W.A.S.P. Re-Idolized: The 25th Anniversary of The Crimson Idol

Sun, 05/03/2017 - 18:59

A great set-list on this tour!

Event date: 
Tuesday, September 26, 2017
Event Country: 
Who is going?
Daniel Sodomaniac
Are you attending?


I haven't seen W.A.S.P. since they supported Iron Maiden back in 1986, so its gonna be really cool!


It was an amazing show, seen in Florence/Italy back in '86...

Daniel Sodomaniac

I haven`t seen WASP since the last tour, so its gonna be really cool hahaha :)!
But i don`t know if i`m gonna do Stockholm, i have tixx for Örebro, Borlänge and Gävle.


Haha! I can understand that you skip Stockholm mate, too bad for me....


I dont want to discourage you but the last few years W.A.S.P. have developed a reputation as one of the most disappointing live acts of today.


No problem mate! I rather go with low expectations, rather than being disappointed...


.....can't wait to see them again, it will be my Wasp gig number 9....or 10...or 11.....boh...

Suff Sleazy

I saw W.A.S.P. 3 years ago and it was awful... Blackie didn't seem to have any interest to be there and had no energy. Everyone else played fine, but that gig was kinda underwhelming and left a bad taste in my mouth. I know even good bands sometimes have bad days, but I think WASP was done years ago.

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  • Mayhem headlined this show...I got maybe...one or two pictures.
  • Great album, Wish someone would make a Tapping The Vein BP.
  • Full flames, Incredible album, Quite often stare at my copy.
  • For not being like there Old stuff it's pretty damn good compared to the one before it.
  • Pure Grind Gold!!!
  • Their logo looks sick in green!!!! Really great album.
  • Some great bands, Where did you get the Led Zeppelin Symbol logos?
  • hollymolly
  • Most welcome. Haha I would imagine so, When I seen them with Mayhem the crowd was mental! Nah I very rarely take pics
  • woawh
  • na seavas
  • is it still 4 sale? greetz
  • yep, industrial band - doubt there's too many fans of them here but the longsleeve is wicked nonetheless
  • Thanks man! Their posters always kick ads!
  • Absolutely! I still need to upload my Terrorizer & Unseen Terror vinyls here. Cheers!
  • one day ill get this fuckin grail! best grind album along with Terrorizer, Unseen Terror, and Napalm Death (Scum)


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