WANTED: Coroner BP

Wed, 11/01/2017 - 03:59

Don't laugh too hard at this, but I'm looking to buy a vintage Mental Vortex Backpatch. I don't have anything for trade at the moment, please send a PM if you have one youd be willing to sell with your price.

Justicerhodes's picture

ugh ive been looking for the same one

Nater90's picture

Someone should send Coroner the design and re-release so we can all have it.

slaytanicarmy666's picture

It seems to be a damn near impossible find but I'm sure it's out there somewhere lol. Yeah that would work too

bad_american1992's picture

Last time I saw one for sale here was in July... rarely see it on eBay but if I come across one I'll link you to it.

slaytanicarmy666's picture

I would really appreciate it, thank you!! \m/

Corvus Corax's picture

Have you tried hitting-up eBay to have a custom BP made? I know it's not official merch but, if you're set-on-it, it's an alternative.

doomtilldeath's picture

Another option is to buy a shirt and make a patch out of it. Heres a good tutorial https://tshirtslayer.com/actionshot/diy-backpatch-tutorial

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Recent Comments

  • Thank you much appreciated!
  • I have the same! Which year? Has it a tag?
  • good luck.pm sent
  • thanks, and totally true!
  • I would like but at the moment I only want to sell the patches in value $ 10 of Iron Maiden and I do a free shipping but
  • Great zipper, and underrated band!
  • Yeah love it! Thanks! :)
  • This looks great dude! A magnificent back patch as well.
  • Nice one haven’t seen this one before
  • please show me your stuff
  • Cheers Mate!
  • Do you sell one of these? i also have some for trade if interested.
  • What do you ask for this patch ?
  • thank you!
  • Gut geworden, braucht noch mehr Nieten und Living Death :D
  • I have a old black sabbath patch that the material looks like it was on a burlap sack would you be interrelated in tradi


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