few tourshirts anymore. I am collector as well. I have priciples.

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Wait, there are rules for collecting metal merch? Fuck! I've been doing it all wrong.

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Maybe it's a Europe thing. Collect what you like and love.

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I do not know there is rules, but i do´n understand collecting merch for "wrong reasons" as it is only looking cool.

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I don't collect to be cool, I just grabbed stuff as this long ride I been on is still going but it has been getting too expensive now, that is the only down fall I have personally noticed.

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Bootleg shirts are usually pretty cheap and quality too.

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Who cares? I just buy what I really like. I'm minimalistic so I don't want to be clutter.

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atta boy

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With shirts, I buy whatever shirts i live of bands, as long as they look cool and are of
Bands i am legitimately a fan of. I dont get the chance to see many bands live, so I usually buy their merch online if possible.

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I like pissing people of. They ask me if I love the band and I say I don't even know them. Gets them everytime

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Hahaha! Devilish idea

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Hahahaha this is awesome idea !

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I like it when people in truck stops, Wal Mart etc ask what my shirt says, I always come up with some funny bullshit story like "oh thats a restaurant I ate at once, they have the spiciest hot wings in San Diego" or something, any excuse to privately amuse myself

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damn, good idea... i'll do that too when i get asked again in future :D

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I just buy what I like personally.

I like getting a tour shirt as a memory from a gig. I also like getting posters, If they don't have them for sale I pinch one off the wall.

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"stealing" posters is a classic,the best ones are those usually in the bathrooms,no one notices them so they're very often in great conditions

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True that man, I pinched Immolations set time in front of security haha.

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Grabbing the posters is the best,I regret not getting the one of D666 when they opened for Enthroned.

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Ah damn!!! Shame. Would've been a sick gig.

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I'm a fiend for band stickers & I like when I can pick one off a bathroom wall or a pole or something lol

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Haha nice!!! I have a collection of stickers, Have hundreds of various things,

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"Excuse" ? :D Do you need an excuse to buy something you like? And I believe most people do sometimes buy shirts/patches even if they don't own that particular album

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I do that and I don't care. I have merch from bands I do not own a single album(yet). I know my reasons, my motivation, my intents and my love, so my conscience is clear.

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I do not need excuse. I am a collector. I think that is just stupid to buy merch if they don´t have album at least. It i just MY opinion. No need to argue with opinions. I thought that in this site were insane metal collectors, but seems that here is merch only guys, haha! Remenber to buy records too mates!

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Who needs records when you got the internet! ;)

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I am no collector, but I like picking up a tour shirt from a good show as a souvenir, and of course to show support for the bands. I won't wear or buy a shirt from a tour I didn't attend, I don't care if others do this, for myself it just feels phony.

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I don't care if people want to collect tour merch (shirts/patches) for tours they did not attend. I think it's a bit weird to wear it, and I don't do it personally (especially patches... somehow, that seems extra weird to me). But I don't really care about it beyond myself. It's the same with bands I don't own any music from. I'm not likely to buy/wear merch if I don't even have any of their albums or other recordings. It just feels phony to me. But I don't expect others to uphold my own individual standards at the same time. Especially considering I've broken my own rule for one reason or another plenty of times.

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Where are insane shirt collectors?

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I bought a Fates Warning Bootleg Shirt someday and when it arrived found out it had "Awaken the Guardian Tour '87" on the back. This was basically one year after my birth.... oh well, haha

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If it's a cool shirt with just old tour dates in the back, why not? Pantshoarder probably knows there is a vest covering the backprint anyways...
But I do agree that buying vintage tour merch just to look like you are in the 80's while born in late nineties or something is a bit laughable, most likely that phase will pass in a few years anyways.

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I like buying shirts from my all time favourite bands. I've not bought merch from them when they toured before but if I have money and they have something I like I will get it.

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I want to be 70 years old waving them in peoples faces and ranting about what a great time i had when i was 13 and saw Rammstein. But I only get them from shows I attended.

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I love to think how funny it'll be when us metalheads all get old; crabbing about how metal was back in myyyy day!!! lol

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Well, collectors are usually interested in authentic records & merchandise and tour shirts are a part of that. What is your excuse to collect bootleg shirts? Because they look cool? Wasnt that the "wrong reason" to collect stuff in your opinion?

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I will get any patch of a band I like. Even if I do not own the album.

I only have 1 tour shirt that I was not at the tour. it was 5US from metallica.com so I was like sweet. I use it when painting the house or gutting the grass.. that sort of thing. I will not ware it when I go out. it is a work only tshirt.

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80% of the shirts I have I got at the show that I went to. To me they are the physical representation of the good times I had at that show. Every time I wear them It brings me back to a great memory.

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I generally keep it to bands I actually listen to, that's about the only rule though.

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Back when I would go to concerts a lot of the big name bands such as the big 4 Metallica, Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer where still young bands and we used to just collect the shirts and where the shit out a of them to the point we had to throw em into the freakin trash. As far as boot legged? Those bands hated bootleggers completely and used to complain about lost money on merchandise of coarse this is when they where new and still making money. But hey if it looks fuckin good where the shit with pride!

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