Underrated bands?

Johnny Hash
Wed, 20/07/2016 - 16:09

What are some really underrated bands you like?

Here is some worth checking out:

-Cote D'aver
-In Aeternum

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Eternal Night. The band released a album and split up. They are from spain but sing in english. Now is one of the rarest and obscure CDs you can get. Dictator. They are from the asian country Laos. Thrash metal and are currently active. I love the internet.

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And from my country Puerto Rico, Sepulchral. I know the founder and its a veteran musician in our scene.

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Gatecreeper (Death)

Goolagoon ("Patrick" violence)

Corpspazm (Black/War)

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I just discovered Gatecreeper not too long ago. Good shit.

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Gutted and Dissect. Both could have easily grown to be an immense force within the scene. But in a way, they always have been.

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Dissect the French band?

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Netherlands Dissect, I hope. Swallow Swouming Mass rules.

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Also, ordering a Gutted Bleed for Us To Live album cover LS next week from Repulsive Echo.

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Crust/Black/Thrash Metal from Canada https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZlL9X3Cjso

Thrash/Speed from Colombia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XtAdb4C5Mo

Death/Thrash from Chile https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rv9UbpFLuUw

At War
Speed Metal from USA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SWM53-2NhE

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Thanks for Witchtrap, they shred!

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Underrated bands that i like are:

Beneath (Death Metal from Iceland):


Natur (From USA, Traditional Metal):


V8 (Heavy Metal from Argentina):


Sadly they disbanded but they were kinda the argentinian mötorhead.

From my country Puerto Rico Dementium, a Death/Thrash band:


Sabbatory (Death Metal from Canada):


Battery (Thrash Metal from Denmark):


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Ah, there are so many underrated bands in the world, noone has ever heard of ....

Let's start with:

N.I.L. (No Inner Limits) :
For everyone into dark, atmospheric Progressive Metal this should be something right uo his (or her) alley. They indeed sound like they listened too much Sanctuary. Sadly there is only one Song online and it is not their best. They have much, much better tracks.


Swedish melodic Black/Death in the perfect 90s vein like Gates of Ishtar, At the Gates, sometimes old Amorphis or Katatonia etc., almost completely unknown, very eerie atmosphere, amazingly shitty production that acutally adds to the overall mood:

Melodic Black/Death aswell, on the good ole' Invasion Records. Really a hidden gem in my opinion. Wonderful melodies and actually my first band of this Genre i ever heard. After that i was enchanted:

Xerxes from Switzerland:
PERFECT Epic Progressive Rock/Metal in the Vein of Longing's Past and the like. These guys definitely like old Genesis, Yes and Rush:

Could be more known. Black/Death/Thrash from the Netherlands that is really one of a kind. I fucking LOVE this album to death! The voice could split people into two camps though, i personally love it. You fear my kind!

Typhon from Colombia:
Black/Death/Thrash with one of the gnarliest voices You will ever here. Somewhere between Venom, Root and Maniac Butcher:

Opinions appreciated.

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Nice to see some Bifrost appreciation. Mythistory is beyond amazing, I was seriously addicted to it a few years back. Could very well be my favorite thrash release (I know it's mixed with some black & death elements, but I see it manly as a thrash album).

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Woah, Killer! you are really the first person i "met" who does say something more than "Meh, it's ok, yeah", really. It is truly an outstanding album that noone seems to get, haha.
Just great, i am really happy now, hahaha! Cheers!

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Just got into this old band Mordor from switzerland, very strange sort of black/doom sort of stuff.

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Yeah, Mordor are strange indeed, but really not bad.

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Not bad at all, I managed to find a copy of the "csejthe" cd on ebay, looking forward to getting it!

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wow, thanks very much for this, never heard of them before

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I have the original demo of Mordor.

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Underrated because they never get mentioned among all the new Black / Thrash / Speed Bands: SPEEDWHORE! These guys need more attention! If you like Triumphant, Division Speed, etc etc, try them. The best in this genre at the moment in my humble opinion.


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Deathwish - UK thrash from the past Their second LP demonpreacher a gem!

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An old force that's often overseen is Imperator (Poland).

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In Aeternum most definitely.Really underrated as ever...reading about the hard competition in Sweden itself between bands overthere,its pretty much understandable.Another one i think is NECROPHOBIC compared like acts such as Dark Funeral...I saw In Aeternum back in (2005?) really raw and aggressive show, but hell of a great guys after ...just chill...

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Met them in a crowd at a festival in my home town a couple of weeks ago. Bought their newest cd and a patch. They didn't play the festival unfortunately.

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Necrophobic recently reached the same level as Dark Funeral, in terms of sounding like utter shit. But I like the band in general, and their first two albums are masterpieces.

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Onto the next batch from my side:

Excess of Cruelty - Ancient, rotten Death Metal
Lost and forgotten Death Metal Band from Belgium, alot of Demos and only one full length '97, all in all existing for only 8 years, they really could've needed alot more attention than they got. I always find it hard to describe the Sound of Death Metal Bands as i am not that familiar with traditions in this Genre as with other ones, but let's just call it Filthy Underground Death Metal at its fucking finest. If i had to compare it to anything, i think autopsy would come to my mind, also concerning the Vocals.
Get Your grave dug here:

Brown Jenkins - Lovecraftian, gloomy Black Metal
Speaking of lovecraftinspired Metal, for me at once Brown Jenkins come to mind. For those familiar with Lovecraft's stories they know what Brown Jenkins is, and if You have the image in mind (http://orig09.deviantart.net/89c7/f/2011/361/3/6/brown_jenkin_by_loneani...) , it very well corresponds with the music that is created here. This is twisted, very dissonant, extremely uncomfortable Black Metal from some deep, threatening void, never bursting out in total chaos though but still remaining music. Get into the void of otherworldly Horror and Terror here:

Cadaverous Condition - Avantgarde, Philosophical Death "Metal"
Speaking of moving forward let's transcend this from the Black Metal Genre to Death Metal, shall we. Cadaverous Condition are not for everyone. and i can understand anybody who says it is not his cup of tea. I personally love them. Originally i believe they come from the American Neofolk Surrounging, having already collaborated with institutions like Richard Leviathan (Current 93) and Changes and doing Neofolk Covers like Di6. Using ingridents of Death Metal, which is mainly the deep grunts, they really try to move the music to a next stage, in a very profound and almost philosophical approach. Actually You probably cannot call this Death Metal anymore, there are a lot of very calm and quiet songs, always accompanied by Death Metal vocals. It is really hard to describe their music, so i would probably say the same as was said about Lugubrum: Just listen. Again: They are nothing fore the Purists for sure.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QH6WU1nc5gU (absolutely phenomenal Death in June Cover, perfectly transcending the feeling into the Death Metal Genre)

Taranis - Archaic Black/Thrash Metal
Taranis are also not talked about too often i got the feeling. Undeserved. Clearly having their roots in Black / Thrash Metal, they have a rather different approach to this genre, not putting so much focus on Speed and Headbanging mood but rather on evoking feelings of Heroism, greatness and pride, often sounding like a more thrashier Version of midera Graveland if you ask me. Also You can hear some midera and later Ancient Rites in this, being from Belgium aswell. I have to say i am talking about the second album here called "Flandriae". The first one is great aswell but much more rootes in traditional Black/thrash, should be something for everyone into Desaster and the likes.
From the mentioned album there sadly is nothing on Youtube so i have to point on the Soundcloud profile from Iron Pegasus, which unfortunately is not the most represantative song aswell, but still amazing:

Vrani Volosa - Mystical , majestic Pagan Black Metal with carefully chosen folk elements
This Band is from Bulgaria and plays some really, really great well executed Pagan Black Metal, or well, perhaps it is just pure Black Metal. But lyric-wise it certainly does not deal with Satan-worshipping goat gasmask virginraping stuff but with darkness, spirituality, nature etc. I would say they remind me a little bit (!) of Negura Bunget, who were one of my alltime favorite bands It is not really the music that lets me think of them but more like... the atmosphere that is created. It is full of epic structures, beautiful melodies and just overall grand, vast musical landscapes.
I cannot listen to this song without shivering, last but not least because of the beautiful clean Vocals. They also covered Bathory's "Man of Iron" by the way and did this quite well i must say.

That's it for now again. I love this thread.

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Because i am just in the mood right now, three more:

Cross Fade - Death Metal / Thrash with the sickest Vocals You wil ever hear since Inquisitor's Sabbath of Lust
That's all that is necessary to know. This little Demo burns everything to the ground and leaves no place resurrection.

La Rumeur des Chaines - Avantgarde Black Metal
This also should fall into the category "No description, just listen". Sometimes a bit too f ar from the Black Metal tradition and too much circus music and pompous Keyboard Orchestra, this is still some decent , greatly executed avantgarde not-everyday Black Metal that noone seems to know for some reason. Again: Not everyone's cup of tea for sure. I also have to be in the mood for this. But there is shitload of stuff to discover here.

Black Tower - well...
If You want to know what it sounds like to combine Heavy Metal, NWOBHM, Epic Metal, Doom Metal, Punk and Black Metal, listen to this Band. And yes, it works. It works perfectly fine. Listen to believe it. One of , if not THE musical experience i had in the last years. The Video is perfect.

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Inculter are a great norwegian Thrash Metal band! Their album 'Persisting Devolution' is fuckin' ace!

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Set - Upheaval Of Unholy Darkness. I feel like that record didn't get the attention it deserves. Also Vanhelgd - Relics Of Sulphur Salvation

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For anybody into 90s romantic gothic doom, you HAVE to check out:



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Wow, i love what i hear! Sounds a bit like a more romantic Version of Skepticism. Thanks!

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Corsair - ghosts of proxima centauri.

i never hear anyone mention this outside of the people who i've shared it with. i'd say on about the third or fourth listen it hit me in a very profound way. i bought it a few years ago and it's almost hard to listen to now because it seems to capture all the emotion and beauty that i've experienced since i started listening to it and it can be overwhelming. i can hardly even give it a good description because it's become so personal to me. its got some nwobhm, some thin lizzy, elements, some traditional guitar wizardry, but it's powerful, and original.


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Good call! I love Corsair and have all their material on Vinyl! Guitar Wizardry is the right term here. :) And definitely a VERY strong Lizzy Vibe in them.
My favorite would be their s/t album: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ew1GPQ67TgI

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awsome. i can't get into any of their other stuff in the same way as the one i mentioned "Ghost of proxima centari". i've heard this before, the s/t. man that first track to me sounds just like Thin Lizzy almost. but it's to light. for me it's to radio friendly. i'm not saying it sucks. it's good.

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Archon Viper, what a fantastic project.


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What is "underrated"? What is "overrated"?

The usage of those two terms are, no pun intended, quite overrated...

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PYRE from Russia. 'Human Hecatomb' is the best Swedeath worship album I've heard, it is so good it matches classics like 'Like an everflowing stream'.

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Where are they underrated?

Attle's picture

In my region

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Haven't seen that earlier. Really? Poor region, haha!

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Ethel the Frog - self titled
has an awesome eleanor rigby cover


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For me the best about Ethel is the LP Cover. In my opinion a typical example for a hyped redcord solely because of its rarity, that has not much to offer musically.
But: Budgie. What an amazing band!!!

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Forgotten Woods/Joyless

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Empty from Auburn, Indiana. Its Death/Black with a bit of ambient mixed in.
check them out!

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I'd say Förgjord. Raw Finnish black metal seems to be appreciated world wide, but I never see anyone speaking about Förgjord. Too raw stuff for most people maybe?


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Really? I actually have read alot of praise about them. Great band, i agree! Don't know their second album though.
Another Black Metal Band that for some reason comes to my mind now, would be Min Kniv. Only one demo but one of the best newer BM Demos that came out:

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Atrox, Aghora, Canvas Solaris and most importantly KAYO DOT!

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Pyramaze (Progressive Power)
Pyramaze took me by storm with their out of this world music. Even when the main songwriter left after the 3rd album (which featured the legenday Matt Barlow of Iced Earth), the band continued to make great music. Their greatest song in my opinion is the one called "Legend", so fucking fantastic

Into Glory Ride's picture

Sounds intriguing,, will definitely check them out!!

Into Glory Ride's picture

Finally listened to this, this is extremely awesome, strong material, holy crap! Thank You very much, i love this style!!

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Solitaire-Finnish Speed Metal

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Time for a new entry here that is more than worth it: Regicide!
Brillant German Power/Speed Metal from the epic mountainside of Wuppertal. Expect a killer mixture of old Rage, old Blind Guardian, etc.

Favorite Track probably the titletrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxIivMv-JDs

German Heavy Metal CULT!!!

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Hatchet is an amazing band. Saw them last night in a bar. It was ducking insane. Those guys know how to thrash. Check out "Fear Beyond Lunacy," their latest LP release.

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Possession - Belgian Black/Death
Excoriate - German Death/Thrash
Incinerator - Polish Death/Thrash
Black Trip - Swedish Heavy Metal
Diabolic Night - German Speed Metal

Kapalika's picture

If you like somewhat technical Death Metal with Thrash influences then definitely

Hellwitch (USA)

Hateful (Italy)

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Syzygial Miscreancy is a strong album!

andermatten's picture

warhorse (southern lord doom [or sludge])

apartment 213 (cleveland powerviolence [20 years ago I'd probably used to call it simply grindcore])

shitcomet (danish powerviolence)

wadge (hawaiian powerviolence)

contrastic (czech strange death/grindcore)

..and of course, IRON MONKEY!! see all those people out there wearing ramones shirts? they should be wearing iron monkey shirts.

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Euphoria from Detroit, MI. Their debut album Operation: Genesis is some of the best thrash released this year

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STRESS hungarian heavy metal

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I would definetly consider The Famine a VERY sick underrated heavy/death metal band. They released their second album in 2011 then split up. Why do the outstanding bands always split?

In fact, there's an article about The Famine on MetalSucks http://www.metalsucks.net/2011/01/20/so-this-band-the-famine…-damn-good-death-metal/

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The Fog are a german Death/Doom band, somewhat of an extreme Hellhammer/Winter sound. Check em out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0Dqa-M6tn4
Inculter is great old school Thrash (Sound of Teutonic Thrash): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7HG5vgt66Y&t=34s

Into Glory Ride's picture

Absolutely worth mentioning! The Demo is brillant!! (The Fog i mean)

UnholyAndRotten's picture

ASHBURY !! from Arizona.
Their Album ENDLESS SKIES can easily keep up with Led Zeppelin, Boston ....

fauzan big's picture
Ravishing Grimness's picture

Have to agree with you on In Aeternum.Most underrrated band ever.Saw them perform live once years back on a tour.Nothing wrong with this ultra brutal death/black War machinery

sandmanforce's picture

Hungarian act STRESS kísértetkastély LP

Corvus Corax's picture

Misere Nobis (Italy) I found them by accident and, I really enjoyed it. They only have one album out, with a future release split with another band named Hovart (Russia).

Nater90's picture

Velvet Robe - Funeral Doom from USA.

I've got a copy of the Le Seance Haunted cassette, It's amazing, But I'm missing one of the pins...So pissed off about that!

Highly recommend for fans of Death-Doom / Funeral Doom.

The Clairvoyant's picture

Fury, a British trad metal band. Their new album 'Lost in Space' is epic! Listen to 'Star Trippin''...


Suff Sleazy's picture

Hallowed - an Italian band from the 80's.

Into Glory Ride's picture

Cool Stuff, thanks!

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Pretty much the music i listen to in general gothic metal(Anathema, My Dying Bride, Draconian, Theatre of Tragedy) is more underrated in my opinion. For example, I feel like the only person in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA who is so devoted to that kind of music and even listen to that music that I would put gothic metal bands on my jacket in which are not well known bands that would have patches. Though the first thing metalheads would think of when they hear gothic metal, they think Type O Negative, for outsiders they think either Motionless in White or Marilyn Manson. Plus a lot of people, even metalheads would confuse gothic metal with symphonic metal like Nightwish. Considering what I just mentioned, Gothic metal feels underappreciated.

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Scythian - Hubris in Excelsis was an underrated album. It was up there with the best of 2015.


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1914 - Eschatology of War - Ukrainian Blackened Death/Doom Metal highly inspired by Great War.



lak89's picture

Persefone (Progressive Melodic Death Metal band from Andorra)

Their 2013 release "Spiritual Migration" was pretty much love at first listen, it's amazing what they can do


kresctilon's picture

I think Inherit Disease, Soijl and Fall of Empyrean deserve more recognition.

calebheney223's picture

lich king

DukeThylacine's picture

I mainly listen to folk metal, and that genre as a whole is not underrated (considering how popular Korpiklaani, Alestorm, Arkona nad Fintroll are), but still a lot of great bands in it are.
Although, since I think a lot of people here are not that fond of folk metal, I have 2 nice melodeath bands I found year or two ago:

Valtari - Australia

Duskmourn - USA

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