WANTED: Coroner BP

Wed, 11/01/2017 - 03:59

Don't laugh too hard at this, but I'm looking to buy a vintage Mental Vortex Backpatch. I don't have anything for trade at the moment, please send a PM if you have one youd be willing to sell with your price.


ugh ive been looking for the same one


Someone should send Coroner the design and re-release so we can all have it.


It seems to be a damn near impossible find but I'm sure it's out there somewhere lol. Yeah that would work too


Last time I saw one for sale here was in July... rarely see it on eBay but if I come across one I'll link you to it.


I would really appreciate it, thank you!! \m/

Corvus Corax

Have you tried hitting-up eBay to have a custom BP made? I know it's not official merch but, if you're set-on-it, it's an alternative.


Another option is to buy a shirt and make a patch out of it. Heres a good tutorial https://tshirtslayer.com/actionshot/diy-backpatch-tutorial

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