WACKEN OPEN AIR 2014.. safety tips??

Thu, 15/08/2013 - 08:44

im from the united states, and planning on going wacken open air 2014.. i got my ticket, im saving up money, this will be my 2nd time going to europe..
my question is... should i be concerned about my personal stuff?? like clothes, money, and merchandise i buy over there?

has there been items stolen at metal festivals, (people taking things from your tent) while your enjoying the festival somewhere??

please share any tips, info, stories... much appreciated...

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This might not very helpful but anyway.
Hav`nt been there since `02 infact, i kinda thouht it got out of hand by then already regarding the size of the whole thing.
First time i was there it was around 10 000 people there and in `02 it had grown to like 35 000.
Nowadays i`ve heard the sell like 80 000 tickets and i did`nt like it there back in `02!
Concerning the personal stuff.
I have never had any bad experience regarding any of that stuff lucky me but i really don`t know who Wacken is today with all that stuff.
Nowadays i find my way to smaller festivals instead.
Anyway i hope you will have a great time there, cheers my friend!

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Unfortunately, theft at festivals is a problem. Bigger ones tend to be worse, simply because more people=more scum.

I leave shirts and stuff like that that I buy there in my tent and they've always been grand.. I keep my passport, money, train/plane tickets and anything else valuable with me all the time though. Put that stuff in a bag at night and use it as a pillow or stick it at the bottom of your sleeping bag.

Some cunt tried to get into my tent at Party San last year while I was passed out in it, but I woke up and scared him away.

I'd also advise you not to go alone, because it's more fun if you know people and in case you get mouldy and need help.

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I have been there three times now. Next year too! To me it's one of the coolest things I have ever been to, there is just a magical vibe. I miss it every year.. You have to keep in mind that it is over crowded basically. For example if there is a big band playing it can easily happen that the field is full that means you just can't get in. But if you get a bit early in the field than you're fine. Although it's hard to leave then cause like I said, it's crowded. But man, watching band at Wacken is very freakin' sweet! About the thefts.. in 2012 a two Swedish people we knew got robbed over night. Its key to like they say above to hide your stuff. Putting things inside your sleeping bag is a great tip. Also make friends with the people around you, its cool to have people to hang out with and they can watch your tent while you're away. Maybe we can meet up man!

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No one wears clothes in Europe. We are all naked over here.
So better get used to nudity in public.

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Was at Wacken also 3 Times, nowdays i think its more a carnival and consum
Madness then a Music Festival but each to their own. I would recommend you smaller German Metal Festivals but well you have your Ticket already :D to your question you can Rent lockable Mini Safes at the Festival itself. But to pur your Stuff in your Sleeping ba is auch a nice idea

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I haven't been since 2011. But our tent was broken into on one of the nights and so were some of the tents surrounding us - it happened during Judas Priests gig - when the headliners play, 90% of the people are down there leaving the entire site vulnerable. Luckily all my LPs, luggage, etc were all locked in the car we hired in hamburg. There was nothing in my tent but toiletries, clothes - nothing of value. Unfortunately, some of the guys around us had phones, iPods, some cash (not a lot) stolen. We were lucky.

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Wasn't there some fest which has lockers for rent?

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just put your expensive stuff in the lockers, anything else you shouldnt care about so much, never had a problem in 6 years personally

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In 2010 (Wacken) someone stole my purse out of my trousers in my tent while I was sleeping in it. Fortunately the gentleman only took the money and left the purse with my cards etc in the entrance area. I went to the police and they said that there are gangs of thieves haunting the festival every year. Since then everything valuable goes into my sleeping bag or the car.

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what the doc says, put your valueablestuffbehind lock and key be it a car or a locker, the rest is not of interest ;)

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Maybe don't visit W:O:A 2014. ( I'm not a fan of this festivals anymore. Now there are better ones in Germany, but I can understand, why people want to visit it). Besides ask Bayernpirat I think that he can give some good tips.

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thanks i much appreciate all your comments... but i ALWAYS keep my money on me at all times... i have many pockets....
and at WACKEN is there any place to store your luggage?? i know theres lockers for wallets phones iPods (smaller stuff)
but is there a safe place for the bigger stuff like your clothes or something?? besides car??

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i bought my ticket but didnt get it yet.Do you actuallly have the physical ticket?

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Here's my advice if you don't have a car to put your stuff in: save a little bit more money to go to a hotel instead of camping.


safetay? dont bring anything you want someone to steal
drink lots of water

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