What band is it???

Riess032936Sun, 11/11/2018 - 23:14

What band has a patch in the shape of a yellow/goldish colored “V” it looks badass and I see it a lot but of course now I cant find it now!!!

I found the band, it's Toxik!!!

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  • I love this one, too. Jeff Walker's talent for drawing is really amazing!
  • Great shirt \m/
  • Cool \m/
  • That's cool you have both versions of this. I was never quite sure of the reason for the change.
  • Nice, this one was only out for a short time before they modified the code and front logo to have an outline around them
  • Oxygen Destroyer? I think I just discovered a new band!
  • Its fuckin sick!
  • I'm not sure I'll ever see it all anymore.
  • I'm strongly don't like patches with groups like Trivium,BFMV,Nirvana,Marilyn manson on jackets, but your jack
  • https://www.metal-archives.com/bands/%E2%96%88%E2%96%88%E2%96%88%E2%96%88%E2%96%88%E2%96%88/3540358943
  • Jump in the Fatboy
  • Yeah I think they used the wrong picture. Along with the Hypocrisy hello from 2019
  • Yeah. I was wondering if it was a boot because I've never seen it before.
  • Looks great in black!!!!!
  • Looks absolutely mint!!!!!
  • My man, thanks for the fire. Yeah, I've seen a few Wrenches on Ebay in drastically varying condition.

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