What the fuck is an Metal Eletist??????

Mon, 13/03/2017 - 07:13

Me and my 26 year old nephew went to a concert and his buddies called him an elitist and some other girls where arguing about being an elitist and then everybody turns to me the 48year old headbanger about my opinion and I just stared at these young fucks and said "I don't know" so could somebody tell me what the hell is an Metal eletists? No such thing in the mid 80s. Obviously something fuckin new again.


Mabey your nephew was wearing some nsbm related?


Ehhh! He was wearing a sponge bob square pants hoodie and black sabbath hat. NO He's not retarded!!!


ha! they must not have heard this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NQgLfQWmE4


HA HA HA fuckin eh!! Nice grime81!!! Ill recommend that tune highly my Brotha!!!

Iron Animal

a metal elitist is someone that just listens to, lets say 80`s metal, and thinks every other metal gerne is bullshit, and every one that listens to something i dont like is a poser.

for example if someone comes to me with an amon amarth shirt, without even knowing him, i dont like him just because he listens to them. some would say that makes me an elitist.



A person who believes their metal music is superior to other people's music. These people only listen to metal music and categorize metal through sub-genres. Some metal elitists are so wound up, that they tend to only listen to one type of metal sub-genre. Metal Elitists are usually found listening to underground metal bands and cut down other people's musical taste if it is not up to par with their own.
"Dude that guy was an asshole. He completely cut down my music and told me that I was wrong for listening to the music that I do, saying it wasn't

"real" metal and then he went on to call me a hot topic mallcore." - Person A

"Yeah dude, that's a Metal Elitist for ya" - Person B
[end quote]

useless bullshit.


That is B U L L S H I T !!!! Highest level of bullshit!! We just listened to anything destructive and that's how our little group rolled back in the day. Lol!!!


IMO its just someone who thinks they are more metal than the next guy.

this sums it up I think - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y24MmylTeY4

Suff Sleazy

Haha, I love this topic. I see metal elitism all the time in comments on youtube and such, never actually ran into one in real life yet. I think there's a little bit of metal elitism in all of us, but some of us know how to contain our opinions xD
Here's a really funny video about Metal Elitist. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgmE6W7iRxQ&t=43s


HAHA! i think your right! deep down everyone wants to "stick to their guns" so to say
i like to see humor in it


Both these songs are fuckin' hilarious


Metal elitist: an arrogant spunkpuppet who is opposed to the concept of anything other than the genre they love.

Daniel Sodomaniac

Kids of today, "19 get alot of money from mommy buy Heavy Load shirt from Ebay for 170 € then run around acting metal monster".






Yeah I think his little group of idiots where fuckin taken back when I told them I thought they were all takin about a Golf club HA HA HA HA!!! Fuckin a 9 iron metal eletist!!!# Lol!!.......Hey guys Thanks for explaining the shit. Does sound freggin stupid! Just listen to what you want and tell the others to go fuck a donkey!!!


Couple of my mates and girlfriend call me a Metal Elitist because I listen to so many different genres of Metal and I correct people if they're wrong.

When I did my radio show one of my mates played Aborted so I asked if he liked them because I've seen them before, He said that he did and their a pretty awesome Deathcore band, I corrected him saying their Death Metal and ripped him a new asshole.


Some of the same shit back in the 80s when we would correct somebody who didn't know the difference between glam crap and heavy/thrash in that instance we would just kick the shit out of the little poser. problem solved!!


I'd rather someone be open and say they enjoy some songs or a band, Even if their not 100% of the sub-genre it appears to be because there is fucking heaps! At least be able to back up why you like / dislike it, Not just say "Because I do / don't".

Just research and learn something, I post on a gaming forum, A few of us got together and made a Metal topic, We gave each other stuff to check out that we were enjoying and through that I researched the bands, genres and found some wicked as fuck stuff, Hell I bought couple Cannibal Corpse patches from a mate and got an Autopsy one with them, Didn't know boo from a goose and people on here said their wicked & check em out, I did, And now think their fucking epic.

Just be able to agree or disagree and provide a reason why is all I ever ask of anyone.


Very logical and I agree Nater90. My experience is vastly different from the late 70s early/ mid 80s there were no elitist but a shit load of poser / wannabe fuckers and crap like that. It was kind of a cluster fuck back then with MTV too.! but you knew your place. Its interesting how shit from back then has evolved into today's Metalhead way of life so to speak. I'm actually learning all over again. But this Elitists shit gotta go!. From what everybody is posting its sounds like a bunch of know it all asshole wannabes all over again. But like you said give me a reason why you like or dislike and give an explanation. This is why metalheads like our selves have and always will be real people not fake put a smile on face and throw a fuckin metal shirt on and call it good we can see right thru those bitches. Keep it real!!!


Thanks very much.

Posers are always going to happen, Soon as something is Media Friendly and accepted, People jump on it like moths to a flame. Comes with anything not only music.

I would imagine from what I've discussed with experienced metal heads (my polite way of saying older folk because I'm envious of your past and epic experiences) it was more relaxed with the people that got on / had a common interest!

You never stop learning each and everyday you'll learn something you weren't aware of!

I agree, Can tell you the fans are compared to the posers, Just stay true and enjoy it for yourself I say.

Cheers, Take it easy.


Elitists are like thrid-wave feminists/antifa/sjw's of metal


Elitism is an inevitable part of any subculture, be it football fanaticism or metal music or whatever. Anyone claiming to never have any "elitistic" thoughts, whether he/she expresses them to others or not, is just full of bullshit. When you're young and new to metal, many older people act like elitists towards you, wait a decade (unless they were right for not taking you seriously and you have already given up being a metalhead) and you find yourself in their position. I don't get why people have to make such a big problem out of it nowadays, is everyone so damn fragile that they can't take a bit of natural pack animal behaviour (which elitism is) without crying about it on the internet?


I keep replying to the wrong posts

T.N.B.M. Cymbalvoldtektsmann

Elitists are the ones stopping the underground from becoming infested with hipster atheism and political correctness, imho.
Hail Metal Elitism, especially in Black Metal!




The only one speaking sense thus far.

satan's radish

"Hipster atheism". New to me. I don't even know what that's supposed to be in relation to, you know, "regular" atheism. Am I supposed to interpret it literally as "atheist hipsters", or as some metaphor cooked up by the ANUS set to describe the "ironic" hipster state of mind? Or is it just some new op-ed piece buzzword we're parroting now? For what it's worth, pretentious ANUS nerds and people who quote op-ed pieces like they're George Carlin jokes aren't any better than shallow, empty "hipsters". Just different flavors of pathetic, unjustifiably smug retard.


Relevant videos:

First of all, I don't identify as an elitist. I hate the term when it is applied to fans of music. Listening to a particular genre of music doesn't make anyone special (at least anymore, where even the most obscure stuff is readily available at the click of a few buttons. I think that in the past, this may have had more meaning, as the fandom of certain bands could be kept "under control" and obscure bands could retain a cult following, but nowadays anyone Tom, Dick, or Harry with a mouse and half a brain could click on a Youtube video and discover in a few seconds what might have taken some serious tape trading to discover). This is especially the case when fans claim to be "elitist" and special but do nothing but listen to metal at the cost of self care, personal development, etc...

I DO think that the term elitism can be applied to musicians, people who are creating top quality, cult fucking music, and their output. Ex. [Insert True Black Metal Band here] can be Elitist, but basement dwelling fan who lives off their parents and does nothing else with their life, cannot.

While I disagree with the use of the term "elitist" for fans, I do think that sometimes, the function performed by said elitists can be beneficial to pruning a genre, and keeping it true to its cult roots. Ex. I do not consider [Insert relevant Blackgaze, Post-Black Band here (I of course, take certain exceptions here... There are a few bands which retain the spirit of the genre, but present the music in this format which I like)] to be Black Metal. The elitists, help to cast a negative light on said band, which keeps out bands distilling and watering down the initial core idea of a genre.

Note: I'm not sure if I personally would apply this term outside of the Black, Black Ambient, Dark Ambient, Dungeon Synth, Black / Death, Bestial, War ... (Black Metal and most associated cult subgenres), but your opinions may differ.


Ok so are you saying an elitist is somebody who is a band critic ? Who stays within the metal genre?. Cause if that's the case we could've used a few of those people back in the day to filter out the Glam-shit.


Elitism from fans and bands is necessary especially in Black metal, it keeps the tourists at bay, and lets those "Tom, Dick or Harry" types know where they stand. Black metal is more than just the music it's an entire sub-culture separate from the metal community at large. Really I believe people use the term elitist in a derogatory sense simply because they don't have the same passion and it's irksome to them to think someone might have a deeper devotion. In all honesty whenever someone throws that word my way I view it as a badge of honour. But I must add here that anyone who wishes to put in the time and effort will eventually be viewed through the same lense by those fans who are more casual. These days even correcting someone on a country of origin or a release date is considered an elitist action.


Ok ......so there is a need for somekind of elitism aspect of our culture? So people my generation from back in the day, how do you catagorize us? Not elitist? Having my nephews friends look at me that night like wanting my approval or some kind of OK. Do they think of me as some kind of grandpa metalhead?? Its weird. There's about 30+ years in differences.


I would think of you as just another metal head, your age in relevance to mine means nothing. And anyone worth their salt wouldn't look to an older metal head to pat them on the head and tell them it's OK, that's some serious bullshit.

What I am getting at is that I personally identify with the extreme side of metal, particularly Black metal. I've invested more than half my life at this point researching, learning and consuming everything related to Black metal. So when you take someone with limited knowledge of a genre and they act like they know everything even though they've nary been around the block, it angers me. For someone to think that they can just jump in and forgo all the work and time spent just because they don't care enough about it, and instead just want to maintain the appearance of a real BM fan. But the truth is that most true metal fans can smell casuals/posers from a mile away, and regardless of the genre they don't fucking approve of it.


Fucking 2 thumbs up Goathammer!!! At least now I don't feel like a old ass geezer, and I don't want to be an Elitist, I like your answer brada!! Rotting Christ was the first 1987 -88 Greece? There a little hard to understand. You could put Venom in that category too. Black metal is very kool that's as much knowledge I have pertaining to blackmetal.


Let's say one of those glam trendies would've suddenly pulled on a Slayer shirt just to be able to join you and your friends acting like he's one of you because of that shirt. You and your friends would've probably just told him to fuck off, right? He would have then gone to cry on the internet how you guys are elitists, only that internet didn't exist. That's the elitism in metal community that people nowadays feel so offended by easily summed up. And it's pretty natural and alright in my eyes.


What was back in my day was totally different but I do understand what your saying. In the late 70s and early mid 80s there was a lot of transition and the only reason those glam bands came around was because of music television and the entertainment managers wanted to take advantage of that shit so there solution on making $$$$ was slap a bunch of make up on guys and have them sing about fuckin girls. Whilst the metal community was like this is bullshit!! That's when the term "POSER" took affect and was used a lot by the big 4. There literally was a all out fuckin battle no shit! Against the Glam- fucks and true hard rock/metal bands. Your guys generation have takin it to a different level definitely more civilized. My generation was a pissed of generation and would have kicked the shit out of a poser/elitist. But I absolutely understand my brother and at this point and time I don't care either. All right in my eyes too as long as you don't harass me about shit. Ha Ha!!


As far as the War against Metheads and glam asses. It was brutal where I live as well as in California along the westcoast, Imagine a small Biker gang trying to hangout with a bunch of Hell Angels charter members No Shit!! That's what it was like! Jackets where burned patches where ripped off people would get pile drived it was a crazy ass period in time. Thrash metal was brand new. You guys should have been there. Really fucked up! But Fun!!!


Well judging by all your comments about all us glam asses, you are exactly what I would consider you a metal elitist. What gives you the right to beat people and destroy their stuff just because they listen to a different style of music than you.
In the 80's I would have fit perfectly into your stereo type of a poser, but did it ever occur to you that not everyone is so narrow minded. I was regularly attending glam shows as well as punk/ hardcore shows and plenty of the heaviest bands Australia had to offer at the time.
Never had a problem at the punk shows dressed as I was, but always ran into the knuckle draggers at the thrash shows. I always likened these guys to the skinheads as they were real tough guys in a pack, but would piss themselves one on one.

Take a look through the battle jacket gallery here and see how many jackets have glam poser patches on the same jackets as Slayer and an array of other heavy shit. Are all these people posers as well, or just people who have the balls and courage to fucken listen to and represent what they want to listen to.

I remember back in the eighties when all the thrash heads and bands started coming to all the glam shows because that's where all the women were. There was certainly very few women at their shows in those days....just a massive sausage fest.
I also remember seeing Mortal Sin once, supposedly Australias premier thrash metal band, with a glam band De'mont supporting them just to increase the crowd size and also bring in some women. So they were all willing to embrace the glam scene for their own gain.

I just don't get why it gets up peoples asses so much what other people listen to
Personally I don't surround myself with such narrow minded people. My friends and I attend glam / metal / punk shows all the time and could not imagine having to limit ourselves to just one genre to fit in with the cool kids.


Ok man whoooaaa grab a FOSTERS MATE!! I'm talking about 30 fuckin years ago bud! Not today and I'm reflecting on past experiences here! In the U.S.A not what would happen today. If you like Glam fuckin go for it man!!! This post is about distinguishing an elitist I'm not and elitist I'm a fuckin old guy from the 80s understanding what's been going on in the world of metal today I'm not skinhead I'm half Native American and a former Marine and as for my little gang of Satans misguided children I used to hang with back in the 80s, you fought the fights you started. I would give Rats ass what the hell you listen to today or what patches you have on your vest/jacket. my daughter listens to R&B and my wife listens to country. And I remember thrash bands going glam shows too but would end up in a fight over here Aussie man. So your experience is different fuckin fine lets agree to disagree and call it good. I still listen to my old shit and I listen to my nephews new shit I don't care what you hear if it makes you squirt your shorts go for it dude!


Ok no problem man. I've got no beef. Maybe I misunderstood. I saw you mention it early on when this thread first started and couldn't really be bothered replying but you seem to keep mentioning it again and again so I got the impression that it was still a sentiment you held.
Was never implying you were a skinhead or anything, was just commenting on the people I came across who shared that type of attitude.
But anyway you asked what a Metal Elitist was , so in my opinion comments like that was a shining example of it.

Anyway, it's all good. No problems.

And just for the record. No good Aussie blokes drinks Fosters. We leave that shit for the English backpackers. Haha


Ok mate no worries its all good. I actually liked Fosters!! HA HA But I LIKE ALL BEER!! Yeah glam pricks and fuckin metalheads posers is all I got when it comes to a relation to elitist. But its nice to hear from somebody who's experienced the same kinda shit back then. Fair dinkum!! and stay metal brada!!!


I agree, Fosters is horse piss.

Ravishing Grimness

A Metal Elists is someone 100% dedicated towards the scene.It has nothing to do with something political or racists from what i have learned.They have high respect for the person as the music he/she believes in.


Elitist is the term used by idiots refering to the person who corrected them on calling Amon Amarth viking metal.


I've got to listen to this band. I hear people talking about it and see patches about them all over the place.


Listen to Enslaved instead.


Migard, loki, living beneath the hammer heard those lyrics. Badass!


What is the argument being made? To me Viking metal isn't a genre. Amon Amarth is a melodic death metal band. Viking is just a theme of the songs. I don't think that's really an elitist thing. Genres describe the sound more than the themes


Exatly my point. Lyrics don't define a genre, musical characteristics does. Amon Amarth isn't viking metal, just how Alestorm is not pirate metal because these are made-up names for putting bands in certain brackets based on their lyrical themes.


Ok, so we are in agreement. The pirate metal thing... yeah that's a gimmick not a genre. I've had to explain the genres to some non-metal friends that told me they discovered Alestorm. I don't know if that makes one an "elitist" or not.

These goofy titles remind me in the early 2000s and late 90s how every nu metal band while being interviewed made up some sort of subgenre that only describes their band. One band does not a subgenre make


Pirate metal??? Ha Ha Ha! What the fuck!!?? What's next caveman metal? Lol!!!!


Oh yeah Pirate Metal is a thing, I do like Alestorm, Seen them three times.

But certain themes / styles become so popular they class it as a genre, Just like Djent, Djent is a style of how you play the guitar / how it's tuned, So many bands started doing it they made it a genre.

Always going to happen if you like it or not.


Yeah I'm just an old 80s kid so this stuff is hilarious but very interesting man I'm definitely not dissing anything. I'm learning a lot on this forum!! . so Djent! Huh? Never heard of that either. Ill youtube it!


Would've loved to grown up in the 80s, Amazing era.

Yeah, Djent haha, It's different....I like some.


Growing up in the 70s and transitioning to the 80s and into the Seattle grunge era 90s was very intriguing. A lot of freggin changing my brada!!


You would have seen the birth of many bands and even genres!!!


I have seen many bands beginning and many bands that became very famous from there beginnings in the 70s. There wasn't many metal genres as today but I witnessed a lot of beginnings and infantsy. Then Grunge emerged! I live in Seattle wa. USA so I witnessed how metal kinda took a back seat for awhile. Yeah pretty fuckin kool back in the day. A lot different than today we where some wild Mother fuckers back then. Lol!!


Man that's so cool!

I don't mind a bit of Grunge here and there.

Haha, Sounds good man.


Thanks Nater90! Stay metal brada!!


Most welcome, Thanks bro, You to \m/


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