What Patch do you want to see? Suggestions for a fellow patchmaker

Tue, 26/09/2017 - 00:22

As most of you noticed by now, there are way more patchmakers nowadays releasing stuff comparing to, for example, 3 or 4 years ago. Wether this is good or bad..well...I like variety and i Think everyone benefits from having multiple patches being made, however I do feel that sometimes theres almost a new patch everyday and, quite frankly, some of them don't really look that good to begin with. Not to mention the ammount of repeated bands and albums that get done.

The reason why I started designing and releasing stuff was simple: To have the patch I always wanted but didnt exist. I started to focus on lesser know or cult bands from albums I loved and I thought "heck, maybe someone else shares this feeling". Down the road, I went a little bit "out of the way" when I decided to just get a CRUEL FORCE done but, to be honest, I was burn from ideas, because for some reason, there was A LOT OF STUFF being done and most of them were projects I was interested into. I really do want to continue to release stuff that runs away from what is being done, but in order to do so, I need to know what you guys are after.

So, I'm making this post to get ideas. What patch would you like to see? And please JUSTIFY and THINK before you post. Don't ask for a Virtue or another Midnight patch when there is a ton of them. Do you have anything in mind? A shape? An album thats underlooked? An old NWOBHM that everyone loves but, for some reason, no one seem to thought of putting it on Woven?

This post is not just for me, it should serve all Patchmakers out there.

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I wouldn't mind a Krallice - Diotima patch. https://f4.bcbits.com/img/a3378835888_16.jpg

Not sure how it would look woven though, 10x10 square, No fancy shape, silver glitter thread for their logo.

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That's a hard patch to make because this is a very realistic photo. Realistically, wouldnt look very good. the logo works well on a bland background though

Nater90's picture

I would imagine so. If I think of anymore I'll post.

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thanks man, thast the purpose of the post

Nater90's picture

No problem mate.

What sort of quantities do you get done?

RavenEffect's picture

depends. 50 at minimum and 100/120 if I think it will meet a demand or If i decide various borders

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Ah cool, Thanks for the reply.

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On one hand, I could very easily rattle of a long list of bands that don't really have patches that I would like patches for.
On the other hand, you need to strike a balance between obscure enough to not yet have patches and commonly known enough for there to be sufficient demand for their patches.

RavenEffect's picture

Yeah thats another of the Dilemnas. I've made designs for a few bands that I would like a patch but I'm not sure if these would sell the sufficient ammount to at least break even. But ideas are always welcome

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I'd love a Savage Grace patch. I know there's one out with the Master of Disguise artwork transfered on the patch but I think it'd look brilliant to make a (circular) patch with just Officer Knutson or the lady with the bike and the band logo in maybe four or five colours I imagine. Damn thinking of it, a patch of the Dominatress ep Cover would be fucking amazing.

RavenEffect's picture

Yeah that album I feel there isnt a patch that makes it justice. Problem is, its a photo, it's gonna be hard to design a patch out of it. but thats a good idea, I think it will meet a certain demand and with some luck It could be made official

Fatal Agent's picture

Indeed. I believe you could make great design nonetheless, maybe you could depict the Dominatress or the Officer in a similar style like your Angel Witch patch which I like a lot.
Or a style like the animal magnetism patch of bloodlikerain?
Anyway, I am happy already that you consider making one, cheers!

Kuivausrumpu's picture

In that case, it really sounds like that you just lack the skill to do anything out of a photo. Not really that hard tbh. I love how everybody refers to themselves as designers while being absolutely capable only indexing colors and perhaps bordering a logo.

RavenEffect's picture

You probably missunderstood my post. I can do photos easily but thing is: I dont like them. Theres a lot of Photo-based and realistic-based patches out there and to some extent they look great design wise but I dont like how they look. I dont like the pixelization, the shades, I preffer old-school inspired (cartoon-ish on some degree) style of designs. Theres a lot of patchmakers out there that get a photo, do a few tweaks on illustrator, pick a shape, a border and there you go: a patch. I feel this contributes to the crazy ammount of patchmakers out there at the moment. And this results in not all of them looking good.

So, instead of contributing to the problem and releasing something I wouldnt be happy with or wouldnt associate with my style, In order to make a Master of Disguise patch I would have to draw the whole thing from scratch since this is how I work. And yes, I don't lack the skill to do this, it would just be hard....like I stated above.

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Stratovarius e simphony x e podemos fazer os 2 tenho umas ideias

bad_american1992's picture

How about some more poorly done Bathory, Venom and Iron Maiden bootlegs??? :P
Kidding, of course. Obscure OSDM patches are always in style. A Gorement: The Ending Quest patch would be neat!

Nater90's picture

Haha true, I think belkot / Blood Like Rain is the only one that's done them justice.

bad_american1992's picture

Agreed! He's a talented guy for sure.
The user R.J. does some mean work as well.

Nater90's picture

Indeed, Ah yes R.J that has Into The Abyss? He's got some good stuff!

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GOREMENT is a must

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Well I always wanted a patch of Wolfsmond logo, since they never released 1 single patch.


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Black Thrash and NWOTHM are all the rage nowadays right? That being said, a Toxik Death "Speed Metal Hell" or Nightstryke patch would be pretty great!
A Cyclone Temple or Sarcasm patch are also very much needed in the world.

chainsawrentalshop's picture

Facebreaker - Haven't seen one until now
Skyclad - I think the only one is the Jonah's Ark circle patch

Kaef's picture

You can find some embroidered Skyclad logo patches, but when it comes to woven ones I haven't seen other ones either.

chris.george15's picture

If you use a wovening machine, it will be cool to see this one made.


DarkValkyrieofDeath's picture

some kind of green day jesus of suburbia patch or backpatch, thats the only song i really like by them and would love it on my punk vest

Nater90's picture

Hahaha, Good one.

I've got a small American Idiot patch if you're interested.

DarkValkyrieofDeath's picture

i was leaning more towards a pin from them since im not the biggest fan but thanks for the offer ill think about it

Nater90's picture

All good.

darling_decay's picture

Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats (ik they make them but they generally sell out quick)
Acid Bath
Marilyn Manson

Overactive Imagination's picture

I agree with the uncle acid!!!!!!

RavenEffect's picture

Logos isnt really my thing, you can get them easily at Ukrpatcher or ebay

Lizard's picture

I'm wondering that till to today no one made a run of patches for Horn Of The Rhino.

Overactive Imagination's picture

Glitter thread is always a plus!

RavenEffect's picture

thanks for the sugestions. Solstice is a band that has a few official ones so there isnt really a point on making more. But Wicked Lady is a good idea, that album rocks so hard.

satan's radish's picture

I *really* want a square embroidered patch of the cover art from the original Subcore pressing of Accused's Return of... Martha Splatterhead (https://www.discogs.com/Acc%C3%BCsed-The-Return-Of-Martha-Splatterhead/r...). I have the LP, and scanned it (in sections) to create the scaled-down scans seen on Discogs, so I can supply someone with a pretty hi-res image, once pieced together (I might still have a fully pieced together, hi-res scan on my HD, but I will have to search for it).

There's a massive dearth of embroidered/woven glam/art/prog rock patches. T. Rex and Sparks specifically. I'd be most interested in patches related the post-Tanx T. Rex material. Also, I'd be happy with just the "classic" Sparks logo (https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/logopedia/images/c/cb/Sparks_1972.pn.... Personal preference would be to have it on a rectangular patch.

I would also like to see embroidered/woven Shadow Project patches. Specifically the logo, as seen on the cover of Dreams for the Dying (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bc7d1E9QlGs). No other reason, except that I like the band, album and logo. Might be a tough sell to anyone except Rozz Williams fanboys, but I think goth/deathrock distros and the right punk and metal distros would snap up lots of them.

Also really interested in a Killer Fox (yes, I know they're shit) logo patch, which is, I believe, some variation of Helvetica type, so stupidly easy to reproduce. Would be cool to have the logo with "orgasm of death" underneath it, like on the album cover. People who know and share my fascination with this band and their notorious label, Metal Enterprises, would probably eat something like this up.

There's a lot of pen-and-ink artists who's work could translate well enough to woven patches (Edward Gorey comes to mind most readily), and I would definitely be into something like that.

diabolica's picture

Always thought a round Mortuary patch would be cool, with the blue version of the Blackened Images art in the back, kinda like that Morbid Angel 'altars...' patch looks?

That and Nuclear Assault's The Plague album.

Maybe some love for Mortification, Demilich, & Catacomb too

dubtribe's picture
StainedMetal's picture

I need a Parliament-Funkadelic or Funkadelic or Parliament patch for my jacket. I'm sure you can sell these online to my group of Funkateers and Maggots. I also need a King's X logo patch and a 24 7 Spyz too

metalkeith's picture

I'd like a Crescent Shield patch... either logo or Last of My Kind cover art

RavenEffect's picture

really like that album and always liked that art, but sadly this is one of those I knew wouldnt have much demand so it would be hard to break even

Formshifter's picture

Cattle Decapitation, Archspire, Fallujah, Black Dahlia Murder. These bands might have simple logo patches but even those are not easy to find. I'd love some good artwork square patches.

DHapyHorse's picture

A 4"x4" of Voivod's War and Pain cover

Nater90's picture

There is one, Might be hard to get but looks like this;

Utter Chaos's picture

Since Sepultura's "Bestial Devastation" patches seem to be very hard to come by a new one would be really cool. I'd love to see a round one with black border, designed like the picture disc version.


RavenEffect's picture

I'm actually working on a Bestial Devastation design atm. It looks like something interesting but currently there are so many Sepultura patches being released that I might postpone it to later on.

OmeletteDuFromage's picture

Here are three killer bands that desperately need patches (they come from my personal wishlist, so bands are popular enough that a 17yo boy can know them, but they still don't have a lot of patches. Plus if someone does patches from these bands, I'd definitely buy them.)

- Pensées Nocturnes (french avant garde black metal band, awesome as fuck)
I'd love a black and white patch with their logo (looks sick as fuck), and maybe the album title "Ceci est de la musique", smaller, under the logo.
I could only find two different patches from this band, they don't look so good.

- The Cramps (who doesn't know the cramps ?)
Could only find cloth patches, and I don't like cloth patches. I'd like a black and white "bad music for bad people" patch. Best fucking album ever.
Or even better, a custom artwork of "Human Fly". I can even draw it if needed. I would love that.

- Nine Inch Nails
Most NiN patches suck, they'd need a patch with a detailed logo, like on the album cover "With Teeth". Not just three white letters of a piece of black fabric, I'd rather draw it on my jacket than pay 5 bucks for this

And I think all the others bands on my wishlist (in my profile description) need a black and white (or red) patch, but that's just my opinion.

RavenEffect's picture

Pensées Nocturnes would make sense if it was official and, to be perfectly honest with you, I would only do so if I was a fan. The Cramps and NIN are great ideas, I had them in the past and It makes sense.

Madness Of The Architect's picture

Would love to see some sort of woven superstrip for Cryptopsy. For either Blasphemy or None So Vile

Kaef's picture

Personally I find it baffling that there are absolutely no Elvenking and Machinae Supremacy patches!

On the darker side of metal I would welcome some embroidered logo patches of Arthemesia, Forest of Shadows, and perhaps Furia. I'm going to order some custom embroidered patches anyway, but I would be nice to have some nice woven ones!

Nater90's picture

Alan Parsons Project, Eye In The Sky or I Robot. Doubt many people here would want them though....

RavenEffect's picture

Yeah, Eye in the sky specialy (though I Robot is my favourite AP album, btw, kudos for another AP fan!). But I think these wouldnt meet demand sadly.

Nater90's picture

Nice!!! Good stuff my friend! Tales of Imagination is good but that artwork wouldn't be a good patch, Love Edgar Allan Poe!

Agreed, Will go solo and get one offs done eventually.

RavenEffect's picture

Thats actually where the Nickname "RavenEffect" came from, listening to "The Raven". It introduced me to Prog, Poe and Alan Parsons.

Nater90's picture

Oh nice that's pretty cool!

Awesome combination.

Fimbulvintr's picture

The one patch I've always wanted to see made is a simple "FedExodus" patch, a relatively small, name-tag style patch is the one thing missing from my vest that I know I can't get ahold of. For reference, here's the logo (https://tshirtslayer.com/tshirt-or-longsleeve/exodus-fedexodus-deliverin...)

Also, as much as I doubt it'll ever become a reality, a Demonic - Lead Us Into Darkness (https://www.metal-archives.com/images/1/7/2/0/17200.jpg?1640) patch would be fantastic.

RavenEffect's picture

I've seen a FedExodus patch laying around on facebook groups I believe. About Demonic, like other black metal patches, would be a weird thing to release because of the colours. On Woven it would look boring due to the b&w.

Fimbulvintr's picture

You have a point man, dark gray and light gray aren't necessarily the most interesting color combination when there isn't much of a gradient (like in the old Burzum albums). I'll have to go looking for the Exodus patch then I've been saving a spot for it in case it ever became a reality, guess I must have missed it

Chainbreaker's picture

Overkill - The Years Of Decay (only 1 boot a couple years ago that did really well)
Rhapsody - Dawn Of Victory (only Rhapsody album I like)
Bal-Sagoth - any album art (Only logo patches available)
Iced Earth - Something Wicked This Way Comes (The official patch sucks)
King Diamond - Voodoo (no patch available)
Ted Nugent, Gary Moore, Thin Lizzy patches
Primal Fear - Nuclear Fire
Iron Savior - Condition Red
Enthroned - Towards The Skullthrone Of Satan
Helloween - Better Than Raw
Gamma Ray - Power Plant
Savatage - Hall Of The Mountain King

Cosmoblaze's picture
CaledonianMist's picture

I'd love to see a Gallhammer or an Isengard woven patch

streetcrust's picture

bongripper - satan worshipping doom

Just look at that cover.

Nater90's picture

It's epic and all but the details wouldn't come across to good as a patch....So much going on.

greatabyss's picture

Black Majesty

Nater90's picture

Agreed!!! But what album!

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