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What is your dream patch you wish existed?

Polite Rude Boy
Tue, 12/12/2023 - 05:55

Like what album do you wish would get the woven patch treatment, or whatever else you can think of

bad_american1992's picture

A vintage made Tiamat: Wildhoney BP and a vintage made Atrocity: Hallucinations woven patch would definitely have rocked some socks.

nuclearthrasher666's picture

If we talk about modern stuff I would KILL for a good quality woven Witchrist patch (especially for The Grand Tormentor patch). A Heresiarch woven patch would be awesome too.

no karate in pit's picture

a woven cannibal corpse back patch with the torture artwork

Greaserjlg's picture

We need more Bathory Goats, Low Quality Bolt Thrower boots and Venom patches. Just not enough out there ;)

In reality, I would love a vintage style screen print Back Patch of Acid Witch's Witch House EP or Midnight Movies EP.

Doomgarlic's picture

We need a box of new old stock Bolt Thrower patches to twarth the prices of old BT patches and the strange demand (?) for shitty boots.

But to stay on topic - That's a really neat idea for back patches! The printed back patches from Hells Headbangers are nice for instance.

Insecurity's picture

not sure if it exists officially but a dark angel leave scars back patch.

bad_american1992's picture

That would be sick. Sad that DA never got a proper back patch in the 80s/90s

Insecurity's picture

Did they even have official patches?

doomtilldeath's picture

Only the logo patch I think

bathoryhordes's picture

Easy one for me, a backpatch featuring Grand Belial's Key artwork from their Satanicunt shirt.

Cardboardcity's picture

A vintage Hordanes Land back patch would have been killer! For something modern, I'd love to see a Voimasta Ja Kunniasta back patch do justice to that incredible artwork.

Honourable mentions for more vintage BÖC patches, especially from the black and white period.

Envenometal's picture

A simple little Mortuary Drape logo patch that still fits on my main vest... That's all I need.
There's really every other shit available as a patch.

Velkaarn's picture

Well, I don't know the size, but official MD site has a logo patch:

Envenometal's picture

Thanks for the tip, but of course I already looked there.
I need a smaller logo patch, something to shape would be best.

Miteux's picture

This one was released with the last All the Witches Dance special edition LP,
It's pretty small already, somethin' like 8cm width if that can help.

Envenometal's picture

Unfortunately, I missed them and if I had them, I wouldn't sew on anything that belongs to any releases. Thanks for your advice though. I will find something at some point.

ThatBillyGuy's picture

A nice embroidered sepultura design of the old logo. Most of the sepultura logo designs are ether painted or printed which aren’t my favorite or just look plain bad. Also a big appetite for destruction patch of just the cross and not the whole album artwork. Also embroidered album artworks of a bunch my favorite albums like the dethalbum, garage Inc, pretty hate machine, and mother love bones self titled

Insecurity's picture

Burning leather has a nice one

Bredli's picture

A vintage Thin Lizzy Jailbreak patch would be awesome

I’d also love a woven Infectious Grooves patch with just the logo. Unfortunately there just aren’t a lot of good infectious grooves patches out there :( I also wish there were more woven Znowhite patches

Velkaarn's picture

So many, but probably the most unusual (?) and unlikely wish I have is for Algaion's "Vox Clamentis" MCD original colored cover. It's so... well, look at it! I'd take a shirt too, but would love a patch.

DeSelby13's picture

Horrendous Ecdysis (and also Anareta). I had an Ecdysis back patch custom printed and it doesn't look half bad but I would like a better quality version.

andermatten's picture


MortalCoil138's picture


doomtilldeath's picture

Rotten Sound - Exit
One of my all-time favourite albums, pure musical destruction! A woven patch of the original shirt design would look so cool

metalarchivesripsection's picture

Clean Flesh logo

absolutedefiance138's picture

Better Dying Fetus backpatches. There's just, what? Unofficial printed ones and the Reign Supreme one from ptpp. Ignoring their less than ideal practices I ideally don't want Reign Supreme but beggars can't be choosers I guess

absolutedefiance138's picture

Idk why this was a reply sorry mr metal archives lol. Oh yeah I could have sworn I saw a Clean Flesh patch somewhere but I couldn't find it. Sorry again

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