What the fuck is an Metal Eletist??????

Mon, 13/03/2017 - 07:13

Me and my 26 year old nephew went to a concert and his buddies called him an elitist and some other girls where arguing about being an elitist and then everybody turns to me the 48year old headbanger about my opinion and I just stared at these young fucks and said "I don't know" so could somebody tell me what the hell is an Metal eletists? No such thing in the mid 80s. Obviously something fuckin new again.

Guess this TShirt!

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  • Awesome!! France next! 4 days!
  • Hell yes great pic love Rob love Priest!
  • Nice one i got this one to at the Stockholm show.
  • Lucky bastard!
  • sick!!
  • It is next! I just need to head to one of the stores here & see if they sell it here as well.
  • Thanks! Found it on ebay brand new for 10 CAD. Close to my town too...so shipping was cheap :)
  • Nice! Some rare ones too!My order batch is now piling up :)))
  • I wished someone would do a repress of this gem already!
  • Great looking vest, simplicity rules.
  • Nice vest, don't see many reping Hellfire Deathcult yet, cheers to pioneers \m/ (Did you see them live to get that
  • WTF? Great find!
  • Hi there, Where did you get that Crematory - Denial t-shirt?
  • Great stuff!
  • A legendary back patch dude!! Nice find for sure!
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