Underrated bands?

Johnny Hash
Wed, 20/07/2016 - 16:09

What are some really underrated bands you like?

Here is some worth checking out:

-Cote D'aver
-In Aeternum

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Eternal Night. The band released a album and split up. They are from spain but sing in english. Now is one of the rarest and obscure CDs you can get. Dictator. They are from the asian country Laos. Thrash metal and are currently active. I love the internet.

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And from my country Puerto Rico, Sepulchral. I know the founder and its a veteran musician in our scene.

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Gatecreeper (Death)

Goolagoon ("Patrick" violence)

Corpspazm (Black/War)

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I just discovered Gatecreeper not too long ago. Good shit.

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Gutted and Dissect. Both could have easily grown to be an immense force within the scene. But in a way, they always have been.

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Dissect the French band?

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Netherlands Dissect, I hope. Swallow Swouming Mass rules.

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Also, ordering a Gutted Bleed for Us To Live album cover LS next week from Repulsive Echo.

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Crust/Black/Thrash Metal from Canada https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZlL9X3Cjso

Thrash/Speed from Colombia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7XtAdb4C5Mo

Death/Thrash from Chile https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rv9UbpFLuUw

At War
Speed Metal from USA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SWM53-2NhE

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Thanks for Witchtrap, they shred!

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Underrated bands that i like are:

Beneath (Death Metal from Iceland):


Natur (From USA, Traditional Metal):


V8 (Heavy Metal from Argentina):


Sadly they disbanded but they were kinda the argentinian mötorhead.

From my country Puerto Rico Dementium, a Death/Thrash band:


Sabbatory (Death Metal from Canada):


Battery (Thrash Metal from Denmark):


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Ah, there are so many underrated bands in the world, noone has ever heard of ....

Let's start with:

N.I.L. (No Inner Limits) :
For everyone into dark, atmospheric Progressive Metal this should be something right uo his (or her) alley. They indeed sound like they listened too much Sanctuary. Sadly there is only one Song online and it is not their best. They have much, much better tracks.


Swedish melodic Black/Death in the perfect 90s vein like Gates of Ishtar, At the Gates, sometimes old Amorphis or Katatonia etc., almost completely unknown, very eerie atmosphere, amazingly shitty production that acutally adds to the overall mood:

Melodic Black/Death aswell, on the good ole' Invasion Records. Really a hidden gem in my opinion. Wonderful melodies and actually my first band of this Genre i ever heard. After that i was enchanted:

Xerxes from Switzerland:
PERFECT Epic Progressive Rock/Metal in the Vein of Longing's Past and the like. These guys definitely like old Genesis, Yes and Rush:

Could be more known. Black/Death/Thrash from the Netherlands that is really one of a kind. I fucking LOVE this album to death! The voice could split people into two camps though, i personally love it. You fear my kind!

Typhon from Colombia:
Black/Death/Thrash with one of the gnarliest voices You will ever here. Somewhere between Venom, Root and Maniac Butcher:

Opinions appreciated.

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Nice to see some Bifrost appreciation. Mythistory is beyond amazing, I was seriously addicted to it a few years back. Could very well be my favorite thrash release (I know it's mixed with some black & death elements, but I see it manly as a thrash album).

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Woah, Killer! you are really the first person i "met" who does say something more than "Meh, it's ok, yeah", really. It is truly an outstanding album that noone seems to get, haha.
Just great, i am really happy now, hahaha! Cheers!

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I will respond to each of your posts so I don't get confused (unfortunately this happens easily).

N.I.L. - I wish I could hear more to get a better idea of their sound, because you're right... this track isn't great. It moves too slow and has no surprises

Hypocrite - The melody and aggression is great! Very nice production too, though I wish the vocals were a bit more wet (reverberated). I will have to look into these guys further.

Skymning - Not as memorable as Hypocrite and I don't like their production as much either. The vocals are nice though.

Xerxes - The appeal is palpable, but it is not really my cup of tea. I could not really give you a reason why though, except the vocals, to my ears, lack power.

Bifrost - After the first time hearing this, I was not impressed, but after coming back to it, I'm actually quite impressed! I love the use of the synths, combined with the speed and aggression. It's very original, and the vocals are awesome!

Typhon - They are dirty as all hell and the vocals are nasty! I really like this, though it's not the most original material.

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Wow You really made an effort with responding and listening to all of this, thanks!

I will upload one or two more N.I.L. Songs from my CD, but actually i am not sure if it is Your thing. ;)

Great that You came back to Bifrost, it is rreally worth it to explore this album! Especially the vocals,, i agree on that.

Funny though that You find Hypocrite more memorable than Skymning, as the latter for me are quite catchy compared to Hypocrite.

Yeah, Typhon are nasty, filthy and quite the antithesis of originality and beauty, hahaha

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Just got into this old band Mordor from switzerland, very strange sort of black/doom sort of stuff.

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Yeah, Mordor are strange indeed, but really not bad.

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Not bad at all, I managed to find a copy of the "csejthe" cd on ebay, looking forward to getting it!

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wow, thanks very much for this, never heard of them before

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I have the original demo of Mordor.

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Underrated because they never get mentioned among all the new Black / Thrash / Speed Bands: SPEEDWHORE! These guys need more attention! If you like Triumphant, Division Speed, etc etc, try them. The best in this genre at the moment in my humble opinion.


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Vediog Svaor - long lost and forgotten abstract psyched out French black metal. They only released one album in '93 called ' In the Distance '. It is and forever will remain one of my favorite black metal masterpieces. It is likely to offend most black metal kvlties' trve sensibilities, so if you're sensitive, steer clear. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KfgGgUfDenE

Scythe - German progressive death metal of the doomy kind. Some have likened them to Opeth, but they're morons. Scythe destroys Opeth with one fell swoop. They are still active I believe. My favorite of their albums is 'On My Home'. It gives me disturbingly beautiful dreams...

Frater Ximenes Is Dead - pure Italian black metal mania. That is all that can be said about this band. They were relatively new, they released two splits and a handful demos then collapsed under the wait of their own monstrosity. Same as Vediog Svaor, this band pulls at the very threads of the fabric of black metal, so wimppy purists fuck off! Otherwise, they are nothing like Vediog Svaor. My favorite release of theirs is 'Ad Nos, ad Salutarem Undam'. The best I can do for music from this demo is a sampler on YouTube but you can attain a digital copy on bandcamp for free!

Gate of the Silver Star - dense psychedelic tinctured, alchemic black metal from the UK. I just uncovered these fellows and have found them to be intoxicatingly addictive, like the fumes of heated mercury. Their sound is rather akin to The Ruins of Beverast's first album ' Unlock the Shrine'. Here is their full first and only demo from 2012 entitled 'The Melting and Entwinement of Æons'. Maybe in time they will become more known!

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All of these sound interesting, eager to check them out! Especially Gate of the Silver star.

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Oh damn I stumped you!!! I was almost certain you would know at least a couple off this list! yeah Gate of the Silver Star is fucking excellent. I just discovered them like two days ago. I did not mention in the description, but they have an insane drummer. It really takes the music to a whole new level.

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What does "to stump s.o." mean?
Haha how come You were so sure about that? Always great to find unknown bands for sure!

Talking about underrated bands with insane drummers! Noone ever mentions this band and their only album, which is a pure masterpiece of insanity, sickness and morbidity. and.... insane drumming. It's like a Davind Lynche Black Metal Band mixed with the musicianship of Deathspell Omega.

Configuration of a Yearned Twilight:


Edit: haha, the user on the Video commendet exactly the same as me. Believe us!!!

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To stump, would be to sort of beat in a contest. Though that is obviously not what this haha... Really I am just commenting on the breadth of your metal knowledge! You often know of many bands that I hardly see any anybody else know of other than myself, and often mention bands that I have never heard of at all! It was cool that I could introduce you to something new as you have for me! I will definitely check out Configuration of a Yearned Twilight! Though if it sounds too much like DSO, it will probably turn me off. I like DSO's sound but I have grown fatigued by all the replicators. While many of the bands that are utilizing the sound are technicality apt, they just end up sounding all the same like all of the Darkthrone worshippers. They are hardly worth the praise that so many of these bands get because of their technical skill. These bands are sort of like the tech death of black metal. A few did it right, but the rest are just clueless copycats.

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Wow, man. That's too much honor, really... There's always people that amaze me with their tremendous and vast knowledge concerning Metal Music. But really, thank You, i appreciate that compliment!
I am really looking forward to check these bands out and if You're interested tell You my opinion afterwards.
As for DSO: That is quite same way i think about. I honestly love everything they did (including of course the old stuff like Inquisitors etc), up to their latest release. And in Fact Drought is among the best material they created in my opinion. Just listen to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SV4vCQGJko . Unbelievable.
But i certainly can understand (or like i said see it the same way) when people think this is already too... well jazzy. The important thing is that it's not really about their musicianship but the atmosphere. After all this is still Black Metal to me and not fucking Mathcore.

And i quite frankly ignore everything that tries to imitate the DSO Sound. The thing that lets this band stand out is their multilayered atmosphere if You ask me. There is so much to discover. Not in a way like many modern Metal productions that have 16000 layers with orchestra and stuff.... Noone needs that. But with DSO everything is hidden in the guitars, there are melodies hidden that are hard to hear at first, but when You discover them (or at least i am speaking for myself), You get goosebumps in an instant and from then on i can't listen to it without shivering. Just breathtaking.

let me know Your thoughts about C.Y.T.

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You are very welcome though I'm not trying to flatter you haha! I am only speaking my feelings.

I will listen to the EP. I actually discarded said 'Drought' EP from my radar, when I found out that this hipster internet reviewer, Anthony Fantano, reviewed. He's sung the praises of the likes of hipster trash like Krallice, Liturgy and Wolves in the Throneroom, so 'Drought' became likened with those groups subconsciously, and I never gave it a proper chance. But I have no problem with jazzy! I remember in my old account, we were discussing Swallowed. I absolutely loved 'Lunarterial' and they took some pretty free jazzy liberties at moments!

I would love it if you told me what you thought of my suggestions! And I'll tell you what I think about C.Y.T. and I'll check out your other suggestions, because I've never heard of any of them haha!

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Sorry, but You did! haha

I can absolutely understand that. But then i fear You can't even listen to Burzum, cause he reviews his music aswell. I have actually mixed feelings about this dude. On the one hand at times i can really enjoy his videos because i like his way of articulating and playing with language (i am a total language enthusiast in every way). On the one hand , yeah: Hipster Shit. Sad but true. Although i think all this Hipster period is over again already. But certainly they have no place in Extreme Metal.
It seems we have the same feelings and opinions on quite some topics, be it Krallice, Opeth, Hipsters, ...

Damn! I just realised that we already talked, haha of course. We even mentioned that only a few days ago. Oh wow, haha.... Yeah, Lunaertial is such an astonishing album. makes the time stand still while You listen to it.

Great! I have some more in the pocket after that for sure.

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Haha we are quite similar indeed! I have a morbid fascination with pissing myself off so I watch his videos now and then. Don't get me wrong, I don't think he's stupid! And in fact, if I'm checking out music that is outside of metal, I often find his reviews informative. But when he attempts to have opinions on metal, but exclusively reviews the most hipstery garbage, it churns my guts. I want to see his face bloodied against pavement...

I already don't really listen to Burzum haha. But not cause of him. More because when I was first discovering black metal at like 15, I was a bit of an SJW, so I created subconscious blocks towards Burzum, which carried well beyond my carrying about other people's racial beliefs (I don't believe racism really falls under politics, though everyone tries to label it political, and is used as a platform in politics. Goatmoon is a great example of apolitical racist black metal). But I have since given Burzum its fair chances and will say that I really like 'Det Som Engang Var' and 'Filosofem'. I found 'Hvis Lyset Tar Oss' to be rather boring, and the subsequent bands influenced by it, much better, such as Hate Forest. I've even come to respect Varg quite a bit, more so than most of the original Norwegian black metal musicians, only surpassed by Necrobutcher, Fenriz and Nocturno Culto. He is a man of action an conviction even at the loss of everything. Very Nietzschean in character. I have no doubt in my mind Euronymous was plotting to kill Varg, but he was a little pussy, so he had to do exactly that. .. plot. Well Varg did what he had to, but face to face. No games. And of course I really do respect his church burnings. That strength of will, courage and conviction. In someways, I see Varg akin to a hero. The way heroes were back in olden times - defend your clan's honour by any means necessary, even death.

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" I have a morbid fascination with pissing myself off "
Awesome! That goes straight into my English vocabulary hahaha, brillant.

No, he isn't stupid, that's for sure. But i see it quite the same as You elaborated here. Especially concerning this Hipster Shit like Krallice, and .... goddamn Deafheaven. The problem with these bands is , that they want to march under the Banner of Black Metal but quite frankly deny and detest everything it usually stands for, those stupid regressive and archaic values noone needs, blah blah blah. Yeah, fuck them. If they would not call their music "Post Black Metal" or whatever, i wouldn't give two.... about it. But this way i wish their "art" would be eradicated. Yesterday.

Haha, had to look up SJW, thanks to Urban Dictionary! We should discuss the point of racial thinking/racism vs. politics in a new discussion by PM, what do You think?
I also would agree on Your view about Varg, not only that i always have some respect for people who try to live their life CONSCIOUSLY and a bit outside the "mainstream", which he obviously does in a quite extreme manner. Adding to that he seems to me like a very intelligent and also well-read person, who tries to look behind the surface. The conclusion he draws from that, welll... another question. Strength of will and conviction are the right descriptions. I have to think about that herothing, interesting conclusion!

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Yes let's pm! I'm glad these conversations are mutually stimulating! I have an innate love for language myself. And I mean it is very inherent to my being. I am naturally, almost without any intent a writer. But I do not speak anything other than this cursed globalised English, so i have a fountain of respect for those who are even bilingual! German is definitely one of my top languages I intend to learn. Let us continue this discourse in private. You have to pm me though, as this new profile is too fresh, and I haven't uploaded anything yet.

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Will hit You up shortly!

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Deathwish - UK thrash from the past Their second LP demonpreacher a gem!

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An old force that's often overseen is Imperator (Poland).

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Here are a few more just for fun...

Afflicted - old school progressive/technical Swedish death metal. This band shreds! The progressive elements are very under the radar. There are no compromises in aggression and brutality. This is as old school Swedish death metal as old school Swedish death metal gets. They only released one death metal album entitled 'Prodigal Sun' in '92, then turned their sights towards power metal. Not the most obscure band out there, but you hardly see or hear them talked about or mentioned.

Nahab - lovecraftian black/heavy metal with supreme melody! These guys are a bit too green to be considered underrated, but why not get the word out?! They hail from Kentucky in the U.S. and have only released one self -titled full length independently in 2015. They are well worth your praise and listening! For old school fans!!! The album is also available for streaming in full on their bandcamp and it is also free to download!

Gorgon - no this isn't Japanese heavy metal. This is old school obscure French black metal. One of the very first French BM acts (if not the first, having been founded in '91, the same year as Mutiilation, pre-dating the other LLN groups), though hardly acknowledged. They take some hints from grind, and blend it with grandiose black metal riffs. Hard to believe these guys fell so far into the depths. Here is the entirety of their '95 debut full length 'The Lady Rides a Black Horse'.

Alright this is the last one my dear metal mates. But this one is my favorite of all on these two lists, so if you've made it this far, don't skip away just yet.

Abusiveness - from the recesses of Polish obscurity comes this divine melodic pagan black metal band, at least on their first full length from 2002 titled 'Krzyk świtu'. All I can say is that this album exemplifies what pagan black metal should sound like for myself, and was one of my very first exposures to said sound. Everything about it SCREAMS nostalgia. It harkens primitive landscapes and traditions without all of the Slavic folk instruments that are distracting and often comprise the black metal brutality (Nokturnal Mortum...). After this album they took a different, thrashier black metal direction with cleaner productions on each subsequent album, which are good placed upon their own merits, but I cannot appreciate them half as much as their debut opus. It is a truly captivating and mystical masterwork. Here is 'Krzyk świtu' in its full majesty.

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I will write down my experiences as a reply to Your second recommendations so they are all in one package.

Vediog Svaor:
Different. Really different. Strange mixture between modern Rock Elements, even some 70s slightly progressive Rock i heard, and well a kind of Black Metal, where You should erase the "Black", haha. In its mood it reminded me a bit of Bands like Woods of Ypres or even earlier Alcest (back when they made decent music in my opinion). It has something to it , and i might come back to it as i fell there lies something deeper which could be worth exploring. The more i listened to it the more i liked it for sure. and i like the rhythm section around the 7minutes part.

The musicianship on this is quite probably great but i got quite the same problem here as with Opeth: Neither Fish nor fowl. It is not really Death Metal and not really ... well progressive/Soft Rock whatever. In Short: for me personally this lacks Cojones. too modern for me aswell.

Frater Ximenes is Dead:
The first recommendation that spoke to me at once Killer! I love the extremely Reverb in the vocals, together with the music this remindes me a lot of Katharsis. I was so stupid to recommend them to a friend and now he bought the tape and the last one is gone -.-. never recommend anything before You have Your own copy, damnit. He refuses now as he liked it so much, haha
What the Fuck are Parsifal Skinheads? Hahaha

Gate of the Silver Star:
Fuck! My instinct did not let me down. Your description at once let me think i would like this and boy, i did. Indeed they sound like some mixture between first TROB and Swallowed. Very malicious atmosphere, like getting drawn into an endless void of formless evil. I really dig this. Thanks alot for that recommendaton, this eventually has to be a part of my collection some day.

Always glad to find unknown gems of Oldschool Death Metal, great find this one! I have to get this on Vinyl someday aswell.

Everything Lovecraft-related is always welcome in my home. However it is always a thin line to walk, as there are alot of mediocre and forgettable protagonists whose music does not do any justice to the literary Genius that is Howard Phillips Lovecraft. I will recommend You another really good one in the next batch. But onto Nahab: The Intro was really great, setting the perfect mood for what was to come, which was a very interesting combination of Black and a does of Heavy Metal. In Short: Killer! I really liked it and will most definitely look out for a physical copy of this and for more to come. Thanks for this one aswell.

Gorgon (Fra):
Very interesting description as it is always tempting to find Bands of a time/period that did not get as much attention as the rest of that time but perhaps even predated them not only timely but musically. Reading "Grindcore" i actually was full of fear, hahaha. But gladly i did not hear that much Grind in this album. In fact i really liked this one aswell, particularly the vocals appeal to me. also the guitar often plays some interesting rhythms that strangely enough remind me of Graveland. All in all a very inteesting, obscure release that i surely will discover more.

Abusiveness (Pol):
Interesting enough this one was my favourite aswell from the whole list. The Intro here aswell set the right mood for what was going to come after. Horses, atmospheric Keyboards, rain, Thunder, Swords get drawn, War screams i fucking love stuff like this! It reminded me a lot of older Elffor. If You don't know him, definitely check him out. The Intro is over, onto the music. Nostalgia indeed! I actually expected something a bit less fast and a bit more majestic, but really: This is flawless material, hands down. Sometimes a little bit too catchy concerning the Keyboards, but always just in the right dose, not too much Kitsch but just fine. It really evokes feelings of pride, greatness and emotion and all in all just sounds very "polish" if You understand what i mean. I would have liked to hear some more parts where they slowed down though. The part around 17:00 for example is just glorious and reminds a lot of ancient Graveland. Thanks for this most of all!

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Wow did not expect you to like nearly every suggestion but that is great! Krzyk Świtu is one of my most absolute cherished black metal albums! Everything is perfect for me, and the catchiness just makes it that much more memorable! In this album it is a bit grindy too, but juxtaposed with riffs of supreme majesty! And when I say grind, I don't mean grindcore, I mean like goregrind!!! Like dissonant fast (but not grindcore fast) almost death metal sound, but without the thrash style of riffing. For Gorgon, the grind elements are more present on their second album, But again it's not like grindcore. It's just grindy haha. It's the best way I can think to describe it. I have to strongly disagree with you on Scythe though! They are far more death metal than Opeth. Yes they have there very soft moments but, for myself this adds immense dynamism and atmosphere to the music. But when they get heavy, they're plaYing pure giving death metal. Did you listen to the whole of their album 'On Way Home'? It really is a dynamic ride full brutality and humble melancholic reflection. I also love the soft parts because I really love the band's lyrics. I don't like a lot of clean vocals in metal, which is what can turn me off very easily to a lot of traditional metal, but I love the vocalists singing voice, thigh I couldn't really give a description of why. Yes I know Elffor, but I haven't listened to his music much. I'll give him another try and I have to listen to your suggestions still! Oh and do you know Evilfeast?

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Well, i wouldn't call it "nearly everything", but alot of the stuff i really found enjoyable indeed. About Abusiveness: I... well got it from somewhere ( ;) ) and will definitely listen to it much more closely in the future. Allthis stuff here i had to listen on Laptop speakers anyway, so the ompression could be very wrong which every single one of these. When I'm home again i will check all the stuff out a seond time.
Scythe were really the band from all of these that did not speak to me at all, i listened to one other song. Perhaps i will give them a second chance, but i am really not shure. :)
Yeah do that, meanwhile i wrote down some more suggestions, hahaha. I will stop for now i guess. I do now Evilfeast, amazing Graveland'ish Black Sorcery Metal!

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Oh and purely because I'm a proselytist about this band, and not because I think they're terribly obscure or forgotten... LUGUBRUM. They just don't get a lot of love, and are typically misunderstood. No description. Just listen... this is the title track off their latest album dropped in 2015 album (which I consider to be their magnum opus after 23 hard working, rule breaking years) 'Herval'. GENRE PURISTS FUCK OFF...

If you want to hear the rest, buy the fucking album because YouTube does not have your back.

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YES! Lugubrum! Beer us or DIE! (although usuall i am a Genre Purist quite frankly)

i only got one Original Vinyl of them and that's De Vette Cueken (all hail that Record name) . "No Discription. Just listen" is the best description for Lugubrum imaginable.

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Yes! Lugubrum gives no fucks and spits in the face of conformity! Which makes them indescribable and far more black metal than most!

I have complicated emotions with black metal. It is the genre I connect with most so it is very personal to me, and have I very strong emotions about it. I know that the adherence to traditions is necessary in the genre (I spit on hipster trash appropriating it into what ever recycled garbage art they want to). But at the same time I detest the narrow minded kvlties who only want to sound like the first 3 Bathory albums over and over again. There must be forward thinking while still clinging tight to the roots of black metal traditions. It is a fine line that is only tread by the masters. I only say fuck off to the genre purists because they mostly misunderstand the truest black metal that is Lugubrum, and other bands who fear not uncharted waters (Just as black metal was when it was first conceived). They, only hear the stylistic deviations, and not the supremacy of their true black craft!

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Interesting view. Me personally i think Black Metal in itself has very strict and very limited characteristics and ingridients. And i think that's ok that way. Of ourse i do not need the 372nd Burzumdarkthroneimmortalmayhem-Clone, but i strongly believe in progress without beraying traditions and Roots. And they must never be forgotten. For me quite perfectly DT's Under a Funeral Moon are the blueprint how Black metal should sound like and they are the standard i am measuring a lot of releases (at? with? on?). Also Burzum's Debut and the following Records til the Midi-Albums. Still when it comes to "forward thinking" (and moving) , though being very careful and skeptical, there are bands that manage to do that. Best example for me would be what we were talking about : Sühnopfer. He certainly doesn't forget his traditions (be it musically, historically or overall) but tries to let the music evolve to the "next stage" if You will. Concerning Sühnopfer and KPN You get of course the traditionalist/folky aspect added to that, which makes them very special. Still i think, they are among the best and most important (!) protagonists of the scene today: Famine and Ardraos, for sure. Lugubrum would be another example, You're right, but they are even more avantgarde and out of the line, haha
Of course it is correct that Black Metal, when it was invented, explored completely new territory, but the question is always when to stop evolving. It shouldn't become a travesty of itself, or: it must not be.
You see, i am torn in this question and even contradict myself in my writings, since it is really not easy for me to find the correct words and even the "right" opinion.

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Well, like every truth of this reality, it is a paradox... How does one move forward while standing still? It sounds impossible, but those great masters do it. They are alchemists. They breakdown the supreme material to its most basic elements then melts and recombines them into something entirely new, but it is still the same as it was. It is the union of opposites. True Black metal is magick, but of course it has never really pretended to be anything else. KPN and Sühnopfer are purely original. No other band has ever sounded like them. Yet they are purely true black metal just as the old bands. But so many replicator bands/artists believe they have access to this arcane wisdom, while they only really know replication. They are trapped within the circle, while true black metal is the circle. True Black metal is the ever flowing current of the stagnant water of arcane knowledge, while the replicators are just the plain stagnant water of ignorance and false promise, that will eventually evaporate.

It is incredible! We share too much in common on black metal. Under a Funeral Moon is my definitive black metal album as well. I have never heard anything truly like it since.

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Really, very very well said, both in content and in l linguistic pictures (if You understand what i mean). I honestly thought about copypasting this and save it somewhere. Just true.

Haha, really? Awesome. It is definitely how a perfect BM Album should sound like, though my favorite would be "Thousand Swords" i think. But it's close!

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It means a lot that you appreciate my writing! Feel free to save it if it pleases you! I would not be bothered the least bit.

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In Aeternum most definitely.Really underrated as ever...reading about the hard competition in Sweden itself between bands overthere,its pretty much understandable.Another one i think is NECROPHOBIC compared like acts such as Dark Funeral...I saw In Aeternum back in (2005?) really raw and aggressive show, but hell of a great guys after ...just chill...

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Met them in a crowd at a festival in my home town a couple of weeks ago. Bought their newest cd and a patch. They didn't play the festival unfortunately.

TheEcumenicalUnifier's picture

Necrophobic recently reached the same level as Dark Funeral, in terms of sounding like utter shit. But I like the band in general, and their first two albums are masterpieces.

Into Glory Ride's picture

Onto the next batch from my side:

Excess of Cruelty - Ancient, rotten Death Metal
Lost and forgotten Death Metal Band from Belgium, alot of Demos and only one full length '97, all in all existing for only 8 years, they really could've needed alot more attention than they got. I always find it hard to describe the Sound of Death Metal Bands as i am not that familiar with traditions in this Genre as with other ones, but let's just call it Filthy Underground Death Metal at its fucking finest. If i had to compare it to anything, i think autopsy would come to my mind, also concerning the Vocals.
Get Your grave dug here:

Brown Jenkins - Lovecraftian, gloomy Black Metal
Speaking of lovecraftinspired Metal, for me at once Brown Jenkins come to mind. For those familiar with Lovecraft's stories they know what Brown Jenkins is, and if You have the image in mind (http://orig09.deviantart.net/89c7/f/2011/361/3/6/brown_jenkin_by_loneani...) , it very well corresponds with the music that is created here. This is twisted, very dissonant, extremely uncomfortable Black Metal from some deep, threatening void, never bursting out in total chaos though but still remaining music. Get into the void of otherworldly Horror and Terror here:

Cadaverous Condition - Avantgarde, Philosophical Death "Metal"
Speaking of moving forward let's transcend this from the Black Metal Genre to Death Metal, shall we. Cadaverous Condition are not for everyone. and i can understand anybody who says it is not his cup of tea. I personally love them. Originally i believe they come from the American Neofolk Surrounging, having already collaborated with institutions like Richard Leviathan (Current 93) and Changes and doing Neofolk Covers like Di6. Using ingridents of Death Metal, which is mainly the deep grunts, they really try to move the music to a next stage, in a very profound and almost philosophical approach. Actually You probably cannot call this Death Metal anymore, there are a lot of very calm and quiet songs, always accompanied by Death Metal vocals. It is really hard to describe their music, so i would probably say the same as was said about Lugubrum: Just listen. Again: They are nothing fore the Purists for sure.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QH6WU1nc5gU (absolutely phenomenal Death in June Cover, perfectly transcending the feeling into the Death Metal Genre)

Taranis - Archaic Black/Thrash Metal
Taranis are also not talked about too often i got the feeling. Undeserved. Clearly having their roots in Black / Thrash Metal, they have a rather different approach to this genre, not putting so much focus on Speed and Headbanging mood but rather on evoking feelings of Heroism, greatness and pride, often sounding like a more thrashier Version of midera Graveland if you ask me. Also You can hear some midera and later Ancient Rites in this, being from Belgium aswell. I have to say i am talking about the second album here called "Flandriae". The first one is great aswell but much more rootes in traditional Black/thrash, should be something for everyone into Desaster and the likes.
From the mentioned album there sadly is nothing on Youtube so i have to point on the Soundcloud profile from Iron Pegasus, which unfortunately is not the most represantative song aswell, but still amazing:

Vrani Volosa - Mystical , majestic Pagan Black Metal with carefully chosen folk elements
This Band is from Bulgaria and plays some really, really great well executed Pagan Black Metal, or well, perhaps it is just pure Black Metal. But lyric-wise it certainly does not deal with Satan-worshipping goat gasmask virginraping stuff but with darkness, spirituality, nature etc. I would say they remind me a little bit (!) of Negura Bunget, who were one of my alltime favorite bands It is not really the music that lets me think of them but more like... the atmosphere that is created. It is full of epic structures, beautiful melodies and just overall grand, vast musical landscapes.
I cannot listen to this song without shivering, last but not least because of the beautiful clean Vocals. They also covered Bathory's "Man of Iron" by the way and did this quite well i must say.

That's it for now again. I love this thread.

0 Coniunctio 1 Oppositorum 0 - 10 01's picture

Configuration of a Yearned Twilight - These guys are very dense and intense. I will have to give them a real dedicated listen, but I can hear something very interesting about it.

Excess of Cruelty - This is death metal! really solid, old school and dirty the way I like my death metal.

Brown Jenkins - I'm loving this! It has such a twisted and frightening atmosphere. It's perfect! I Will definitely be listening to more of this. It's really quite nasty.

Cadaverous Condition - This is very interesting. I will have to come back to these guys. Hard to get a read on them just yet.

Taranis - I love the atmosphere and production and vocals and riffs! So I guess everything that makes a black metal album great! I will definitely listen to more of these guys.

Vrani Volosa - Another great pick! Hard to pin down what I like without sounding redundant. The clean vocals are great!

Into Glory Ride's picture

Ha, i knew that You would dig Brown Jenkins. i don't know where anymore and what Your exact words were, but at some point You wrote something like what Black Metal means to You (confront Yourself with inner Demons, look into the darkness without retreating, etc.) and at that moment i immediately thought You will like them, haha. They are so dissonant and frightening indeed... but also nothing for every day.

CYT is really sick and twisted for sure, but at the same time just a demonstration of might both in atmosphere and musicianship. For me they always sounded a bit like a more obscure/evil version of newer DSO.

Great that You like the other stuff aswell. I will see if i can upload some more stuff of Taranis, that gives a better impression.

Into Glory Ride's picture

Because i am just in the mood right now, three more:

Cross Fade - Death Metal / Thrash with the sickest Vocals You wil ever hear since Inquisitor's Sabbath of Lust
That's all that is necessary to know. This little Demo burns everything to the ground and leaves no place resurrection.

La Rumeur des Chaines - Avantgarde Black Metal
This also should fall into the category "No description, just listen". Sometimes a bit too f ar from the Black Metal tradition and too much circus music and pompous Keyboard Orchestra, this is still some decent , greatly executed avantgarde not-everyday Black Metal that noone seems to know for some reason. Again: Not everyone's cup of tea for sure. I also have to be in the mood for this. But there is shitload of stuff to discover here.

Black Tower - well...
If You want to know what it sounds like to combine Heavy Metal, NWOBHM, Epic Metal, Doom Metal, Punk and Black Metal, listen to this Band. And yes, it works. It works perfectly fine. Listen to believe it. One of , if not THE musical experience i had in the last years. The Video is perfect.

0 Coniunctio 1 Oppositorum 0 - 10 01's picture

Cross Fade - The vocals are excellent as you said! This is really great thrashy death metal, but I like that the emphasis is more on the death metal aspect. It's very heavy.

La Rumeur des Chaines - This is too silly for my tastes. circus music is right haha...

Black Tower - This does not really entice me. It is hard to say why. I do really like the cymbal work on the drummer's part though.

Into Glory Ride's picture

Haha, i can fully understand Your opinion on LRdC, i can't listen to it very often aswell. But we seem to be the only ones here replying to each other's reccomendations, hehe. Originally they are made for everyone.

I love Black Tower, one of the best discoveries i ever made...

Der Todesking's picture

Inculter are a great norwegian Thrash Metal band! Their album 'Persisting Devolution' is fuckin' ace!

Ice Grave's picture

Set - Upheaval Of Unholy Darkness. I feel like that record didn't get the attention it deserves. Also Vanhelgd - Relics Of Sulphur Salvation

Zastrozzi's picture

For anybody into 90s romantic gothic doom, you HAVE to check out:



Into Glory Ride's picture

Wow, i love what i hear! Sounds a bit like a more romantic Version of Skepticism. Thanks!

Vomitus's picture

Corsair - ghosts of proxima centauri.

i never hear anyone mention this outside of the people who i've shared it with. i'd say on about the third or fourth listen it hit me in a very profound way. i bought it a few years ago and it's almost hard to listen to now because it seems to capture all the emotion and beauty that i've experienced since i started listening to it and it can be overwhelming. i can hardly even give it a good description because it's become so personal to me. its got some nwobhm, some thin lizzy, elements, some traditional guitar wizardry, but it's powerful, and original.


Into Glory Ride's picture

Good call! I love Corsair and have all their material on Vinyl! Guitar Wizardry is the right term here. :) And definitely a VERY strong Lizzy Vibe in them.
My favorite would be their s/t album: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ew1GPQ67TgI

Vomitus's picture

awsome. i can't get into any of their other stuff in the same way as the one i mentioned "Ghost of proxima centari". i've heard this before, the s/t. man that first track to me sounds just like Thin Lizzy almost. but it's to light. for me it's to radio friendly. i'm not saying it sucks. it's good.

0 Coniunctio 1 Oppositorum 0 - 10 01's picture

Yes I was thinking about posting these guys as well! Fantastic stuff for sure

Into Glory Ride's picture

You sir first should tell me Your view on my recommendations, haha!

0 Coniunctio 1 Oppositorum 0 - 10 01's picture

Yes you're right! I'm a lazy bastard. My apologies. I already listened to them all though haha.

Into Glory Ride's picture

Haha no problem, i am just joking (with a true nucleus of course)

Goathammer's picture

Archon Viper, what a fantastic project.


0 Coniunctio 1 Oppositorum 0 - 10 01's picture

Inculcator from the UK! Well they just released their first release this past February so it's not really valid to say they're underrated, but these guys deserve your praise now! They are the most insane form black/thrash that I've ever heard. Totally unique, dense and chaotic. It's highly technical but in the best way. It must be heard to really have any idea of what forces are work in this release entitled 'Void Abecedary'.


nwobhmbanger's picture

What is "underrated"? What is "overrated"?

The usage of those two terms are, no pun intended, quite overrated...

Putridmetal's picture

PYRE from Russia. 'Human Hecatomb' is the best Swedeath worship album I've heard, it is so good it matches classics like 'Like an everflowing stream'.

Attle's picture


grime81's picture
Into Glory Ride's picture

Where are they underrated?

Attle's picture

In my region

Into Glory Ride's picture

Haven't seen that earlier. Really? Poor region, haha!

grime81's picture

Ethel the Frog - self titled
has an awesome eleanor rigby cover


StereoDeth's picture



Into Glory Ride's picture

For me the best about Ethel is the LP Cover. In my opinion a typical example for a hyped redcord solely because of its rarity, that has not much to offer musically.
But: Budgie. What an amazing band!!!

Heinz's picture

Forgotten Woods/Joyless

Cthulhu1999's picture

Empty from Auburn, Indiana. Its Death/Black with a bit of ambient mixed in.
check them out!

Cthulhu1999's picture


LifeOfDeath's picture

I'd say Förgjord. Raw Finnish black metal seems to be appreciated world wide, but I never see anyone speaking about Förgjord. Too raw stuff for most people maybe?


Into Glory Ride's picture

Really? I actually have read alot of praise about them. Great band, i agree! Don't know their second album though.
Another Black Metal Band that for some reason comes to my mind now, would be Min Kniv. Only one demo but one of the best newer BM Demos that came out:

JUANTHRASH's picture

Atrox, Aghora, Canvas Solaris and most importantly KAYO DOT!

Warpig of The Power's picture

Pyramaze (Progressive Power)
Pyramaze took me by storm with their out of this world music. Even when the main songwriter left after the 3rd album (which featured the legenday Matt Barlow of Iced Earth), the band continued to make great music. Their greatest song in my opinion is the one called "Legend", so fucking fantastic

Into Glory Ride's picture

Sounds intriguing,, will definitely check them out!!

Into Glory Ride's picture

Finally listened to this, this is extremely awesome, strong material, holy crap! Thank You very much, i love this style!!

Metalmate's picture

Solitaire-Finnish Speed Metal

Into Glory Ride's picture

Time for a new entry here that is more than worth it: Regicide!
Brillant German Power/Speed Metal from the epic mountainside of Wuppertal. Expect a killer mixture of old Rage, old Blind Guardian, etc.

Favorite Track probably the titletrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxIivMv-JDs

German Heavy Metal CULT!!!

Axeman's picture

Hatchet is an amazing band. Saw them last night in a bar. It was ducking insane. Those guys know how to thrash. Check out "Fear Beyond Lunacy," their latest LP release.

NocturnalOccultist's picture

Possession - Belgian Black/Death
Excoriate - German Death/Thrash
Incinerator - Polish Death/Thrash
Black Trip - Swedish Heavy Metal
Diabolic Night - German Speed Metal

Kapalika's picture

If you like somewhat technical Death Metal with Thrash influences then definitely

Hellwitch (USA)

Hateful (Italy)

Into Glory Ride's picture

Syzygial Miscreancy is a strong album!

andermatten's picture

warhorse (southern lord doom [or sludge])

apartment 213 (cleveland powerviolence [20 years ago I'd probably used to call it simply grindcore])

shitcomet (danish powerviolence)

wadge (hawaiian powerviolence)

contrastic (czech strange death/grindcore)

..and of course, IRON MONKEY!! see all those people out there wearing ramones shirts? they should be wearing iron monkey shirts.

slaytanicarmy666's picture

Euphoria from Detroit, MI. Their debut album Operation: Genesis is some of the best thrash released this year

sandmanforce's picture

STRESS hungarian heavy metal

Mysterious Gamer Dude's picture

I would definetly consider The Famine a VERY sick underrated heavy/death metal band. They released their second album in 2011 then split up. Why do the outstanding bands always split?

In fact, there's an article about The Famine on MetalSucks http://www.metalsucks.net/2011/01/20/so-this-band-the-famine…-damn-good-death-metal/

Der Todesking's picture

The Fog are a german Death/Doom band, somewhat of an extreme Hellhammer/Winter sound. Check em out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0Dqa-M6tn4
Inculter is great old school Thrash (Sound of Teutonic Thrash): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7HG5vgt66Y&t=34s

Into Glory Ride's picture

Absolutely worth mentioning! The Demo is brillant!! (The Fog i mean)

UnholyAndRotten's picture

ASHBURY !! from Arizona.
Their Album ENDLESS SKIES can easily keep up with Led Zeppelin, Boston ....

fauzan big's picture
Ravishing Grimness's picture

Have to agree with you on In Aeternum.Most underrrated band ever.Saw them perform live once years back on a tour.Nothing wrong with this ultra brutal death/black War machinery

sandmanforce's picture

Hungarian act STRESS kísértetkastély LP

Corvus Corax's picture

Misere Nobis (Italy) I found them by accident and, I really enjoyed it. They only have one album out, with a future release split with another band named Hovart (Russia).

Nater90's picture

Velvet Robe - Funeral Doom from USA.

I've got a copy of the Le Seance Haunted cassette, It's amazing, But I'm missing one of the pins...So pissed off about that!

Highly recommend for fans of Death-Doom / Funeral Doom.

The Clairvoyant's picture

Fury, a British trad metal band. Their new album 'Lost in Space' is epic! Listen to 'Star Trippin''...


Suff Sleazy's picture

Hallowed - an Italian band from the 80's.

Into Glory Ride's picture

Cool Stuff, thanks!

punkmetalhead's picture

Pretty much the music i listen to in general gothic metal(Anathema, My Dying Bride, Draconian, Theatre of Tragedy) is more underrated in my opinion. For example, I feel like the only person in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA who is so devoted to that kind of music and even listen to that music that I would put gothic metal bands on my jacket in which are not well known bands that would have patches. Though the first thing metalheads would think of when they hear gothic metal, they think Type O Negative, for outsiders they think either Motionless in White or Marilyn Manson. Plus a lot of people, even metalheads would confuse gothic metal with symphonic metal like Nightwish. Considering what I just mentioned, Gothic metal feels underappreciated.

miggy_666's picture

Scythian - Hubris in Excelsis was an underrated album. It was up there with the best of 2015.


Odiumaniac's picture

1914 - Eschatology of War - Ukrainian Blackened Death/Doom Metal highly inspired by Great War.



lak89's picture

Persefone (Progressive Melodic Death Metal band from Andorra)

Their 2013 release "Spiritual Migration" was pretty much love at first listen, it's amazing what they can do


kresctilon's picture

I think Inherit Disease, Soijl and Fall of Empyrean deserve more recognition.

calebheney223's picture

lich king

DukeThylacine's picture

I mainly listen to folk metal, and that genre as a whole is not underrated (considering how popular Korpiklaani, Alestorm, Arkona nad Fintroll are), but still a lot of great bands in it are.
Although, since I think a lot of people here are not that fond of folk metal, I have 2 nice melodeath bands I found year or two ago:

Valtari - Australia

Duskmourn - USA

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